Download and Play Clash of Clans for PC [Windows XP/7/8]

Download and Play Clash of Clans for PC [Windows XP/7/8]

We have already posted different information about Clash of clans the best strategy game ever. The simple problem of this game is that when you started laying this for one week, it is very difficult to uninstall the same from your smart phone or tablet. It is so addictive. The small screen of smartphone is little bit hard to control all actions of this game. So all the clash of clans lovers prefer tablet for playing the game.
Clash of clans is the one of the top strategy game available in android and iOS market. Once we started playing the game continues, we can’t uninstall it. Its so addictive. No kind of hacking or other loop holes are available in the game for finishing it fast. While seeing the big villages of others, we will try hard to reach their position and level. While we go offline without shield, others can attack and loot our we can take revenge against them. Gems is the heart of the game and with the use of gems we could upgrade defense and properties very fast. Getting gems is very hard and this makes the game odd. Buying gems is too costly and other methods are only by removing obstacles and completing challenges.
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Builders are very necessary for fast building of properties. for that the first builder cost 250 Gems and doubles the value for every builder up to the 5th builder. Last month a simple trick to put the clash of clans game online for 6 hours had revealed and it is one and only one trick works against this online client server game. We are going to our topic. Lets see how to play clash of clans for PC installed with Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
clash of clans for pc

What is Bluestacks and How it allows people to install android apps on PC?

Bluestacks is an emulator software which allows you to install and run mobile apps on your PC. As per the latest reports, Bluestacks had covered more than 50 million downloads till April 2014. This is a Sillicon valley based company that makes both App player and GamePop.
This software is available on both windows and Mac computer which allows you to play android game on your bigger screen. You only need to download and install the latest version for your OS from their official webpage.

Benefit of playing Clash of Clans on your PC

There are advantages as well as disadvantages for playing this awesome game on your PC. The important advantage is the screen size. I request all of you to zoom the game maximum as possible if you are playing it on a smart phone. You will winder the graphics made by the clash of clans team. The graphics of the game is really awesome. While playing the game on a PC, it will give the full graphics environment and the full village visibility.
Good option for persons that don’t have supportive smart phones. There are people using low quality smart phones where this game won’t get installed. If they have PC in home, they can easily play and enjoy this game.
One of the important disadvantage when we play coc in PC is that, Clash of clans works smoothly on touch screens. As your Computer is not touch compatible, it will be little bit hard to play with your mouse.

How to Download and Play Clash of Clans for PC?

Following are the steps to play clash of clans game in your PC. Follow them to achieve your goal.
#1: First of all you should find .apk file of clash of clans. I can’t provide it here because every week, a new version of clash of clans is releasing and it works only if you have the latest version. Google the current version of the game and download it. [If you have installed the game on your device, you better backup the game with any of the backup apps available on android market.]
#2: Then you should download and install the bluestacks software in your PC. You can download bluestacks from here.
#3: As we told in the first step, get a .apk file of clash of clans. You can also use the search button for apps and games inside bluestacks for finding the game.
#4: Open the .apk file and enjoy playing clash of clans in your PC.

Video Tutorial of Clash of Clans for PC

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Your comments are our support. If you have any doubt about installing Clash of Clans game on your PC, please let us know. We are happy to help you. Also please follow us in Facebook in other medias.

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