Best 10 inch tablet under $200 – Teclast X98 and Onda V919

Best 10 inch tablet under $200 – Teclast X98 and Onda V919

It’s customary among buyers of any kind, to go with the high quality but low price gadgets. There are many online sites which offer the same. To pick from this busy traffic is a tedious job, but I am here to help you. Here in this article you will get an idea about the best 10 inch tablet under $200 from the best shopping site. Onda V919 and Teclast X98 plus are the pick of the month and shopping site Everbuying delivers you these tablets. is one of leading online retail company who specialize in giving you the best gadgets and fashion. It serves millions of happy customers from over 200 plus nations. They provide every customer the best experience of business where ever they are. So let’s check out the details of the bests under $200 and pick one of your taste.

Best 10 inch tablet under $200

#1:- ONDA V919 AIR Tablet

The tablet comes with a screen size of 9.7 inch and with a resolution of 2048*1536 which can enable you watch and browse with a razor sharp clarity. It’s quite interesting to note the air retina screen offered by the tablet for an amazing sight experience. Giving a final verdict about display, it can conserve energy up to 57%. The classical color design and the sleek thin body can mesmerize any users. 8mm thickness and 450g feather weight can provide you special experience.
The tablet comes with a dual operating system of Windows 10 and Android 4.4. So no matter if you are a business professional or daily user, tablet can do both for you. For Windows 10, there is free upgrade options and supports office kit with much more excellent interface, compatibility and running effect. Android version supports upgradation to 5.1 and supports many entertainment functions. The dual OS will lead you to an exciting world.
It gives you much more power in multitasking as the tablet is powered by Intel bay trail TZ3735F 64 bit CPU and with a clock speed of 1.83 GHz quad core. Commenting about the storage capacity, RAM is of 2GB and ROM is of 32GB. The GPU comes with Intel HD graphics Gen 7 for better response in playing games and streaming videos. The tablet also supports fast data transmission and has Bluetooth 4.0.
As every gadget, Onda also comes with dual camera, which includes 2MP back camera with autofocus making HD video recording and calls more sharp and vivid. The front camera is also of 2MP for a better selfie. Tablet supports 4096*2160 resolution video and you can use a HDMI cable to connect to TV screens, monitors or projectors and thus can develop personal home theater. 7200 mAh battery can easily meet the current, power and the temperature and thus increase the performance dynamically.
Buy Onda v919 from everbuying
2:- TECLAST X98 Plus
This is going to be the next option for your search under tablet of 10 inch and low price. The tablet has got a screen size of 9.7 inch and has 264 ppi. The resolution of the tablet is 2048*1536 and comes with IPS retina screen which offers the buyers a new experience in streaming videos and searching the web. The 7.8mm metal body and 9.5mm narrow bezel can amuse any of its users.
The tablet offers a dual operating system of Windows 10 + Android 5.1 and thus makes your business as well as entertainment programs efficient at its best. OS can sync data for multiple windows based devices and can also mesmerize you while playing games of your kind. In addition to dual OS functionality, you can make you tablet changed to PC mode thus Teclast X98 meets your needs in both ways.
Tablet has got 64 bit OS and processor and is powered by Intel cherry trail X5-Z8300 chip which brings amazing performance on its use. Tablet has got intelligent burst frequency technology and thus achieves higher frequency. It has got a clock sped of 1.44 GHz quad core and comes with a RAM of 2GB. ROM is of 64 GB and when talking about external memory, it can have TF card up to 128 GB. Intel HD graphic gen 8 can kill you while playing your games.
Tablet has dual camera systems both of 2MP with autofocus function and improved image quality. The built in TOP class AAC dual speaker unit with the professional sound chamber design makes you feel the presence of rock stars nearby. The HDMI functionality allows you to connect the tablet to external outputs like TV, projectors etc. It has got a battery of 8000mAh which can give a outstanding life. OTG function and Gravity sensing system adds up to the features of Teclast.
The former costs $146.91 in Everbuying and the latter ranges $196.85. So if you are in search of an high quality tablet under $200, these two will be the better choice and Everbuying is going to be the excellent option for the purchase.
Buy TECLAST X98 Plus   (Out of Stock)

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