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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review 2018 (Free and Great Data Recovery Solution)

Few things are more frustrating and annoying than somehow losing access to important files on a computer, laptop, tablet, or other devices. Whether one accidentally deletes these files or they become inaccessible because of a system crash or hard drive failure, the fact is that the experience is aggravating, to say the least.
But, as many individuals who’ve found themselves in such a predicament likely know, a number of computer repair and optimization companies today offer data recovery services. Generally speaking, these services cost substantial amounts of money, and to be sure, they aren’t always effective at retrieving the file(s) in question.
As with any provided service, data-recovery customers want optimal results; the problem is that a select few companies offer services that produce these results. This realization had led many individuals, temporarily excited by the prospect of retrieving their files, to be even more disappointed when the process failed.
Enter the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Founded in 2004 and has proudly served customers every year since, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a fantastic, fully downloadable data recovery software that allows clients to regain access to files they thought were gone for good.
It’s that simple.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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But in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where less-than-great companies are common, a simple recommendation of a product or service won’t suffice, for many potential customers. The following all-encompassing review of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard should alleviate customers’ concerns and shed some light on the software, its perks, and its drawbacks.
Let’s take a look!
Using the Data Recovery Wizard
For the purposes of this review, the Data Recovery Wizard was downloaded onto a laptop to see if it could successfully retrieve a file folder that was intentionally deleted. The downloading process was straightforward and quick, and it wasn’t long before the program had been installed and was ready to use.
It should also be briefly noted that the free version of the Data Recovery Wizard was used in this review. The differences between this version and the two paid versions available, the Data Recovery Wizard Pro and the Data Recovery Wizard Pro+WinPE, are further detailed towards the end of this text.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pricing Table
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pricing Table

In short, the Free Data Recovery Wizard, as its name suggests, can be used for free. Additionally, the chief differences between it and the upper-tier versions are that is can retrieve a maximum of 2GB of data, cannot be upgraded for life, and isn’t equipped with as many pre-boot features; this latter point means that a computer or other device must power on to have its files retrieved with the program’s free version, as only the paid versions can be used to find files on a non-operational system.
The usage process was a breeze. After the program was installed, a “deep scan” was initiated in the area of the laptop wherein the files were stored (the program also helps users select the correct area if they’re unsure), and a long list of all the system’s deleted files—including those which were purposefully destroyed—appeared.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Scanning
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Scanning

The “deep scan” didn’t take particularly long to complete, but for individuals who’re in a hurry, the “quick scan” is supposed to be even faster (although it wasn’t tested in this review). The specified files were retrieved a short while after being selected from the list. And if the customer reviews and EaseUS guarantees are any indications, the Data Recovery Wizard works just as well when tasked with finding files that were lost as a result of formatting, hard drive failure, viruses, system crashes, partition loss, RAW partition, and more.

Data Loss Crisis
Data Loss Crisis

The retrieved files—two pictures, a short video, three text documents, and a slideshow—were found just as they were before being deleted, having not been compromised or altered in any way.
Finally, nearly anyone can use the Data Recovery Wizard. It is available for download by both Windows and Mac users, and once again features free and paid versions. It can retrieve lost files through PCs, laptops, SD cards, MP3 players, iPods, zip drives, cameras, SSD cards, and much, much more. And it’s so stress-free and simple to use that even computer novices shouldn’t have an issue getting their files back.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Supported Devices
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Supported Devices

And as a final note on the program’s versatility, it is available for use in over twenty languages, including English, Mandarin, Spanish, and many more.
Pricing and Value
The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’s pricing and value are solid.
As was said, customers who only need a few files recovered (or specifically, less than 2GB of files) can download the free version and get the job done quickly. For those who need more than 2GB worth of files recovered or would like access to the upgraded versions’ features, including unlimited file recovery software capabilities (with no file size caps), free lifetime technical support (which was found to be courteous and professional during a brief test), a free lifetime upgrade (thereby allowing for an unlimited quantity of files to be recovered whenever the user pleases), and for the highest-tier version, the ability to recover files from a system that won’t start-up, affordable, one-time fees will be charged.
The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard—including the free and upgraded versions—is an outstanding, intuitive, and simple program that’s very effective at restoring deleted or lost files. The entire process of retrieving these files, from downloading the program to enjoying the designated data, requires a surprisingly small amount of time and energy.
As was mentioned, EaseUS’s customer support professionals are courteous and helpful, and accordingly, if an issue with the data-recovery process or the program itself is encountered, they’ll be able to resolve it as soon as possible, and while the customer experiences the least possible frustration.
Anyone who wants access to device files that were accidentally deleted—whether they’re documents, pictures, music, videos, or something else—shouldn’t hesitate to check EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard out. A substantial number of customers are glad they did so, and there’s an excellent chance that new customers will be glad too.

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