Best Laptops Under Rs 30000 on January 2016

Best Laptops Under Rs 30000 on January 2016

You have landed on the right page if you are looking for best laptops which are under Rs 30000. One can’t easily find laptops which has got super CPU’s, better GPU, good RAM and more Hard Disk Space under this budget, but there are still few and I have listed it in the article. You can get most of the things done, but don’t insist the device to play future proof games like call of duty advanced warfare. So here are the list of besties from the market under this budget.

This guide will surely help you if you are planning to purchase a new laptop in the new year. There may be great offers on these days and you can make use of that. Before purchasing, please check out some coupons and then proceed to payment. This helps you to save some extra bucks. We are only providing some of the best laptops under rs 30000. you can still find out some more by making a little research. Check out our handpicked laptops. Please note that the list is based on the most rated and best selling Laptops under Rs 30000 and it includes i3 Laptops. We are not listing all i5 processors laptops below 30000 here because the i3 laptops mention below have good performance.

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Most Selling Laptops Under Rs 30000 as on January 2016


This particular model from Acer comes with i5 5210U 5th generation processor and with a clock speed of 2.7 GHz that can do your work very hastily. It has got a decent RAM of 4GB DDR3 and has got 500 GB-5400 RPM Hard disk . This model comes with display of 15.6 inch and has 1366*768 pixels display. You have got everything special under this budget, so the capacity of hard disk can be neglected. By default it is built with Linux OS and can be changed to whatever you wish.

*2.7 GHz and 4GB RAM
*HD 5500 Graphics card
*Linux OS and 2.4 Kg weight

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#2 LENOVO G50 80

The next option that you can believe upon, is this particular model from Lenovo that comes with a screen size of 15.6 inch and 1366*768 pixel display. The 5th generation i3 processor and 4 GB RAM is also quite attractive. You can store a lot of files and media as this model has got a storage space of 1TB. It weights about 2.5 kg and is manageable.

* Core i3 with 4GB RAM
* GPU-HD5500 and 1TB storage

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3. HP 14-AC108TU


This creation from HP is little above your budget but will be quite efficient if you are going to spend maximum of 2000Rs more. HP 14-AC108TU comes with 5th generation i3 processor and has a speed of 2GHz. The pixel display is same as above two model but screen size is reduced to 14 inch. The model comes with 4GB RAM and has got graphics card HD 5500.

* 2GHz core i3 and 4GB RAM
* 1TB-5400 RPM Hard disk
* Windows 10 and weights 1.94kg

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4. ACER ONE 14 Z1402-394D


If you are low of your maximum budget, I recommend you to go for this particular device from Acer. The model comes with core i3 5005U 5th generation processor and has got RAM of 4GB. The GPU of this model is Intel HD 5500 and has got 500 GB storage space. The display of 14 inch and 1366*768 pixels are also features of this laptop.
* Core i3 5th gen with 4GB RAM
* GPU- Intel HD 5500
* OS- Windows 10

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5 ASUS A555LA XX2064D


Asus always meets your speed in its products and this is the same also with this model. The clock speed is 2.1 GHz and the processor is 5th generation i3. The model has got RAM 4GB and the storage space is 1TB which is quite attractive at this price range. The display is 15.6 inch and pixel density is same as its above competitors. This laptop has got graphics card HD 5500 and weights about 2.3kg.

* 2.1 GHz Core i3 processor
* 4GB RAM with 1TB hard disk
* OS- DOS and 2 year warranty

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I believe I have given you the best under this budget and recommend you the above listed laptops if you are going to spend under Rs 30000. I welcome reviews and comments.

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