5 ways to Solve "insufficient storage available" on Android

There happened huge changes in the smart phone world within the last 6 years. While HTC releasing their Dream Smart phone in 2008, none of us though that there will be a big change in this market. The new Android OS and similar Smart Phone OS are continue devloping and now we are at latest version of Android. Millions of Android devices were sold all over the world. Variety collection of application are the main reason behind the success of Android.
Every technologies or product have its own advantages and disadvantages. After migrating from traditional JAVA mobiles to Android, one of the important problems is the lack of storage. As Java applications require less than 1 MB space, we were able to install a lot of applications and games. Whereas in Android, one of the biggest problems that are facing by a low-end android device is the memory or storage issue. After installing some necessary applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, there will be no additional space for other games and applications.
Last day I got a gift from my cousin. It was a BSNL penta tablet. It is powered under the Jellybean Android version and also has all other features that Android devices have. However, there is one problem that I faced. I can’t install more than 15 apps. I installed necessary apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and my favorite game Clash of Clans. There is no much space left after that. Whenever I try to install a new application or game, it shows “insufficient storage available” error message and the installation was canceled.

I have 8GB SD card but still showing  “insufficient storage available”

Many confused why they are getting this error as they have remaining storage space on their SD card. Let me clarify it. Almost all of the android devices have two types of storage available. Internal Storage and the external Storage.
Internal Storage is the place to store all the fundamental files needed for your smart phone. For example, the OS is stored on the internal storage. Almost all of the apps were also getting stored on your Internal Storage. In addition to these apps, their cache and data were also stored in the internal storage.
External Storage is the place where Music, Pictures, and other files getting stored. If you are taking a photo using your Mobile, then it probably gets stored in the secondary storage. So if you have 64GB external storage and 512 MB internal storage, there will be no use.
We are here with some of the advanced ways to resolve the insufficient storage available problem on your low price mobile or tablet.

Resolve “insufficient storage available” problem easily

1. Uninstall unwanted apps
This is the important thing you should do if you are out of storage space. There will be many unwanted apps that are playing with your valuable storage are. First of all, get rid of these apps and clean the storage. For deleting apps from your device,

  • Go to Settings
  • Apps
  • Choose Unwanted apps
  • Uninstall

Keep in mind that never delete Apps like Play Store, Play Service as those are important ones.
2. Clear the Cache
Cache means a temporary storage area. Think that you are browsing through a browser app. There will be a chance for more cache as browsers are dealing with many types of images and other real world contents. There will be no issues for deleting the cache but you need to re download them while using the service again. For example, If you delete the cache of Facebook app, the user profiles and other icons get deleted from the internal storage and get downloaded again if you are visiting profiles again. To clear the cache

  • Go to Settings
  • Apps
  • Choose an app which has Cache [facebook, twitter, chrome etc have cache]
  • Clear cache

 3. Move apps from device to SD card
With the help of some applications, you can easily move apps that are installed in the device memory to the SD card. If you haven’t tried this yet, just make a try and see how much storage space you could save. Some apps on the app store require root permission to move apps to SD card and some others don’t require. You can try this app to move your apps directly to SD card without rooting your device.
4. Move Pictures and Large files in Internal memory to the SD card
Once You remove the SD card, the whole contents of pictures you take, Downloaded files, received files etc comes under internal storage. So make a checking that whether you have large files inside your internal storage. If so move it to the SD card. Every time putting files on the SD card is safer than putting it in the phone storage.
All the above recommendations are very effective against “insufficient storage available” problem of android device. Among them moving apps to SD card and Clearing cache is more important. Also if you have unwanted apps or games installed, get rid of them. Not only storage space but also background working apps took RAM memory and put your device very slow. Clearing the cache of your apps give some more storage space. There are also some cache cleaner apps in Play Store, which is more effective than manual Cache clearing, You can also try those apps and once cleared, uninstall them.
The solution above still not working?
Here we have one suggestion for you.
Go to Fiverr, search for “Android Problem” related service and you will find a lot.
Register a free account on Fiverr, message the seller, tell them your problem and ask whether they can help you to fix this issue.
Here is the screenshot of the services related to the Android problem.
There are many Android experts providing excellent service at affordable price.
They might be able to help you in solving your problem, by providing the guide or through other methods.

Fiverr Solve Android Problem
Fiverr Solve Android Problem

If you know any other way to increase the storage space of android devices, please let us know. If you have some informative knowledge about this, we are happy to include it on this page.

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76 thoughts on “5 ways to Solve "insufficient storage available" on Android”

  1. Hi.
    your Info’s are very useful to me.Thank you.I have one doubt is how to delete pre installed apps in android device? is it possible without rooting! and what is rooting?

    1. Rooting is the process of getting full privilege over our device. By rooting we are becaming the super user. We can now do anything on it. By rooting we can make any changes we want. You can only delete pre installed apps or system apps after rooting your smartphone. Thanks for contacting.

          1. Hi I have a Samsung galaxy grand prime and I am having problem of insufficient memory due to which i bought a new SD card, 8Gb space recently but still have the same problem please help me.

      1. Hi. In my settings, the preferred storage location for new apps was already set to removable sd card. My sd card still has 5GB but I’m still getting insufficient storage and can’t install new apps. I already transferred apps from my phone to sd card, I already cleared all the cache and uninstalled unwanted apps. Please help.

      2. does rooting help the problem with insufficient space in google play??? I hv space in my sd card but still it says insufficient storage. internal memory is 1 gb. how can I download games which is higher than 1 gb??

  2. I have ASUS Zenfone 5 with 2 gb ram and 8 gb Rom. If i check in settings-storage it shows around 60mb free space but when try to download wifi file trsnsfer app which is around 725kb size from play store it fails and pop up comes to inform insuffucuent space. Can you help me in resolving this matter.

    1. Some apps requires some amount of space in your device. For example I think wifi file transfer requires minimum 100 Space. Almost all apps requires some amount of data even though it is small in size. So delete some videos or pictures from your Internal storage and repeat the step. You could able to install the app without any problem.

  3. Hi, I was trying to install one international calling company’s app on my android samsung galaxy 6102 , they didn’t inform me anywhere that it is not compatible with android until very late. As it showed insufficient storage space every time i tried it after cleaning the cache , clearing , I tried again and again clearing further applications including google play services and playstore. Finally i lost my contacts, whatsapp …etc. So i uninstalled whatsapp completely and tried to reinstall it. The same error message – insufficient storage when i see that it has a lot more space that needed for almost 16 mb whatsapp. The phone is working but my whatsapp and contacts everywhere are gone. can i get any help with this problem. I spent hrs on this trying different methods cleaning and installing. my e mail – santhi1@live.com Thank you.

    1. Joel John George

      Ram memory is the problem… plz sale ur phone and give at least 1gb RAM memory available phone.. applications running space is more important. or factory reset.. It has cleared all cache, useless apps and updates.. n install a antivirus(CM Security, 360 or Netquin).

  4. Hii,
    Im having 6gb of memory free in my sd card and 260mb free in internal storage and as i download any movie from uc browser it show as insufficent storage. I changed the downloading location to sd card, cleard cache, moved all the pictures and videos to sd card but still the error same insufficent storage.
    Can u help.??
    Thanking you

  5. My phone is Asus zenphon5 it have 2gb RAM gb Rom. When I download songs from uc browser it seen insufficient storage clear space. So what can I do. I also have gb memory card.

      1. My phone is Asus Zenfone 2 have problem with reserved storage. By the way how to (Change the download folder to SD card so that your contents will automatically move to your SD card.)?
        Can i cut & paste just like that?

  6. Hello , i have the same problem but when i apply these instructions on my cell . they never send error of insufficient device . I’m very thankfull to you dear . GOD BLESS YOU 🙂

  7. Ok, so I have gone into my settings for automatic write location, and changed it to write to my SD card of which there is 25 GB free. I have relocated all of the apps with the option into the SD card. I am still getting the “Insufficient Storage” error. I have deleted all trace of the main app causing me trouble(Clash of Clans) and I tried reinstalling the app only to get the error.

    1. I temporarily disabled chrome so that the new app has enough space to be installed (the new app then moved by app mgr to SD card). After that, I enable the chrome to function. It works.

  8. pradeep gangwar

    i hv asus zen 5 mobile….the problm is dat whatsapp is nt installing in device…it is showng insufficient space on device….i hv tried much tym to installed it in evry manner…even clear cacche an all dat….but its nt installed….nd i dont get d option of sd card in my device….so plz suggest wat should i do nw?

    1. It is because your Internal storage is almost full.
      Try deleting some Videos and pictures from your gallery and Install Whatsapp. Then you surely get succeed.

  9. Hello
    May have your contact number please.
    Need your help to resolve a recurring problem.
    With best wishes and profound regards.

  10. am using onida i012
    basically its a poor Android phone
    with 512 mb ram
    and 108 mb internal
    when i buyed the phone it have 50 mb free storage in 108 mb after doing a factory reset only 542 KB is remaining out of 108 mb
    I have done a hard reset too
    and there no apps installed in system and SD i have uninstalled every then also 542 KB is remaing
    plz help me plz

    1. I am really helpless in your case. I don’t know why you lose space after a reset. Actually resetting makes a phone look likes when you bought it.

  11. i hv asus zen 4 mobile….the problm is i try to move all data in internal storage but i dunno hw to do it. due to that, my wassap create a problem and can’t update due to insufficient space. How to transfer existing data in internal to SD card?

    1. You can easily move date by connecting to a PC.
      Also if you don’t have a PC,
      1.long press on the folder you need to move. [You will get a cut option, a scissor symbol]
      2.Now go to SD card and open he folder where you want to move the file.
      3.Just below the notification area, you could see a paste symbol.
      4. Click on it to start transfer.
      Go to
      then you could see where you had actually loss the space.

  12. can i increase internal storage by taking a partition from SD card
    can you suggest me a app for doing this
    also my phone is not rooted
    and any one click rooting tool is not working for me .
    so can you please solve this issue too
    help me waiting for your replay

    1. One click root will work only for some models. Unfortunately your device won’t include in that.
      So without rooting you cant increase internal storage by taking a partition from SD card.
      I had searched a lot for finding the root tools for your device, but not found any..
      Bad Luck.

  13. Hi,
    I hv a problem in my phone memory. I have download apps from google play store to my internal and external memory. When I boost my phone for cache cleaning I lose all the pictures, sounds and video of whatsapp, dropbox, candy camera.. etc. It seen “no media found” error. So I found these app stored in my cache memory instead of internal and external memory.
    Infact I hve so many space in my internal and external memory.

  14. Hi Team,
    Good Idea.. it worked out for me .. it working very nice… and now my phone is also not lagging and its working fast…
    Thank you so much !!

  15. Well… my Intex Aqua 3G is not even Responding!! And When I tried Restarting it stucks and dosen’t even continue towards the home screen I really Need your help.. Please!!!! (LOw internal Storage)

  16. I got an update for marshmallow but whenever I try to download it, it shows that not enough space available to download how to fix this problem.?

  17. I am using gionee G3 and I am having a problem to download any app from google play store. Its been showing delete unwanted app. There insufficient memory in device.. I deleted unwanted apps and moved all pics in SD card but I m not able to download the apps .
    Please help me out.

  18. I have micromax bolt D321 . I have 4GB extrenal storage and 2GB internal storage. My internal storage is full. I try many to move apps internal storage to SD card….but it not possible…..why i make space…i have apps like facebook,messanger,skype..etc…and i not want to delete it…..

  19. I have 8.5 GB of storage space but when im installing coc which is of 48 MB through bluetooth im getting an error showing out of space

  20. Hi, l see you help people here, l have a problem with my hauwei ascend Y600-U20, everytime I install an app my phone reboot, it start the morning l found all my apps gone then l reset my phone, went to play store and download an app that was not a problem but I was so confuse my phone reboot when installing, it doesn’t even finish installing. Please help me

  21. Why my storage spase still 5 gb , but i cant istall anymore apps . It say unable to istall apps . Delete some items and try again

  22. Really appreciative but this is the basic information which I think every Android user knows.. if there is anything else then please suggest as sometimes what happens when v keep update of files installed in mobile there arises the similar issue and resentatly we can’t keep files updated.

  23. I am also having low memery issue too on my techno r7 jelly bean,low storage icon is appearing,I have moved so many app,but still my internal storage keeps occupying with what I don’t know,pls I need or help,I can’t download or update,cos insufficient storage….pls help me

  24. I deleted my unwanted apps
    I cleared cache
    I moved the large bulky files to sd card n cleared my phone storage
    Nw my phone storage is very much free..There is almost 4-5gb free
    But still it says insufficient storage space
    There is the one thing called space for app installation that is just 2.95gb ,n I have used 2.70gb..
    No matter what I do that space doesn’t seem to clear…
    How else can I get sufficient storage?
    I use Oppo find7 phone

  25. Hii…
    I am trying to download a song which is only 5 mb… But notify me that could not be downloaded due to insufficience storage… Where as there is still lots of space both in internal and external…iam sick of these..
    Please could u solve my problem…please
    Iam using PANASONIC 4G LTE smartphone
    Thank you..

  26. I’ve thought that you would tell, how we can install all big games on SD card rather than in Internal storage.
    I was known with this thing you tell.
    I did not get my answer

  27. I cleared cache apps vids and pics but still no space to download whatsapp I also moved to SD card what’s the problem

  28. Im using samsung galaxy Y & when ever Im downloading an app it is showing that “Low on space” .and I have 8gb memory card in my phone.how should I clear low on space in my phone

  29. Hi
    I am using samsang android.
    When I restore factory settings to clear the memory. But with in a week my phone show insufficient storage. I install whatsup, Facebook, and others 8 apps only. The remaining memory min 400 me available at the time of factory restore. I never downloaded any file from social network. How to fix this problem

  30. Rohini sathish

    I have ASUS zenphone 5 it is showing insufficient storage space , actually I review many web guides and clear the catch from all apps and I moved many movable applications like share it ,ola, other to sd card then it is showing insufficient and even am not possible to store anything new and now days updating of apps also not possible please help how to solve this problem

  31. i have a sony x bo v16. my problem is that i have insufficient storage or no space available when i download apps in google play. 8gb internal with 7.2gb of free space. no external memory. what do i do to maximize my 8gb rom? thanks for the help.

  32. i need your help am having an insufficient space on my xbox phone that at the back dey wrote htc…. dis happed when ever i want to download from play store…tnx u

  33. I am using Micromax Canvas Spark. I have 400 MB of free space still I can’t install or update any apps from playstore. But I can install the apps by downloading apk files from other websites. Please help me in this issue.
    I one thing I would like to add with this. I don’t know whether it’s relative to it or not. Two days back when I started to use my phone I found all my photos are deleted which is taken in smartphone camera (not all WhatsApp and fb images only camera images stored in DCIM folder). I don’t know how it happened, I think it’s an internal error. From that instant onwards this insufficient storage problem is arising.
    Please help me in resolving this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

  34. In my Redmi 1S i have unistalled my game coc after that i installing the game coc by APK file. During installitation suddenly it shows out of space but allready i have 1GB space in my internal storage.
    So, please give the solution…

  35. Tomorrow I buy I new 16gb memory card to fix tha insufficient storage problem but this is still saying insufficient storage why can anyone tell mee plz what to do I have tried these steps but nothing happens plz tell me how to fix it.

  36. Hi. I also have a problem about this memory thing.
    My device is Oppo R831k (Neo 3). When I check on File Mananger, it says: Phone (total 1.51 GB – available 1.51 GB). Then when I check on Storage from Setting, it says: System Storage (total 0.98 GB – available 72.72 MB) and Phone memory is just like I’ve mentioned before.
    I wonder why I cannot download app anymore. I mean, I’ve already cleared the chace on the whole apps that I’ve installed. I’ve also had moved them from Phone to SD card (as much as possible).
    But, I still cannot download anything whereas I’ve already uninstalled some of my apps.
    Could you please help me? It happens since my phone repaired (due to viruses issues) and the face of menu Storage on System changes. Before my phone infected by viruses, I still be able to solve this insufficient memory problem with the ways that you’ve mentioned earlier. It’s so frustrating. Please help me if you have some idea to free me from this problem. Thankyou ?

  37. Hey man help me ,, my device always shows insufficient storage even if I hard/soft reset my phone ,, my internal memory has 12 GB of free space,, sala tab bhi likhta hai insufficient storage ,, reset karne me baad all apps are gone and when I tried to download any,,it shows insufficient storage….. My phone is rooted YU yureka running on cm 12 lollipop 5.0.1

  38. I don’t have any unwanted app ,I have cleared cache for apps,I have a 8 GB SD card ..and I have moved all my apps to SD card .but still I am unable to download apps due to insufficient storage .what should I do?

  39. Hai, I have enough memory in internal storage and external storage but i can’t download any application and it says insufficient storage, please help me. I’ve cleared cache also.

  40. hey dear i have HUAWEI ASCEND Y221 i used to download on play store but now i am not dow nloading but amessage saying there is not enough space yet there is about 1gb enternal&600MB external even download 1MB it is not working NB:m phon is roote b king root even has lucy patcher&root explorer then did i did mistakes on my phone? if so how can i fix? also NB (i have cleared cache&data of play store& play services,i have reseted phone,i tried new versions of play store&play services i.e i did all told) but now still problem so help me apart from those i did what can i add on thanks JINSONKV

  41. I am using Vivo Y11 moblie and I am not able to access whatsapp and it’s showing system space is insufficient to use. Please help me

  42. ems can u solve it plz I want my apps data to be stored in my sd card nd I have moved them to it only but still my pics nd songs are been stored nd been downloaded in phone storage only plz help it out

  43. I have done all these things already and there are only 2-3 apps that are also shifted in sd card.Then also it shows INSUFFICIENT STORAGE.
    Please HELP ME.

  44. these shit cells and tablets are that shit, i bought some with 8gb of storage it saids in use 666mb and got 7.2gb free but when i go to get apps it won’t let me saying i got no space then when i connect my cell to my pc thru usb it saids my storage is only 1.7gb and i got 445mb free or so it goes up and down on its own then i do everything everyone saids on every site i clean everything disable shit apps, removed facebook that was a huge mistake after that its like it began attacking my cell cause it keep popping up ads and ads and ads fuck facebook and whatsapp
    where was i oh yeah i put a 32gb sd card move the only 3 apps i was able to download there and guess what? it still saids not enough space for new apps lmfao wow whats the point in these worthless cells and tablets? huh the max apps i could ever get is 2 or 3 if im lucky

    1. Dude try to just 2ways
      1. Take backup of your important data
      2. Reset your smartphone & you will experience like first day of you new smart phone then you won’t get same problem at least 6 month…
      N don’t update inbuilt non useful apps. Like Google+ , play store etc.any1.
      After that install ram controlling appwhich make free space of ram by forced to stop your app which gives this type of prpblem .
      Keep in mind try to forced to stopped those app when you don’t want use so more those app.
      Thank you.

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