[Solved] err_network_changed Error message on Windows

[Solved] err_network_changed Error message on Windows

Hay guyz, after getting a lot of positive response for our solution for DPC Watchdog violation error, we are stepping to another one called err_network_changed error message. After publishing some useful error message solution for windows, we are continuously receiving request for the solution for some other error messages. Those who receive err_network_changed warning, can’t able to use Internet connection unless they solve it properly.
Here today we are writing this tip based on the request forwarded by Stalin from South Africa. Here is the mail sent by Stalin for requesting us to resolve it as soon as possible.

I am Stalin from Johannesburg want to know the reason and solution behind a crucial issue while using Windows 8 OS. I am an internet addict and always deals with various websites and online services. But a small but frustrating issue I always met is, I usually gets err_network_changed message while accessing some websites or services. Most commonly while accessing services like Google Drive, YouTube, Play Store etc from my Google Chrome browser.
An interesting fact with this issue is that, I won’t get any kind of issues with other websites or while using other Browsers like Safari or Mozilla. As an IT student, I want to know what the exact issue is. I haven’t found any satisfactory solutions anywhere on Internet. So Kindly accept my request and give me a satisfactory reason and a solution.
Yours faithfully

What is err_network_changed Error seen on Chrome browser?

The error itself shows what is happened. The network is changed so that you need to do something for making the network connection working again.
Most possible reason for this kind of issues are using of tools to tunnel your internet connection. Basically VPN tools are responsible for these kind of issues. These VPN tools create a private network inside the public network. This makes some conflict with google supported apps and services. Thus err_network_changed message is showing on your browser window especially in Google Chrome. So you can check out the following solutions for resolving this issue. I hope any of the below method works for you.

Some steps to solve err_network_changed Error message on Google Chrome

#Method1: Make sure you have active internet connection
This is the first step you should look for. First of all make sure you have an active internet connection. Check other websites other than google services to make a confirmation. If none of the websites are available, it is surely your Internet issue. So wait until the connection is established again. If other websites are available and google services are unavailable please go to following solutions listed below.
#Method2:- Restart Your Modem
This is the first recommended solution for solving err network changed issues. Many people on internet forums had already confirmed that, this makes the issue solved. Due to changing network connections and due to some installed software on your PC, there may be some network conflicts which makes these issues. So restarting your model surely provide you access to all web services.
#Method3:- Avoid using Free VPN tools and proxy services
There are many tools available for creating virtual network connection and proxy services. If you are using some free and low quality services, you better avoid them. There are also some other browser extension available for Google Chrome which makes you browsing from a different location. Actually Google may not want you to do so and they may block their services for you due to this. So if you are getting network changed error message, then remove the VPN services and browser extension that make you browsing from a different location.
#Method4:- Clear your browser and Cookies
Sometimes cookies may block you from a particular web services. So clearing cookies on these situation will resolve these kind of issues. On Chrome browser, you can easily clear cookies by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete button.
After clearing the cookies, restart your browser and check whether the service is available or not.

In most of the situations, these solution will resolve your “err_network_changed” issue. So try all of the above methods. If you have any other solution or tips, please comment it below. If any of them had worked, please specify it. Your comments will be helpful for thousands of people reading this solution.

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