Download Official Facebook Lite 286KB [Apk Download]

Download Official Facebook Lite 286KB [Apk Download]

Here is a glad news for all people those are struggling with traditional Facebook application. Facebook had introduced a new application for using the social networking site from any low end devices. As per the reports from Techcrunch, this lite weight app is based on Snaptu, an application which had acquired by Facebook in middle 2011. It allows application to run smoothly on devices with low manufacturer features. Even though its too small, this app can cover almost all of the basic functions like Facebook pages, Facebook groups, chats, likes, status etc. Notification feature of Facebook lite also drives attention of users.
Definitely this would be a great relief for Facebook addicts those are living in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. because the Internet speed is too low in these countries. Also most people in India are using android devices with low features and price. As the official app is not suitable for all kinds of users in these countries, it is sure that Facebook lite will be a super hit.
download facebook lite apk

For some other reason Facebook Lite is available only in Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Vietnam etc. Not officially explored in Pakistan, India etc. If you need to use this app, you should download it externally. [If you are from other countries and search play store for “Facebook lite”, you can’t find it. that’s why we are putting a mirror link to download this app.]

Facebook Lite Features – Best alternative to the traditional Facebook app and messenger

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Apart from the official messenger and the traditional application, Facebook lite have several other features. Here are some of the important feature that matches this new app.
Fast installation:- Since the application is only 252 KB, it is very easy to download and install. While we consider the case of the main application, it is nearly 25 MB in size [100 times bigger] which is too difficult to download with the 2G networks of developing countries. Installation procedure completes very fast as it deals with smaller size.
Very Quick loading:- The main disadvantage of the Facebook application is the time required to load in 2G networks. But Facebook Lite have a solution to this issue. Only a small amount of data is using to load the contents. Hence makes the loading procedure much quicker.
Best for 2G networks including GPRS and EDGE:- Most of the Asian countries have no coverage to 3G and 4G networks. If there is 3G or 4G networks, the providers ask huge price. So everyone prefer 2G networks in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. Even if the network is 2G, Facebook lite works smoothly without any buffering.
Personal and Group Chat:- Messages can be send and receive through this lite app. unlike Facebook, Facebook lite doesn’t need any other application like Facebook messenger for sending chat messages. Not only personal chat but also group chat is also possible through Facebook lite.
Notification feature:- Notification feature had also implemented on Fb lite. However it requires small amount of data to display.
Share updates and photos:- Almost all features of Facebook is available on Facebook lite. You can share your updates, status and photos through this application. Comments can be made easily. You can make facebook likes for others activities and for pages. Groups and events can be created.

Download Facebook Lite apk

This is only some hours after the Facebook lite published on the play store. So people may face difficulty to find the application on Play store. Here we had included the two type of download option for fb lite. You can directly download or use the play store link to download this application.
Download Facebook Lite Directly
Download Facebook Lite from Google Play

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