How to Create Password for DIGISOL WiFi Router? [Complete guide]

If you are living in an urban area and you have Internet Connection and Wi-Fi enabled. The chance of Internet data theft is very high. Most commonly Wi-Fi of home router share internet up to 150 Meters. But If there are barriers, the length will limited. So if you turn on your Wi-Fi, people living nearby could easily access it, if you are not protected it with a password.
I personally use DIGISOL Router in my home so that I had studies much on it. Most of the Digisol routers have same method for changing and creating password.  So today we are showing you how to create password for a Digisol Router / Modem.

Creating password for DIGISOL Router is too easy

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By default all of the modem routers are available without any password. It only contains the admin password to enter into it. After that you could change all the settings on it. For entering the admin panel of any routers, you need to follow instructions shown below.

#1:- First step you need to do is access Router admin page through a proxy using a web browser.
#2:- You can access or enter to the Router by typing the following ip address.  [All of the DIGISOL router have the same address for entering the admin page of router. If this doesn’t work in any case, try
I hope that not only Digisol Routers, but also all router modems have the admin panel ip address as any of the above. Now you see a window asking the username and password. By default username and password is “admin” itself. Check the router manual to check whether there is a change. Below is a sample.

How to set Password for DIGISOL Router

#3:- Type admin on both username and password column and hit enter.
passwords for Digisol

Above is the screenshot of sample Digisol Router admin page. There you can see many options that the admin can do. You can Add security limitations, make network changes, admin panel settings, and any other advanced modifications.
#4: What we need is in Network menu. Click on network button.
#5: Choose WAN Option.
#6: From there navigate to Security.
#7: Change the Encryption Type to MPA2 Mixed. [By Default it will be none and there we can’t change it.]
#8: Enter what characters you want as your Wi-Fi password. Minimum length is 8. You can’t create passwords less than 8 characters.
#9: Click on Apply/Save whatever you see there.

digisol modem password
It need some seconds to restart your modem. After that you can’t enter your WiFi of router without entering the password.
I hope that by this method everyone can create password for the WiFi of a Digisol Router. Not only for Digisol Router but also for any other companies router, the above tutorial helps you. From the coming month, we will add much more about Modems, Routers ant about WiFi problems and their solution. Keep in touch with us and became a geek first.

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