How to change Whatsapp picture Preview? Fake Photos to Prank

We all love to send messages, photos and videos or something like that to our friends, right? and at present its common among people to use whatsapp for the same. I strongly agree that’s very useful, you too on same side, I believe. Whatsapp is a platform for instant messaging for smartphones and so that it uses internet to send audio, videos, pictures and many more by using mobile numbers.
You might wonder why this guy is talking about whatsapp and all instead of image preview changer. Here we move on to that. Its a procedure in which we play trick on our friends. The image will show a preview of something interesting and just after downloading it changes to some other stuff. Quite interesting na? Now I believe you get the point why am I talking about messenger.
Since it became inevitable for a smartphone user to use his whatsapp account, the demand for image changer also goes on increasing exponentially. Why? I will explain. Its quite often to undergo situations where your friends tease you hard at some issues. You might be thinking of taking a sweetful revenge against them. Don’t miss the chance . Play a prank on them with this latest technology of image preview changer.
What you do is gathering the attention of your friend by the preview of the image. If pics shows something and get changed after downloading, you had won in playing humour at your friend. For example if your friend get excited on viewing the images of pretty girls and if you use this technology to change the image to something not interesting to them,ie, images of chimpanzees, Negroes etc, you have succeeded in your aim.
So a question may arise , how this works? This is been explained in the following paragraphs. If you love to make your friends fool atleast for a moment, this app is very efficient.

Change Whatsapp Image Preview and different image after download

The step that you need to do is not any tedious task. The app asks you to select two images, we can call one as original and other as its preview image. You can select pictures from your gallery, photos, drive, dropbox. Just tap on the screen and do the same.
You are half done after this. At the bottom of your screen an option arises to share the images with whatsapp. You must note that currently the app is working only with whatsapp. Its been tested, don’t worry!. Since most of you are users of whatsapp messenger, this wont be an issue I promise. Upload these images to whatsapp messenger so that you can play a trick on your buddies.
Screenshot_2015-11-28-11-04-22 Screenshot_2015-11-28-11-05-06
What happens after uploading? Your friend will be viewing the preview image and after downloading this changes to the original one, ie, the image will be having the preview of second image and after downloading this stuff changes to the original image. Don’t get worried, only you will be able to see the original once you have send these to your friend.
Its also necessary to note that, only the person receiving the image will see the change by himself . In addition to this, one more constraint is satisfied by the app which demands the user to turn off media auto download to observe the change in images. I don’t believe all of you will turn on your auto download, never!. Also please note that this app doesn’t have any relationship with whatsapp messenger.
I think I have mentioned everything related with the app and its usage. Its available in the Google play store and which has crossed over a 10 thousand download and has got an average rating. Everybody wishes to play prank and trick on their friends and this is a very useful app for the same. Just download, and enjoy returning humorous revenge to your friends.
Download Image Preview Changer

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