Best nicknames Collection 2016 – Cool and Funny nicknames for you

Best nicknames Collection 2016 – Cool and Funny nicknames for you

I strongly believe everyone around the globe has their own nicknames from parents, friends, coworkers and from many other zones. And giving funny nicknames to people are a way of showing your care and love towards them and thus bringing the relationship to a deeper understanding. Most of us using social media love to have and use cool nicknames for chatting, forums, gaming and communicating on dating sites.
People always introduce funny names to excite and amuse others while over social media. It brings a sense of curiosity among us to know in detail about the person who is hidden behind the funny nickname. This is what cool names can do, they simply gather attraction of audience towards your side.
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Here I have listed some mechanisms to get a cool nickname. The easiest way to gather a funny name is by modifying your name or surname, Walker into Walkie is an example for this method. For girls, adding “sweetie”, ”baby”, ”Honey” will create their cool names which might be, baby Lana, sugar Nilena and list goes advancing. Boys might use both romantic and non-romantic mixtures in developing their cool names. Handsome Luke, Loverboy are some of the common nicknames of boys. Using names of band, book or movie will also help in creating nicknames.
Giving nicknames to others is quite interesting and funny. Following are certain methods to get victory in this task. Choosing personal characteristics, profession, favorite sports team, personal interests as a source for giving nicknames is going to be exciting. Now take this as an advice, giving nicknames in a rush is not going to work. The best way is to go out with friends and socialize, experience life and then cool names come automatically.
Best nicknames Collection 2016 - Cool and Funny nicknames for you

Best Nicknames Collection in 2016

#1:- Cool Nicknames for Boys
It is customary in boys group to provide nicknames for every member. The names provided always increment the relationship between them to a deeper level. When they play, talk in groups, nickname are going to be rolling out and not actual names. Here are some lists of cool nicknames for guys:
Mr. Fabulous          Mr. Wonderful        Mr. Magnificent   –  Title-adjective combinations
Lovemycar            Lambo speed          BMW Hero     – speed and car loving fans
Captain America       Superman             Autobot        – World Savers
Joker              Headless Horseman       Rumpelstiltskin  – genius from fairy tale
Casanova, Cowboy, Dragon rider, Rainbow Unicorn, Blue Skype, CltrAltDelicious and Broseldon Ruler of the Brocean are some among nicknames that boys can choose from to impress girls.
#2:- Nicknames for Girls    
Like boys, girls also love to be called by nicknames when they are in groups, or while chatting and gaming. The names always bring a feel of togetherness and developing relationship among them. So here is the list of some cool nicknames for girls and get ready to amuse others with these names.

  • Sailormoon * CatWoman       * BlackWidow   = World savers
  • Gucci girl * Chanel Queen    * Parda Devil    = Fashion addicted ladies
  • Pizza Pasta * Flying Pizza      * Dolce Vita     = Culture lovers and Italian kitchen
  • Doll Face * Barbie Star       *Little Pony     = For cute girls
  • Lucky Mouse * Crazy Cat Lady    * Cunning Lamb  = For nature admires
  • Angry Cupcake * Magic Pie      * Awkward Cookie  = For those like baking
  • Makeup Queen * Lipstick Forever   * Love my Brushes = for makeup inevitable

#3:- Funny Nicknames for Chatting
Always chatting demands to have a nickname for every user and if you have applied a suitable funny name you are sure to succeed. So I have provided a list of great nicknames to use under this category. The list includes:
* Asleep
* Pringles
* LovemakingFriend
#4:- Gaming Nicknames
The most popular task in online gaming is to provide funny nicknames for yourself so that your opponent can laugh at something before the virtual fight starts. Kiss my axe, about 30 ninjas, yourself crab, gigantic wrang, toastoftheunda, game over are the most funniest cool names used while gaming. Also I have given a vast list of names to choose from while you are gaming with others online.
*Bad Karma
*Beef sister
*Willy Foo Foo
*Handsome Banana
*Pretty Potato
*Big Black Clock
*Penguin Hugger
*Tomato Ghost
*Cyber Helmet
*Adorable Goblin
*Granny’s Tuna
*Angry Groceries
*Adorable Goblin
That wraps up the article to the cool and funniest nicknames that you can have while gaming, dating, using social media and for many other purposes. Just take the names that you love from this list and amuse your friends.

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