315 Cool whatsapp status in English – Revised List of 2016

315 Cool whatsapp status in English – Revised List of 2016


Every moment you change your old status and post a new one, you are actually make using one of the biggest advantage of latest Social media websites and applications. You are taking the advantage of Status feature which will tell others what is actually in your mind. No other form of communication media can tell your current status effectively, like Social Networking websites and chatting apps do. There are still many people around us, criticizing the use of Modern medias. Whatever the reason may, they are requested to study more about the advantages of social medias. See some whatsapp dp images.
We had already some wonderful articles about whatsapp and today we are again going to share some whatsapp status. Our last article about Dekh bhai images for whatsapp had red by thousands of people all over the world and they had made good comments for that. At the same time our funny whatsapp status collection is also trending on Internet. Getting inspired for both previous articles, we are going to make yet another statuses collection. This time it is Cool whatsapp status in English. You can also share these cool statuses on other social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
 Cool whatsapp status in English

Trending Cool whatsapp status in English

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Today, I had decided to post a fresh status and When I realize that you are going to copy it, I stop posting the status.
Why are you looking my status? Am I so famous?
Those who have a status “Hey there! I am using Whatsapp” will not have one.
Based on the last report of a magazine, Whatsapp and WeChat holds second and third position for Spreading Gossip. Lady’s continues on the First position.
If your father is not rich, it is not your problem. But if your father-in-law is not rich, it is only your problem.
Never get messed up with my my attitude and personality. My personality simply shows who actually I am and my attitude completely depends on who you are!
There was a day when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.
I used to sleep naked. But I don’t know whay the air hostess doesn’t understand this.
You may have huge bank balance if Apple and Blackberry were just fruits…!
I will back soon.. Don’t believe? Just before you pronounce khsiwlkmakbdwlkncldsdasldjsad..
We are given only a small time to be in this earth. So never waste your valuable time by reading my statuses.
Yesterday, going to hospital, I saw a poster “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Anyway I am going to buy one.

Attitude based Cool Whatsapp Status

There is nothing about me, More than Me.
I always speak from my mind. But I never mind What I had speak.
If anybody hate you without proper reason, kindly give them necessary reason. Lol.
He said that, I had insulted him. But I didn’t do that. I just describe him what he is.
Once I loved a girl. Like every other girls, she broke my heart. Now every broken pieces of my heart loves different girls. People calls it as flirt. But that’s not fair.
Some people hate my attitude. Hey guyz its my style.
Many people waste time by looking what had happened in the past. Guys you are running backward.
Do you Love me? Great. Do you hate me? No problem. Don’t know me? Then mind your own business. Don’t judge my activities.
If the Plan “A” didn’t work for you, wait little more. There are 25 other plans remaining.

Now you are with almost all new cool whatsapp statuses of 2015. As the title shows, its your duty to complete the whole list. Just share it and be unique among your friends. Don’t forget to share if you had found any other cool statuses. Also submit your comments about the above statuses. We appreciate your input.

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