Comindware Tracker Review- Best tool for Boosting business productivity

Comindware Tracker Review- Best tool for Boosting business productivity

Creating a company or starting a new startup is too easy for those who have a big dream and little amount of money. But it’s very difficult to manage startups without the help of modern software. In every area of a business some sort of productivity tools are needed. If you are a daily reader of this blog, you may have noted that I am a PHP developer at a Private Company in Kerala. Last month our company head had figured out an odd business productivity tool named Comindware Tracker Software. I got surprised by watching the outcome of this outstanding Web-based software. So I like to share some of the best features of this tool and I recommend Comindware Tracker for all those who are looking for more profit from a business.
Comindware Tracker Review

What Actually Comindware Tracker do?

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Comindware Tracker software could be defined as a new generation tool which helps to remove all kinds of shortcomings made by traditional BPM systems. Process Management is made adaptive, easy and fast and it ensures easy process setup,  fast implementation and extends possibility to manage high end processes directly from Outlook.  Cloud and On-premise deployments of this tool can deal with modified cases and predictable processes.
For every business firms, there might be critical business issues like lack of visibility and control over various processes. All these problems could be solved and a real-time control of your business could be made easily without a help of  IT professionals.
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Important Features of Comindware Tracker

♦ Adaptive Process Management:- Adaptive Process Management is one of the main feature of Comindware Tracker software. Elastic Data technology without any prior coding skills could be used  to Manage unpredictable business processes improvement.
realtime visibility
♦ Real-time Control:- Business productivity tools must contain Real time control feature, which is not much seen in almost all of the traditional BPM systems. This could be solved with the help of Comindware Tracker – workflow process system.
 Easy and Affordable with low Price:- The easy to use specialty and affordable price makes this tool extremely different from its competitors. Comindware had extended all the features traditional BPMS and implemented its own modern features. Understandable Process notation and Graphical Process Builder are another key features.
♦ Powerful security settings:- Security features are very high for this tool even though Web based and Mobile based architecture are available.
More done in less time:- Helps you to boost the productivity by automating important Workflow Processes like sending prioritized tasks first.

Comindware Tracker Strengths over traditional BPMS

#1:- Comindware Tracker in Outlook:- While you are inside MS Outlook Comindware Tracker allows you to handle any kind of business activities like approvals, requests, without changing the user interface. Flexible reporting and notifications features are there to streamline your business operations.
#2:- Reduces Risks of all level employees:- Comindware can help your employees in reducing their risks. For example if your manager wants to know what kind of work is going on, he can check the interface and give instructions for more production. In case of your IT managers, they don’t need to worry about the security issues. For employees, they will get the updation of what task is to do next.
#3:- Customization Interface:- If we check any traditional BPMS tools, we could see that the static interface is really boring. But Comindware consists of drag and drop interface which could be used without any programming knowledge.  Graphical approach for building databases is another Comindware feature over their competitors.
#4:- All in one Departmental Business Applications:- All levels of your business department can make use of this tool. There are  Pre-built solutions for Human Resources, Finance and Administration, Software Development, IT Operations, Sales Operations,  Marketing Operations etc.
#5:- Support Tools for fast learning:- Unlike other tools, Comindware consist of so many supportive tools to make user interaction easy. At any instance of this tool, you could see some help tools for clearing your doubts. Also Comindware customer support service will be available so that you can easily contact for clarifying your doubts.


Those who wants to get a better result from business company, there should be some productivity tools. From our own experience, we recommend Comindware to those who are planning to buy a low cost productivity tool. Contact the support team for price details.
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