How to Decrease Alexa rank? All about Alexa traffic rank

How to Decrease Alexa rank? All about Alexa traffic rank

If you are a webmaster, you may have heard about Alexa, one partner website of Popular brand Amazon. Alexa is one of the popular website which provides ranks for websites with respect to the traffic received by a website. Even if there are many alternative rank providers, Alexa is best one that was accepted globally. The website with highest web traffic will get Alexa rank 1. Currently Google have alexa rank 1 and just behind Facebook with Alexa rank 2.
For many reason bloggers or web developers including me thinks that good alexa rank is essential. The main reason is we could get more advertising opportunity if we have a better alexa rank. For example website with alexa rank 10000 has better chance to get advertising opportunity than a website with Alexa rank 20000. Some people think Alexa rank as a branding attribute. They believe that a good alexa rank will catch the attention of visitors and the visitors will turn to a returning visitor.

Several Myths Regarding Alexa Rank

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If we check the blogs in blogosphere which are related to blogging, web development, SEO etc, we could see several myths regarding the Alexa rank. I happen to see several bloggers had made the following assumption to decrease alexa rank. But we have clear information that these things won’t improve your alexa rank in any way.
Installing Alexa Widget to your website:- Many people still believes that putting the alexa widget in their website can improve the alexa rank quickly. But this is completely non-sense. Alexa widget is just a code for showing your current alexa rank to your visitors. There are no other hidden codes for calculating your website traffic. Then how it is possible to improve your alexa rank? If you have little bit coding skill, just go through the alexa widget code. You will find what I am telling is true.
Installing Alexa toolbar / Extensions:-  Some other believes that they could improve their alexa rank by installing alexa toolbar or by installing alexa extensions. But the truth is that your website won’t rank based on the toolbars/Extensions you installed. It is true that alexa ranks websites based on the traffic through toolbars and widgets. But do you think that navigating throughout your website/blog through your own alexa toolbar and widget can improve your alexa rank?
Becoming a Alexa Pro member:- I happen to see a website mentioned that you could improve your alexa rank very fast if you purchased the pro version. Don’t purchase Alexa pro unless you want the other features and offers listed on official Alexa page.
Registering your Site boost your rank:- Alexa in their official blog had announced that there is no need of registering your website for getting ranked. Claiming your site has no effect in alexa ranking.
This is not what I say but seen on the official alexa blog written by Greg Orelind. You can check out the myths regarding the alexa ranking directly from their blog.

How much visitors I need to get alexa rank 10000?

This is a tough question to provide a right answer. This completely depends on the type of visitors you deal with. Let me explain this case by comparing two popular blogs. Shoutmeloud and alltechbuzz. Shoutmeloud of Hash Agarwal  is one of the popular blog which includes articles related to wordpress, blog development, seo, blog tutorials etc. Whereas alltechbuzz of Imran Udin deals with Internet tricks, tips, Tech news, Mobile News etc. Now compare the characteristics of visitors to both websites. Shoutmeloud receives traffic from visitors who have installed alexa extensions, alexa toolbars etc. [Most bloggers usually have alexa extensions with their browser] So each and every visitor will be counted by alexa. But in case of Alltechbuzz, it receives visitors without any alexa plugins, extensions etc. [Comparatively less compared to Shoutmeloud] So even though alltechbuzz gets more traffic than Shoutmeloud it will not listed in the alexa ranking.
Proof:- Hash Agarwal already have shown the proof of Google Analytics and its well clear that Shoutmeloud receives visitors between 10000-15000/day. Here is the screenshot adapted from Shoutmeloud. Alexa rank of Shoutmeloud is below 3k.
shoutmeloud traffic report
Imran Udin in their advertising page had mentioned the Google Analytics report which shows they are getting visitors between 25000-30000/day. Alexa rank of Alltechbuzz is approximately equal to 8k.
Based on this comparison, we could reach in a conclusion that if you need to reach an alexa rank of 10k, you must receive nearly 20k visitors daily. But if you are getting traffic from visitors having alexa extensions and toolbars, 5000 unique visitors would be enough to get alexa rank 10000.

Now What is the only way to decrease Alexa Rank?

The only way to improve your Alexa rank is to get traffic. If you have decent amount of organic or referring traffic to your website, your alexa rank also get improved rapidly. You can come under 100k alexa if you have nearly 1500 visitors. Similarly if you have 10k unique visitors, you can come under 10000.

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