Within 1 month of sale, Lenova A6000 and A6000 plus had bought by millions of people. These devices have huge demand in countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc. Once it was sold only through Online portals and now extended its availability in Local shops. If we check the price tag for these models, we could understand why these models have huge popularity in Asian countries. People in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal etc compare the features of these new models with popular brand. If they found the features are almost same to top brands, they choose it. Here the features of lenova A6000 plus (priced 7500) is almost same to the features Moto G 2G (priced 10000). That’s why people choose these brand new models.
For any android device, the developer option will be hidden when you bought it. This is to avoid mis using of these devices when it is handled by people who have less knowledge in this area. If you are expert with android devices, then you can enable various developer features. USB Debugging is one such important feature that will be helpful to everyone. Not only USB Debugging, several other features like Mock locations, revolking USB Debugging authorization, putting device awake while charging can be do using the developer option.
For any android device, the steps are same to enable developer option. In case of Lenova A6000 and Lenova A6000 plus, the steps are as follows.

Steps to enable Developer option and USB Debugging in Lenova A6000 and A6000 plus

Step 1:- Go to settings page of your Lenova A 6000/A 6000 plus.
Step 2:- Just scroll to the bottom of the settings page. There you can see the option names “About Phone“. Just go through it.
Developer option and USB Debugging in Lenova A6000
Step 3:- Under about Phone section, there will be 4 options. Among them, choose “Device information“.
Developer option and USB Debugging in Lenova A6000 plus
Step 4:- Inside device information, you could see an option named “Build Number”. Press on “Build number” continuously for 7 times.
Now you will receive a notification that, you are a developer.
a6000 lenov usb debugging
Step 5:- Now return back to the settings page. Just above the about phone section, you could see the “Developer option” section.
lenova a6000 developer option

Inside Lenova A6000 and A6000 plus Developer option

Here is the screenshot of page inside the Developer option. There are only 4 developer option inside lenova A6000
1. Stay Awake option to avoid screen sleep while charging.
2 USB Debugging option.
3. Revoke USB debugging authorization.
4 Allow Mock location.
Like other android devices, several other developer options are missing in Lenova A6000 and A6000 plus. The options to pointer location, Show touches,window animation scale, Force GPU rendering etc are not available on the developer option of both Lenova A6000 and A6000 plus. If you have any issues related to these models, kindly let us know. We have Lenova addict here to solve your issue.

24 thoughts on “Developer option and USB Debugging in Lenova A6000 and A6000 plus”

  1. Hi, am using lenovoa6000, and having a problem with usb.
    actually my mobile is not displaying wen I connect to my laptop (windows 7), I cannot transfer da data. It’s charging but not showing any other data wen I connect to system. Nor I am getting USB settings wen I connect which earlier I used to get USB options as soon as I connect to my laptop.
    Could you pls. Help me to sort out this issue.
    Thank you,

  2. I am trying to use “User” option on my Lenovo A6000+ but I am unable to do so. Recently upgraded my phone to 5.0.X version but not getting user profile option.
    Need help on the same so that I can set the user profile accordingly.
    Note : I do not wish too Root/Flash my phone.

  3. When I attach LA6K to USB port, phone starts charging only by default, It will not display any other usb option.
    Tried lot to resolve it, but could’nt.
    Will anybody suggest how to activate the options of USB.

  4. I bought A6000 plus but when I updated the android version from KitKat to lollipop it’s vibrating and alarm not working properly

  5. Hello have an issue with my Lenovo A6000 the USB debuging options i simply not active- it`s stay in gray color and is not selectable! It`s written under with small letters ” Device is in charging mode. USB debugging is disabled.”
    How can reanabel this option plese let me know?
    Thank you in adnvanced.

  6. Like moto g series why we can’t select mock location app for fly GPS or other GPS apps, is there any way to sort out this problem

  7. In my mobile Lenovo a 6000plus touch problem occurs when some app are used at the time of type that part of screen work properly what should I do plzz give me proper solutions if any one knw

    1. In my lenovo a6000, no option is available for windows animation scale, transition animation scale, and animation duration scale.
      Tell or suggest me what to do for this option, so that my lenovo a6000 work smoothly.

  8. i am getting white vertical lines on my lenovo a6000 screen, what should i do????????? its very irrittating. please give a solution for it!!

  9. hi
    iam not getting more developer options in my lenovo a6000
    i got only 4 options
    remaining are not there
    please tell me how to get them

  10. In my lenovo a6000, no option is available for windows animation scale, transition animation scale, and animation duration scale.
    Tell or suggest me what to do for this option, so that my lenovo a6000 work smoothly.

  11. thank you for your information but for my mobile lenovo a 6000 USB debugging option is in disable mode how can use it

  12. Hi, I’ve had the same problem, and the way wasn’t to hack it or force it in the software.
    I’ve simply had either a damaged cable or a cable that didn’t support data transfer only charging.
    Once I’ve connected the right cable, the PC registered the device and the phone allowed me to change the settings.
    So, my advice is — try another USB cable.

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