Bahubali imdb rating {9.4} – Indian Movies Just behind Bahubali

Bahubali imdb rating {9.4} – Indian Movies Just behind Bahubali

After the expectation of a long period, movie Bahubali had released on last week. The movie was directed by S. S. Rajamouli who had made historical changes in Telugu movie industry. The whole movie lovers had expected this movie as a history changer after the release of its trailer on last month. Since his last movie EEGA had made some records, all are expecting a wonderful visual effects through out this movie. The initial reports of Bahubali shows that, it will bring yet another golden feather for Rajamouli.
The movie had dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam so that almost every people in India can watch this movie in their own language. The movie had initially budgeted for Rs 150 crore but extended upto Rs 250 Crore. As per the reports the movie is going to took back the expense within the first week of release. Unofficial reports states that, the movie had received a collection of nearly Rs 60 crores on the first day itself. Check Bahubali on IMDB.
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Bahubali IMDB initial rating was 9.5

bahubali imdb rating
After the first day of release, the movie had rated for 9.5 from nearly 4000 users. But after 2 days, there happened a minute change in the rating. Now it is 9.4. It is because on the first day, It received rating from fans and after that general users starts voting. Almost all Indian movies got a huge rating on the release date and it gets falls rapidly after general people starts watching it.
One same situation was for the blockbuster Malayalam movie “Drishyam’ and for Telugu movie “1- Nenokkadine”. Both of this movies were rated 9.4 during the first week of release and gradually decrease the rating in IMDB. Now “Drishyam” have a rating of 8.9 and “1 – Nenokkadine” have a rating of 8.8. We had discussed this in the below section.

Which Indians movies are just below Bahubali?

Here are the three popular movies that are very close enough to Bahubali in case of imdb rating.

  • Drishyam
  • 1 – Nenokkadine
  • Vishwaroopam

Drishyam – Malayalam Movie rated 8.9 on IMDB

As per our research, Drishyam is the top rated movie in IMDB just below to Bahubali. The movie is written and directed by Jeethu Joseph, staring Mega Star Mohanlal. The movie shows the family life of Georgekutty (Mohanlal) who runs a cable TV network in a village of Kerala. The movie turns to an interesting one after the first half. Georgekutty’s daughter Anju goes to a nature club camp from her school and during that period, her private videos were taken by a boy without her knowledge. After that he tries to blackmail Anju and get accidentally killed by her.
The movie turns to a mind blowing one after Georgekutty knows this incident and use his intelligence to hide this murder. Can Georgekutty save his daughter from this murder case? Watch it and feel the movie. The movie had a budget of Rs 4 Crore and box office collection of Rs 70 Crore. [Most earned Malayalam movie ever]
The movie were also taken into tamil named “Papanasam”. Papanasam were also directed by Jeethu Joseph and Kama Haasan plays the role instead of Mohanlal.

1 –  Nenokkadine Telungu Movie rated 8.8 on IMDB

Just below Drishyam, we had found 1 – Nenokkadine as the top rated movie. The movie was written by 6 different writers and directed by Sukumar. The movie is starring Mahesh Babu who plays the role of Gautham who is searching for the identity and details of his parents who were killed when he was a child.
I wonder why this movie so rated well in IMDB and became a big loss for the producer. As per the reports, the movie budgeted nearly 70 Crore and received a box office share of nearly 50 Crore. According to Andhraboxoffice, the actor Mahesh Babu have faced a loss of nearly Rs 25 crore.

Vishwaroopam Another movie with 8.8 rating on IMDB

Vishwaroopam is another Indian movie which had break the rating tags of IMDB. The movie was written, directed and co produced by legend actor Kamal Haasan. He also played an important role in the movie.
Vishwaroopam is a brilliant story of a spy that is often seen in English movies. The screenplay was also awesome that gives us surprise each and every second. Technical brilliance of the movie were also widely discussed.
On the first week of the movie, it got more than 9.0 rating and gradually decreased on the following days. The movie budgeted over Rs 950 Million and the box office collection was more than Rs 2.5 Billion.

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