Download Citrio Browser – Yet another Chromium project

Download Citrio Browser – Yet another Chromium project

There are lots of web browsers available in the market which enables you to have your search for anything you required. We people also find it tedious job to get the good from the many available at your finger tips. Everybody wish to use an effective browser, don’t worry, here am I to describe about citrio browser. Citrio browser is a very good result of the open-source chromium project.
Many result came across,sometimes more enhanced or tweaked, in many angles comparable with Chrome browser. For example browsers like CoolNovo enables its users to enjoy a new experience by the addition of mouse gestures, drag to search option and many more. Some browsers lack download manger with the ability of high speed action, so was found to be uncomfortable for the users. Developers solved the issue by creating Citrio browser which is working under multimedia and download oriented Chromium linked browser.
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Citrio Browser – A detailed Lookup

Since citrio browser is a result of chromium open source project, it is same as that of chrome browser in many of its features. Citrio web browser has same interface, bookmarks management, extensions etc as the chrome browser. So the question arises, what makes it different?. The main difference is citrio’s powerful download manager. The multi threaded download technology embedded in citrio results in several times hastier download of your required file. Comparing citrio’s download speed with chrome, the former exceeds the latter by about 5 times. A 180-200KB/s speed in chrome browser is replaced by about 1150KB/s in citrio which enables you in downloading a file of 50 MB in just less than 30 seconds. In addition to the speed, this browser helps you to access all your downloads at any time through it. Ultimately citrio’s powerful integrated download manager delivers you the driving seat of all your downloads.
Another thing to note is that citrio browser has got built-in torrent client which helps its users in downloading torrents and magnet links through it. Further more there isn’t any requirement of additional software to access and manage your downloaded torrents. Additionally there is an option for pausing and resuming your downloads, which may be highly helpful if your connection is slow so that the downloading stuff isn’t lost at the middle of action.
A bittorrent client can be replaced by the citrio’s download manger which doesnt have the advancement that utorrent offers but it have the ability in downloading the magnet links and torrents treating them same as regular files. Moreover during the download one can easily modify the list of files undergoing download.
Citrio browser enables you in expanding your video library with its video downloader. So in just a few taps this integrated tool helps you to download any kind of video of your wish. This video downloader can work hand in hand with all the popular video hosting sites. There isn’t any doubt regarding the quality of the video downloaded, because citrio downloads the super best quality videos available.
Another feature of this browser is that it has got an inbuilt solution that respect your privacy in browsing. It enables you to save the wished proxy server credentials and allows you to use the settings for your privacy and safe further browsing. In addition to this, the browser is designed and created in such a way that it can keep you safe and secure on the internet. It also has got an automatic update technology that fixes latest security updates.
Its a lightweight, fast and secure browser that has got a rich extension library available that has full support for all addons. There are many addons that makes your web browsing efficient and productive. Why talking more!, once you sign in with your google account the addons or applications that you have installed in chrome browser will be integrated with the citrio web browser. Evernote, Pocket , dropbox, feedly and many more extensions and other apps can be installed and used through this browser.
Another interesting feature that Citrio offers is the smart proxy widget that makes switching between proxies very easy and simple in action. You all love to protect your privacy,anonymity on internet don’t you? and citrio helps you to enjoy the same. Additionally, it allows you to access geographically banned sites in just one tap.
Citrio browser also allows you in changing your default browser as well as in removing your several extensions. Downloading in citrio is super fast and the browser can solve many downloading issues of yours. If you wish to to enjoy a bit more than chrome please give a try to citrio browser as its advanced download manager, download torrents and many other features makes the browser a solid technology. Give a try…………….enjoy…………
Download Citrio Browser 

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