[Fix] Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network

Today, I had to face yet another problem on my Computer that, While using Google for searching something, it is was showing “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network”. I thought that it was some temporary problem and tried searching in another browser. Again the same “unusual traffic” warning message appeared on the screen. My brother who was using Internet via WiFi also told me that something happened to the network. I was so excited why I am getting this kind of messages without breaking any Google Terms and Conditions. Finally I figured out Why I got this message and I solved it for ever. Here’s my findings and solution to this Captcha solving problem while searching Google.

What Cause “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network” in Google?

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There is one and only one simple answer for this question. You are getting this error only because your Computer is sending some automated queries to Google. Sending automated queries or searches in Google is against their Terms and Conditions, So they block your IP address temporarily. After typing the captcha code, you can continue normally but this problem continue for a while until you stop sending automated traffic to Google. Here are some of the reason behind this issue.
Continues searching for something
This problem can be happen if you are searching something in a continues manner. That means in a crazy format. Continues search for a particular term will count as unusual traffic to the Google System and probably lead to block your IP address. This will happen very rarely. But there is a possibility also. So check how quickly you are searching  a particular term in Google.
Malware or Virus
This is another possibility. If your system have no good virus defenders, while browsing Internet, you have chance for getting virus or malware attack. These virus may have the features like creating automated traffic or some queries to search engines. This can be a possible reason.
Due to the Installation of Browser Extensions or plugins
In the ChromeStore and Mozilla Extension store, there are many extension available which make use of the search results. For example SEOQUAKE is an example. It is a plugin that is designed for helping SEO professionals with which you can find out the information like Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Google Indexed Pages etc. For enabling this feature, this plugin takes data from the search engine results. As a result, using this plugin to browse for 5-10 times, Google detects Unusual traffic from your system and ask you to fill the captcha. SEOQUAKE is only an example and check what plugins you have installed on your browser.
Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network

Possible Solution for Unusual traffic problem

Don’t get panic while seeing this error. Because this blocking is only temporary and Google Automatically recover your IP address from this after some time. You can continue browsing by filling the captcha. But in order to recover quickly from this issue, you need to change your IP address. For that
Use a VPN Software
Use a Proxy website
Hope the above methods worked for you. Whatever your findings, please submit a comment below. We appreciate your input.

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9 thoughts on “[Fix] Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network”

  1. Extremely misleading and blatantly incorrect. There is not “one and only one” reason someone may be having this issue, there are a multitude of them. Many of them have absolutely nothing to do with your computer/IP sending any automated queries at all.
    Ironically enough for this article, the biggest cause of this message is using Hola VPN, which Google aggressively filters. You should remove “Use a VPN software” from your solution considering that advice can and will make the problem WORSE.

  2. this is nothing more then google trying to get you to use their free Google DNS servers…. this was posted as a solution to the problem in one of their forums >>> you can stop the hijacking by switching to the free Google DNS servers <<< other then that I have not read one thing on fixes accept for… a lot of angry and disappointed people waiting for answers to why this is happening to them [like all of a sudden] and google saying or blaming it on hijackings…. those bad… bad internet server IP terrorists…. they continue to do this I will discontinue using google.

  3. I also have the same issue showing an error “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network” I tried using different browser but it doesn’t work. I tried to scan my laptop but it don’t show any viruses. Now I can’t even browse. How long would this take until I can search again? I don’t even see captcha. Can you help me? I’m not tech savvy.

  4. It’s a consequence of using a VPN – any VPN – that creates this nonsense, so it’s not exactly helpful to advise installing a VPN when the problem arises from a VPN in the first place.

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