Developer option and USB debugging in Asus Zenfone 5


Asus Zenfone 5 is one of the best selling smart phone with awesome performance in a price range below 10000 Rs. Last day, I took a new Zenfone 5 and its features forced me to write something about it. Before going to the article, I would like to say something about this device. 1 Week ago, I planned to buy a second hand mobile with in price range of Rs.10000. In my mind, I fixed Samsung Galaxy S3 as a good choice and I told this to my friends. Among them one was very addicted towards latest smart phones and he recommended that taking Asus Zenfone 5 is better than taking a Second hand S3. He told me that Asus zenfone have 2 GB RAM and many other outstanding features.
As per his suggestion, I took brand new Zenfone 5 for Rs 10000. I have no words to describe this piece of device. Good performance, better Camera Quality, Good Battery Backup, Gorilla Glass and so on. From today, I recommend this mobile to anybody who is looking for a good smartphone. Ok. Now Lets come to the point.
USB not detecting issue in zenfone resolved
As I am not a new member in the android world, I know about Developer option and USB debugging like features. But In my Zenfone 5, I was not able to find the developer option in the settings page. Where is  Developer option and USB debugging in Asus Zenfone 5? Is this feature available in Zenfone?
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Developer option and USB debugging in Asus Zenfone 5

Absolutely Yes. You can enable the Developer option in Zenfone 5 within 1 minute. Not only for Zenfone 5 but alos the same steps can be followed for enabling Developer option in Android 4.3 version devices.
Check: Update Zenfone 5 to lollipop Guide.

  • Go to Settings

Developer option and USB debugging in Asus Zenfone 5

  • Click on About

USB debugging in Asus Zenfone 5

  • Then Choose Software Information

Developer option in Asus Zenfone 5

  • Tap the Build Number for nearly 10 times, so that for each press, it shows you are near to the developer option. Continue until it unlocks the developer option for you.
  • After that go to the Settings page again. At the bottom, You could see the developer option as following.

Developer option and USB debugging in Asus Zenfone 5

  • Inside the developer option, there is USB debugging option.

Not only the USB debugging feature, but also Stake Away, Mock Location Allowing, Force RTL layout direction, animation scale, GPU rendering, Strict mode etc can be accessed by simply enabling this Developer option. As I owned Zenfone now, more Zenfone tips and tricks will be updated soon. if you have any problems regarding your Zenfone, kindly mail me and I will give you the answer.

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77 thoughts on “Developer option and USB debugging in Asus Zenfone 5”

  1. Hi jinsonkv. I have a problem with asus zenfone 5. There is no usb internet option in zenfone 5. Can you make it available? Please make a reaply or a page like this as soon as possible. Thanks

    1. Ha i kumar, Thanks for your comment. I don’t understand what you mean by no usb internet option in zenfone 5. If you are looking for getting Internet in your Computer through Zenfone 5, just follow the below procedure.
      >Turn On Internet or WiFi in Zenfone.
      >Connect your Device to your computer
      >Under Setting, Please enable the USB tethering.
      If you have any other issue, please reply here.

      1. Hi,yes i enable USB debugging option in developer option, but when i am going in Tethering option int that USB tethering option is disable for me

    2. hi jinsonkv how to connect my pc internet through usb or it is possible by debugging and i tried by usb thethering but its is not working why ?

  2. Hi just few days back i lost my all data stored in phone. i tried to recovered it through many android recovery s/w but every s/w required phone to be in USB mass storage mode. i tried but unable to find out UMS (USB mass storage )option on my zenfhone 5.
    i was able to see only two option MTP and PTP.
    Plz help me out to restore my data..

    1. Hey Aravind, Its a simple problem. Follow the below steps. you could able to use your Zenfone as Mass Storage.
      Connect your device to Computer via USB.
      Then you will receive a notification. “Touch for other USB Options”
      Click on that notification.
      Now you will be in a page which ask you to Choose MTP or PTP. Tick MTP.
      Thats all for connecting as Mass Storage. Plz reply your findings…

      1. Dear jinson,
        iam using a zenfone 5 For a last 5 month,its an awsome craftmanship from asus,but still am dissapointed with some problems related to its usb. My device cant be connected to pc via usb,doesnt recoganise the device,I tried all the ways reccomended by asus apart the reseting,cannot solve the issue still,this problem arises after a system update,can you help me to sortout this issue

          1. Pragyaa Rihesvar

            hi jinson, i just have the same problem like jibin, but for me, i havent done any system update even though the phone keeps asking me to upgrade to android 4.4. it was working okay yesterday but now when i plug in my zenfone 5 to my laptop it doesnt even detect my phone. my laptop is asus k55d and it is working fine. ticked the MTP option as well. any suggestions?

          2. Still i have the same problem. You’re not helping.. you’re a new beginner, please don’t give advice anymore..

          3. I don’t understand in which issue I haven’t helped you..
            Don’t you find Developer option on Zenfone 5 as I wrote in the title?
            If any other issue, comment here…

          4. my asus is not conneting to’s not showing the notification’s only charging anlone..i check all the settings whAt i know but still I can’t find the sollution..dude..plz hlp me now i update 5.0 verson…

      2. But sir, I didn’t get any notification after I connect my phone to pc. I have use zenfone by 12/2014 until now. Before this I got no problem about this. But after I update the latest I get the problem about this. May you help me?

      3. Hi,sir how can I connect my pendrive some day ago it was connecting I also checked after changing pendrive and otg btw it can’t after updating .As u have told my system showing MTP to connect it was solved .But how to connect my otg pendrive.

  3. hye!
    zenfone has all good but the battery life is very poor…
    from last 3 days my battery getting drained at night while i was sleeping upto 25%.
    plz suggest me what should i do for this battery problem???

  4. I just bought the zenfone 5 and one problem I’m facing is when I get incoming calls from numbers saved on Sim, then incoming ringtone rings however when getting incoming calls from numbers saved on the device, there is no sound for incoming ringtone…. Could you please give me a solution for this? I’ve enabled the developer options.

    1. I haven’t heard this kind of problem yet. However you can check the volume level from Settings –> Sounds.
      Then rise the Ringtone volume. Then check it and reply.

  5. Hi,
    if i work on Android Studio 1.1.0 i can’t use my zenfone 5 like simulator. Why? my pc with Android Studio doesn’t recognize my phone like simulator for my developed app.
    Can you help me ?

  6. thanks bro!! it help me a lot………………………..but one more questions bro!! please tell how to connect wifi as it doesn’t works in my institute wifi unlike other mobile do and it is not that i didn’t put the password and ip addresses but i do.
    Is there any other setting to get enable the wifi in asus zenfone 5?

    1. There is nothing more to change. In some modems, there will be connection limitations. So try to connect first before others do.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  7. In my asus zenfone 5 , sim 2 is not shown, in settings page it is shown as sim not installed, help me please

    1. Remove both the SIM and restart your device.
      Go to Settings –> Dual SIM card Settings
      Check whether both the SIM card are ticked.
      It will be unavailable if you don’t make a tick on it.

  8. In my zenfone i had a prob..
    the prob is that once i uninstalled a game(subway surfers).again i downloaded from playstore but its not opening instead showing an error that “unfortunately app stopped working”.i tried “uninstalling the app and restarted my phone and again installed”.but getting same errori not able to rectify it..
    can u give me a solution..

    1. In your Internal Memory of mobile, there will be a folder related to this subway surfers. Just uninstall the game and delete the folder and files related to subway surfers. Now install the game again. You will succeed..



          1. That means your USB and Mobile have no hardware and software issues. I advice you to check the above link I mentioned once again. Most people face this issue because they are not ticking the MTP option of USB. Also dont forget to Turn off developer option while connecting zenfone to PC.

          2. dear vimal,
            go to Setting>Storage>USB Computer Connection (u will find it near the search icon in storage)>tick Media Device (MTP).
            Try this, hopefully it will work.

  10. hi jinsonkv, I hv raed some of the trouble shooting.. now my problem is that when I call someone I dont get the correct call duration on scree…its like it stops in 12 sec or 15 sec or 16 sec etc. even if my conversation is for 40 mins etc.. I am expecting the solution from you.
    Note: My phone is rooted.

  11. Hi,Jinson
    I’m using zenfone 5 since 1yr..last month i have updated it with lollipop from then there is a problem with you tube app,the audio and video are not synchronizing ,after starting the video will be paused for 4secs but audio continues to play..this is irritating me so much,i have done everything(rooting,factory reset,uninstalling the app updates) to fix it but problem not resolved..when i turn off and on the mobile it plays well for some time like for about an hour but again the problem repeats..every time switch off and on is very difficult ..i have read some where about this problem they suggested to disable nu player in developers option,but there is no such nu player option in my zenfone 5,Developer options–media–showing only Disable USB audio routing option…Please suggest me what to do fix this youtube streaming video audio problem..??

  12. I want to make my zenfone connect as removable storage when connect to PC.. it always become as portable media so i cant scan my deleted file for undelete it.. thanks for reply

  13. already upgrade my z5 but the thing is.. some application is not working.. and the icon change.. and when im tapping it.. it Unfortunately, bla bla has stopped.. little help here please.. even when im restarting it.. the android upgrade and the 400seconds thing is there even its already done.. :3

    1. i mean.. the counting is repeating lol?? is that even normal??.. when im restarting my phone.. upgrading android always pop up.. help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. Hi,Jinson
    I’m using zenfone 5 since 1yr..last week i have updated it with lollipop from then there is a problem with the device.Before the update my car music player detects the phone and plays all the songs automatically from the mobile(i used USB port to play song),but now days after the update it doesnot play the song via usb.I have to use AuX cable.Please suggest how to use the usb cable to play music in my car

  15. I tried connecting my zenfone 5 to pc,it is nt detecting im getting this message” the usb device ur connected as malfunctioned windows can not connect it “,,i ave checked MTP settings in storage> settings and also usb debugging settings but there is no positive result….
    Now how should i connect my zf 5 to pc ?? Can anyone help me

  16. Hello I have Asus zenfone…recently I cannot hear the sound of incoming call. Only speakers and headphone works. Without these accepting call normally is impossible for me. Please help me out. Thanks in advance

  17. Yesterday I dropped my asus zenfone 5 lite and fortunately there is no scratches but suddenly it hanged and then later on memory card cannot be read I tried restarting it and reformat the sd card but it still can’t read it and I also insert my usb in the charger portal but it doesn’t also read it but when I charged it it works.. and also the sim card portal sim1 doesn’t work

  18. Dattatray Belvalkar

    Earlier I had Skype software on my ASUS_T00K model. Last month faced problem to connect on Skype. So I uninstalled Skype & try 2 install again Skype. But I faced error not able 2 install code”-24″. So I searched on internet.
    1 I cleared catche files
    2. Tried 2 find any files remaining of Skype in the folder list.
    3. Tried to restat mobile.
    in short all options tried but not able.
    Can u help me to resolve this problem

  19. Hi there.. my Problem is after i Enable my USB Debugging.. and Connecting my USB Cable to my phone .. there’s no POPOP that Allow USB Debugingi really need it beacuse im gonna ROOT my Device.. Hoping for your Reply Sir. Thanks

  20. When making calls my Zenfone 5 says “android process stopped”. I am not getting any incoming calls. The only thing I can do is I can use mobile internet. I tried contacting My asus but there I can’t chat online. I have made factory restore also but this also doesn’t work. kindly any one help me in solving this problem

  21. my zenfone 5 is not showing in my windows 7 pc, also when i tried to connect a pendrive in my zenfone 5, it is not showing. please help me solve my problem.

  22. Hello, my asus zenfone 5 not detects new wifi on home screen , i have to go to wifi settings to enter password for every new wifi n/w. Please tell me how to resolve it ?

  23. guys can i get one help for you people ………………? actually i have been updated my asus zenfone 5 form kitkat to lollipop….! nw i want to downgrade my asus zenfone 5 to kitkat 4.4.2 cani get the link from you people …………?

  24. Hi sir… I m using Zenfone 5 (ASUST00J) with Android version 4.4.2.. I want to upgrade that to 5.0 Can u please help me to upgrade it.. and one more thing I want to connect my mac’s internet to my mobile.. tell me the steps to solve my two problems please…

  25. want to scan my asus zenfone 2 with antivirus nd clean it… but i cant scan it on pc by connecting it using usb to PC….

  26. also i update asus zenphone 5 and recently pictures and video are deleted automatically how to restore please can you have any idea

  27. also i update asus zenphone 5 and recently pictures and video are deleted automatically how to restore please can you have any idea please inform

  28. I have zenfone 5 i removed otg unexpectedly and after that i am not able to connect to computer please help me my phone is charging but not able to connect to pc

  29. hai , i am ranjith using Asus Zenfone 5 .
    me tried all those things.
    but still now my phone is not Visible on my Computer.

  30. Hi Hinson, I am facing this problem shown in the link . There are some suggestions to fix the issue by disabling the HW overlays, which allows only GPU to take control, however when I enable this option its not working for me. Thought that a restart will pick this new setting, but it never retains post restart, it goes back to original state. Do you have fix for this issue or can you please let me know how to retain the option enabled post restarts.

  31. I have a ASUS Zenfone 5 the problem is in my phone whenever i have connect the USB with my PC its shows USB Device not Recognized. i have checked my phone setting there USB tethering option is hide. I have open the Developer option & check the USB debugging option but the problem is not solved .
    Sir Pl help me.

  32. how can i allow the application in the mock location? there is no choices after i checked the allow mock location… thank you

  33. My zenfone 5 do not connect to computer
    Charging get started but no usb connected. I have done usb debugging also. What to do.

  34. Both my media device as well as camera options is not visible.hence,my phone cant be connected to PC.
    pls help

  35. What to do if debugging option is off and mobile stuck, unable to open in order change debugging option? I want to flashboot via adb sideload… Please help me get out of this..

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