50000 Dofollow Backlinks Jackpot – Let Google Follow You

50000 Dofollow Backlinks Jackpot – Let Google Follow You

I am very happy today because I had just posted amazing dofollow backlinks collection which will help a lot of guyz those who are struggling with Google Keyword Ranking. I think that this might be our second popular article after we published a way to increase fb likes within minutes. If you haven’t read it yet, welcome again.
All those who are working related to digital marketing have heard about link building technique. If you want to increase the position of your webpages main keyword in search engines, you must have valuable links pointing to your website. Most modern Search engines works on the same idea. However Bing and Yahoo gives little bit importance to the similarity in domain name to the searched keyword. But they are not fully programmed with the domain similarity. They also counts the backlink for better SERP.
Search Engines counts links towards a webpage as a vote given by other webpages. Usually good pages gets referred by other web owners. By considering this, such a kind of link based SERP followed by our Search engines. But by figuring this feature out, all back-hat optimizers try to build Links by their own. In most cases this gets worked. But probability is same to kick such websites out of search results by search engines. A good Search Engine optimizer carefully build links without getting penalized.
You may have an idea about two kinds of links. Dofollow and Nofollow kind. Among this only dofollow backlinks are helpful for getting better shows on ranking position. Don’t think that nofollow are bad. It is also important because Search engines algorithm counts ration of both type links to figure out the originality of links. If someone try to build only dofollow links, it may caught by engines and put him last of SERP. So avoid such kinds of incidents.

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Dofollow Backlinks Collection for 2014 SEO

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There is a peculiarity for our backlinks. You could capture all backlinks easily. All backlink source mentioned below are instant auto approval enabled. There is no waiting time. As per our title you can get unlimited backlinks. But our domains are limited. From that limited amount of domains you can estimate maximum links. We also provide an estimated amount of links that you can hunt. Also we try to mention the Page Rank of domains.
Anyway using the below backlinks are your choice. We don’t know how much these links help you for ranking your webpage. Keep in mind that google will demote your page for all kinds of black hat seo techniques. So before putting links here, please rethink about its possibilities. Once you made a mistake, it would be harder to take your position back.

Dofollow Backlinks for boosting SERP

1. https://www.jansochor.com
https://www.jansochor.com is a website with Page Rank 4. This page is focused for those who loves photographs and like real photographs taken by others. As I think, there will be any issue if you are using this website to get backlinks. In the comment section of every page of this blog, you can add comments and that comment can be decorated with your website link. Unlike common WordPress or blogger blog, you can put dofollow backlinks there. Expected backlinks that can be created using this website are ~= 500. All those links have PR above 1. No login or sign up is required. Sample page where you get backlink https://www.jansochor.com/photo-blog.aspx?id=zoo-havana
2. https://www.lepignole.com
https://www.lepignole.com is an Italian language website. The PR of root is 2. This is something like a personal family blog writing by Paolo. in this website also the comment section is free to comment with some link with in it. The comments backlinks are dofollow and the website contains nearly 450 pages in which you can put your comment. There is no need of login or similar processes. Most of the pages are having PR above 1. Sample page where you can comment https://www.lepignole.com/blog.php?post=302
3. https://www.mediamatic.net
https://www.mediamatic.net deals with stuffs related to arts, society, technology etc. This blog explores the possibilities of new technology. There is a login required for putting comments. If you have no account, please try to create one or just made a facebook login. The Root PR of this website if 5. and all other comment enabled pages have PR up to 3. Another fact is that there are approximately 750 pages where you can show your signature. So don’t waste your time. Start linking today. Sample page where you can put comment  https://www.mediamatic.net/371866/en/building-a-delta-3d-printer-workshop
4. https://onepartsunshine.com
https://onepartsunshine.com officially called as one part SunShine mainky focus articles related to nature. This is a good blog and one of the bookmarked website in my browser. The domain PR is 2 and contains nearly 500 pages where we can put our weblinks. All links turns dofollow. Most of the links are of PR1 and PR2. Anyway this could be very good for ranking up any kind of niche websites. Sample page where you can put backlinks.  https://onepartsunshine.com/blog/1847
5. https://yadkinriverkeeper.org
https://yadkinriverkeeper.org is PR 4 website with lot of pages for creating backlinks. This website is related to water and tells the importance of water and rivers. Many of the blog pages of this website is with PR up to 3. There will be a clean ranking for your domain by linking it periodically to this website. Sample Page you can make backlinks https://yadkinriverkeeper.org/issues/clean-water-under-attack
What about this kind of backlinks? We already ranked up nearly 120 websites with this kinds of backlinks. Sorry I can’t reveal which websites ranked up. All such ranking ups are made using a collection of free backlinks that are found after making some research. I hope that it contains more than 100 different domains with Page Rank up to 5. All domains contains an average of 500 pages where we can comment. Only some of there websites remove spam links. Others keep our comments because they are not looking up.
I don’t wish to unveil the full jackpot here. If you want to take a look on it, we can arrange a chat. I hope that 50$ will be enough for me to send you the whole collection. I am damn sure that you could able to make 100 time more for what you spend. Because all links are highly ranked, authored and even not spammed. Contact me on firstandgeek.com@gmail.com for more details. Also put your valuable comments below.

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