Get Whatsapp calling Feature Invitation [I got this today]

Making direct phone calls using internet through popular messaging platform WhatsApp had started rolling out in almost all part of India. Me from Kerala, the southern most part of India had received this feature today morning. This feature is not available if you are not using the latest version of Whatsapp and using OS other than Android. Also to get this feature, you need a call from the person who have already this feature.
Until this month, Whatsapp owned by Facebook only had the option to direct message. But this new addon feature will change the history of internet. Everybody can call without loosing a single penny if they have Internet Connection of Free WiFi Service. Check out our funny whatsapp images collection.

Proof that I got Whatsapp Calling Feature

Screenshot_2015-03-14-16-30-44 Screenshot_2015-03-14-17-08-22 Screenshot_2015-03-14-17-09-04 Screenshot_2015-03-14-18-03-35 Screenshot_2015-03-14-18-00-57 Screenshot_2015-03-14-18-00-30

How to enable WhatsApp voice calls?

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To get this feature, you need to care four important things. Don’t try whatsapp calling feature without the below features. So before trying whatsapp call, make sure that you follow the below criteria.
You should have the latest version of Whatsapp
This is the important thing you should make sure. You should download the latest version of Whatsapp from play Store. If you don’t get the latest update from play store, please download it directly from the official website. If you have the outdated version, you will get calls from others, but you can’t make outgoing calls through whatsapp. So Make sure that you have whatsapp version 2.11.561. Download from play store.
You should use Android Operating System
Currently, this calling features is limited to those are using Android Operating System. If you are using Windows or Blackberry service, please wait some more weeks to get this feature. I also believes that people using iOS also not having this calling feature. The company didn’t make any official statement about the update for customers using OS other than Android.
You must have Supporting Android Mobile
I believes that you need a good android device to get this feature. I am telling so because, today we friends invited each other and one who uses Galaxy POP, doesn’t get this calling feature. However this is only our assumption and not yet confirmed.
You need a invitation/call from one already have this feature
This is another important matter you should check for getting voice feature. You need an invitation from a person who already have this feature. Invitation means nothing but a single voice call from his/her whatsapp account to your whatsapp account.

As I mentioned above, I got this feature today morning. If you want this feature, please put your whatsapp number in below comment box. I am ready to invite you back. This is not a scam or anything illlegal. You can check the screenshots to make sure this is really working. So Now what are you waiting? MSG/Call and get whatsapp calling update.
UPDATE ON 17/03/2015
Whatsapp had temporarily stopped providing Calling feature. It worked only on 13 and 14 of this month. So you need to wait more. I will update this page once Whatsapp team again open this feature.

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