Scam or Legit? A detailed Lookup Scam or Legit? A detailed Lookup

Indian tech enthusiast were eagerly waiting for the release of Freedom 251 smartphones which was announced to be launch on 18 February 2016. The company without any valid parent company or prior knowledge in smartphone manufacture had launched their official website showing the details of smartphone worth 251 Rs. As the company showed on their official website, the preorder of the device had already started through and now Indians can book the phone with 251 Rs.
Many people still not believe that this is a legit one and they have hundreds questions to ask.  But many people believes this is true and they started booking the device from the official website. Here we are going to give a detailed study over Freedom 251 smartphone.
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Freedom 251 smartphone Features and specifications

Freedom 251
Eventhough the product is available for just 251 rs, the features are beyond that price. Here are some of the important features of the device.
#1:- 4 Inch qHD IPS Display
The screen size makes a device smart. You can enjoy all kind of entertainments on the large sized HD Display.
#2:- Android 5.1 OS
The device is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. That means, more variety of apps and games were supported by this device.
#3:- Mid Range battery
The batter capacity of freedom251 is 1450 mAh.  It is not a big one compared to other devices but gives value for the money you pay.
#4:- Medium range Camera
Using this device you can capture pictures with  3.2 MP rear camera. There is also front camera with .3 MP.

Why people arguing freedom251 as a scam?

Here are points which looks as suspicious about the company.
#1:- Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd haven’t confirmed the product
Freedom 251 is to be a child company of smartphone manufacturer ringing bells. But the company ringing bells haven’t confirmed that they have such a product. They haven’t listed freedom251 on their official website. This clearly shows that the product is a scam.
#2:- Looks like iPhone
The smartphone is clearly looks like Apple iPhone. It has a circular Touch ID which is similar to iPhone series. Anyway this is not an issue but the company is an Adcom branded smartphone where similar Adcom branded smartphone’s are listed for approximately Rs 4000. Then how a smartphone can be delivered for 251 Rs?
#3:- Website is not well maintained
The overall design of the website is not at all professional. If they are looking for more customers, they should have to maintain a professional website. Also many people reported that they are getting many types of errors while browsing through the site.
#4:- Website is just one week old
The website is only one week old one. While checking the whois details of the domain, it is only one week old and a quick creation. Here is what you could see on whois lookup.
The domain is only registered for one year. This makes the validity suspicious.
#5:- They should have to pay for Android 5.1
Even all the parts were manufactured in India, the OS is not. The website is showing that the product is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. Android OS is not in hands of India and it is based on US. So the company should have to pay more. So is it possible to make a device for 251 rs?

Final verdict

Since nobody have receive the product, it is likely to be a scam one. Queries are raising against the validity of the product. But we can’t completely refuse this product before the delivery date expires. So before going to order this product, think twice.

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