200+ Whatsapp group names for friends, family and relatives

200+ Whatsapp group names for friends, family and relatives

WhatsApp messenger is one of the widely accepted application, which can be seen on any smartphone. Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry whatever the OS is, we could see an application named whatsapp. May be this is the reason because Facebook had bought it for an eye catching 19 Billion dollar by accepting every condition bought towards by the founders of whatsapp. You may think, why I am giving this information, but this is just an information passed to you.
Today we are going to post an interesting article. Hope this will be very helpful for those who loves whatsapp rather than any other apps. I have an expectation that, the people reading this article have well idea about the working of whatsapp. As a continues Whatsapp user since 2013, I think that the group option is one of the most using whatsapp feature. What do you feel, if our whatsapp doesn’t have a group option? Will be a waste. Isn’t it?
In don’t think that there are youngsters without being part of any whatsapp group. In other sense those who have a whatsapp account, will be in a group also. Am I right? As per the whatsapp group policy, anyone can create a group which can hold upto 100 members. The best way to share ideas and information, if you are working for a goal. Normally School kids, College students, Employees of a company, Local friends, Family members, relatives, cousins etc create this kind of groups and share whatever they like. New whatsapp dp collections are here.
If you are a member of many different groups, you may get confused about the intention of the group. You may rather forget which group is for which purpose. So one good option is to separate these groups with some unique Whatsapp group names. We had collected a hundred of whatsapp group names with which you can name your group of friends, family members and relatives.
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We had already submitted some other interesting contents related to whatsapp. You may please look our list of cool whatsapp statuses. We had also shared some funny images for whatsapp which can be shared among all whatsapp groups. If you are from India and other Hindi speaking countries, then you can make use of this dekh bhai images. Also those who don’t like the latest material design from whatsapp, then here is the guide to revert the material design to previous version of whatsapp.
Whatsapp group names

Whatsapp group names – Unseen collection of 2015

#1 Whatsapp group names for friends

  • Avengers:- Hope all of you may have seen the movie avengers. Most suitable name for the group of friends.
  • Atomic Reactors:- Something designed for chain reaction.Best suitable for 24×7 whatsapp groups. Please don’t put this name for a dead group where there is no active members.
  • Adventure Island:- This can be the group name of people doing something adventurous. Resemblance an old video game.
  • All is well:- This sentence get common after the release of Block buster Hindi movie 3 idiots. Hope this is a better choice.
  • Amigoz:- There is a Spanish/Portugese word named amigo which means friends. May be this an odd one.
  • Buddies 4 Ever:- Are you in a group where there is lot of old friends? If you are maintaining a long relation, try this.
  • Bad Boys / Bad Girls:- Suitable if the whatsapp group have either boys or girls.
  • Busy like Bees:- Have you ever noticed bees? They are considered as the most busy creature. Check your friends group can be renamed to this.
  • Besties:- Don’t know whether there is a dictionary meaning for this. Good name for friends groups.
  • Crazy Boys / Crazy Girls:-Most common group names. Adapt if you like.
  • Civil Society:- Shared by one Civil Engineer. He told that they have a whatsapp group with this name. Good choice for people studying for Civil Engineering.
  • Dust Bin:- Dustbin is the place where all waste materials are putting. Use this group name and see the reactions of other members.
  • Devils Workshop:- There is a website named devils workshop. Why don’t you use this as a group name?
  • Exams Haters:- Do you hate exams? Than keep this.
  • Gossiping Queens:- Girls are the best way to pass gossips. So Gossiping Queens will be good for girls whatsapp group.
  • House Of Hunters:- Those who hunts for a special thing.
  • Hackers:- What actually hackers do? Stealing something right? Best for Friends studying programming courses, Computer Engineering, Computer applications etc.
  • Happy Birthday “name”:- You could know the birthday date of your whatsapp group friends. Then change the group name to this so that everybody can make a wish.
  • Joint Family:- Smokers know what is joint. I wonder why don’t these smokers make a whatsapp group named joint family?
  • Just us:- Group which shares some secrets.
  • Keep Calm:- Popular word.
  • Men at Work:- Don’t you see this sign board ever? May be a good option.
  • Last Benchers:- There would definitely some guys who always the back bench. Interesting isn’t it?
  • Smartasses:- Don’t think there is a description needed.
  • SleeperCells:- Actually some kind of terrorists. Good whatsapp name for lazy kids.
  • Lets chat:- Another common Whatsapp group name.
  • Recycle Bin:- Dustbin version by Microsoft.
  • Tap here for group info:- Sentence borrowed from whatsapp itself.
  • Trash:- Dustbin version by Linux.
  • Whatssapiens:- The scientific name of human is Homo sapiens. Then this will the group name of people addicted to whatsapp.
  • Witches:- Have seen this name in my girlfriend mobile.

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NB: Almost half of these whatsapp group names are taken from online public forums. So we don’t think that there is a matter of copyright issues. If you think that, this page violates and copyrights, please contact with the original link. We will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

#2 Whatsapp group names for family and relatives

  • We Are Family
  • A small family
  • Big Bros
  • Brotherhood
  • Modern family
  • Royal Family
  • Cousins
  • Bros&sissies
  • Blood is thick
  • Broz for Ever

We have scarcity in the Whatsapp group names for family and relatives. This section is completely upto you. We want some interesting group names which suits among relatives. What re the names of family groups that you are included? Are you ready to shoot such names? The comment box is open for you.

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