Download Coolpad Note 3 themes – Change the default Cool UI

User Interface is an important fact for the success of an electronic gadget that runs based on a software. In the case of Smartphone Interface winning customer acceptance is mostly based on the User Interface.  Mobile interface design which means the GUI of a smartphone plays an important role for the selling of that particular device. Eventhough most smartphones work based on Android OS, there will be some extra changes made by mobile manufacturing companies for making their product unique an more user friendly.
Eventhough mobile manufacturers have the best designers, the interface made by those designers need not be a successful one. Personally I have a Lenovo Smartphone where I hate their UI the most. I can’t adjust with their design criteria. Same for Asus Zenfone models. We can’t change the theme in these devices. So people go for custom ROM instead of the stock ROM.
Today we are going to discuss about the built in themes of Coolpad note 3. The Chinese mobile manufacturer Coolpad had supplied their rooting chain in Indian market with the high featured low cost smartphone named Coolpad Note 3. Here while talking about its User Interface design, it comes with Cool UI designed and developed by the company itself. So here we are to show you some of the interesting themes for your Coolpad note 3.

Change Default Cool UI themes of Coolpad Note 3

Step1:- Open the File Explorer on your mobile.
Step2:- Click on “SD Card” Option.
Coolpad Note 3 themes
Step3:- There you could see a “Coolpad” folder inside that. Open it.Coolpad Note 3 themes
Step4:- Inside Coolpad folder, there is another folder named Coolshow. Open it.4
Step5:- Now create a new folder named “themes” inside the coolshow Folder.
Step6:- Paste Themes with an extension .theme inside this folder. This makes your built in app named Coolshow detect the new theme and allows you to install the newly added theme.
new Coolpad Note 3 themes
If you don’t have new themes, don’t worry. Here is some of the popular themes for your Coolpad note 3 for making some extra beauty for your coolpad.

Download latest themes for Coolpad Note 3

Here we had the collection of Coolpad Note 3 themes. Most of these themes were shared by our readers and some are extracted from the internet. Anyway I bet these themes would provide better feel than the defuld Cool UI of coolpad note 3.
#1 Stock Android Theme
Some people loves the default theme of Android OS.This is what you get while using Motorola Smartphones and Google Nexus devices. These themes are pure and there is no other modifications added. You can download the default Stock ROM theme from here.
Download Stock ROM theme for Coolpad
#2 Dark UI Theme
Here is the link to download Dark UI theme for Coolpad. Some people loves the dark and this theme is for such guyz.
Download Dark UI for Coolpad
#3 Download Fire Red Theme
Are you a lover of fire? This themes have lot of fire related icon packs and i feel this is a good option for you. Just try this new theme.
Download Fire theme

There are so many other tips and tricks with your Coolpad note 3 phablet. On coming days, we will show you some other cool tips. Hope you like this article. So please share and encourage us.

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