Bypass Dansguardian and Unlock Blocked Websites and Downloads

Bypass Dansguardian and Unlock Blocked Websites and Downloads

Dansguardian is one of the widely using Content Control and monitoring software to limit the extension of internet. DansGuardian can control the use of unwanted websites and unwanted downloads on a network. Virus filtering feature of this simple tool make this more popular than other alternatives. The funny part of this software is that, it must be installed on a Linux OS Computer and from  there we can control other Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry Based Systems.
DansGuardian is popular among Schools, Colleges, Universities and Offices. Those who want to filter the usage of Internet and for saving bandwidth, DansGuardian is a good choice. Technically speaking, Dansguardian is Written in C++ Language under the GPLv2 free software license.
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Why I Write about Bypassing DansGuardian?

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My College experience is the reason for me to write about this simple trick. As I mentioned earlier, this software is most commonly using in Schools, Colleges and Universities. Currently I am Pursuing Masters of Computer Application in a college under MG University Kottayam. In my college, we have WiFi Campus with outstanding speed. But the problem is that almost all entertainment websites were blocked by college authorities such as Facebook, YouTube, Torrent etc.
They also blocked the Torrent ports to make sure that students are not misusing the facility. Proxy websites were also blocked to avoid bypassing these blocked websites. Now What? Can we bypass the protective layer made by DansGuardian?

Simple way to Bypass DansGuardian

There is a limitation and loophole in DansGuardian Script that means, it can only block http based protocol. For example,, etc. There is no option to block the https [hyper text markup language secured] version of a website. That means if YouTube is blocked by DansGuardian, You can try using If is blocked, just try 
Use latest proxy for unblocking blocked websites
There will be many working proxy websites that will help you to unblock the blocked websites by dansguardian. One of the best proxy website that you can try is Just go to the page and type the URL which you want to bypass.

Bypass DansGuardian Downloads

Inside DansGuardian, there is feature to block Downloading contents by extension. For example, Organisations can block extension like .exe from being downloaded. Here is a smart trick to download these contents. For example suppose your blocked content may be You can try adding ?a=a.htm words after the link So that the above link changes to Here we are just messing the Dansguardian by changing the extension to .htm.

Hope You got what you looked for. Your valuable comments are our fuel to travel a long distance. Just share your thoughts and opinion about this trick and if you like this, just share and encourage us.

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