Google Play developer console account without Credit Card in India

Those who are crazy about creating android apps must have heard about the term Google Play developer console account. It is the place where you can manage and publish android apps that are to be uploaded to the Google Play Store. With this Developer console platform, you can easily manage your android apps, build pages for your apps, manage the price for your apps, categorize them and distribute them.
Right from the publisher account [developer console] you can easily upload a run ready application just like you upload a video on YouTube. The android package that you had created via Android Studio or Eclipse can be directly uploaded to play store. If the app is uploaded and not being published, it will stay in the draft area. Once you publish the app, it will start showing to the users all over the world within hours.  After publishing your app, you can modify/update it if changes are required. You can easily change the price, change its distribution options, without a programming knowledge.
Once you add some extra features to your app, you can easily update it via developer console. Once you made such changes, people using your application will be notified automatically. So they could get a real time knowledge about your app and they will update it accordingly. There is another option to un publish your app. If you found any issues with the current release, you can withdraw it easily. This block users to download your app.
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Since people started migrate from Symbian devices to android device, they began a tight competition in this field. Not only for the hardware part but also for the software field also. New apps, games, Music, movies etc start releasing in the play store.

Google ask Credit card for creating console account

Google Play developer console account without Credit Card
Credit card is not a big issue for developers from countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom etc. But it is a big issue for android developers from developing countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. In these countries, most android developers are aged between 20-25. For taking a credit card without deposit amount, they ask for a lot of documents which will be difficult for the people/students from 21-25 age. Then the next option to take credit card is by providing a bank guarantee. But it requires a huge deposit for taking credit cards in India. Almost all new generation banks will ask for a minimum deposit of Rs 25,000 for providing a Credit Card. This will also a tough choice for people below 25 year old.

Will Virtual Credit Card Like Entropay Works for Google Play developer console account?

No. I have personal experience in this case. I have tried my Virtual Credit Card from Entropay for paying $25 to Google play Console. But it shows “Your credit card was Declined” Error message. Here is the screenshot when Google Declined my Virtual Credit Card.

Not only Virtual Credit cards but also a list of payment options are mentioned in Google support page which are not accepted by Google. It includes Wire Transfer, Moneygram, Western union, bank Transfer,  Any escrow type of payment etc. Go and read more details about payment.

Then How to get Developer Console account without Credit Card?

During the payment, Google Shows Debit/Credit Card as a payment option. But Normally your Debit card won’t work. While adding your normal debit card, it also shows “Your credit card was Declined” Error message.
But this will work with the debit cards of new generation banks like ICICI bank, HDFC bank, etc. I had registered one developer console account using ICICI banks debit card. But you should check some facts before going to take a new bank account. Normal debit cards offered by these banks won’t work with Developer console account. For that, you should ask for EMV card which supports international transaction and offers more daily limits. [EMV cards are also called as smart card in which the information are stored on the IC chip instead of the magnetic strip. This is to provide more security for your card.]
For ICICI bank, they ask me to deposit a fixed amount of Rs 10,000 to get this EMV card. I don’t know how much it cost for other banks. Also there will be a yearly due of Rs 500 for this EMV card offered by ICICI Bank. One more thing you should remember that, Not all EMV cards were supported in Google Developer Console. For example Federal bank offers EMV card for free. But this card will reject by Google once you add for the payment of developer console. So what are you waiting for? Go and get a new gen bank account and an EMV card for your dream project.

We are waiting for your response in this issue. If you face any issue for adding debit cards, please comment below. It will be very useful for readers reading this. Also if any other method works for getting developer account, please mention it below.

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35 thoughts on “Google Play developer console account without Credit Card in India”

  1. For registering, I opened an account in axis bank demanding chip debit card,but it is also no use.It simply shows “Invalid Credit Card”

      1. I tried sbi intouch visa debit card which is an EMV card but it doesn’t work in the Google publishers account.
        Is it necessary to have internet banking to have a payment.

  2. I tried registering for developer account using my Visa debit card several times and got the same error message “Card authorization failed contact your bank” and got the sms from bank your transaction failed due to authorization issues at POS null. So i talked to a google representative about this on their live chat support and he told me that this issue is arising due my banks inability to share my details with them. Then i asked him that do google really accept Indian Debit Cards?? to which he said yeah they accept all cards with Visa nd Master logo. Then i pointed out that now most or all of Indian banks have started using one-time-password for every transaction, could this be the reason my transaction if failing every time because google might not have updated their payment methods according to this situation to which he said..I am sorry as i can not comment on this.
    The truth is they don’t accept Indian debit cards as i tried with HDFC and Axis banks debit card also. Is there any other method then using the EMV card? or how to ask for an EMV card i mean do i need to specifically mention it to the bank that i need an EMV card?
    Thanx in advance.

  3. hey this post was very helpful, there is no info about this. I got a ICICI debit card but its not emv like you have mentioned. On checking the ICICI website there is a card by the name “ICICI Bank Platinum Identity Chip Debit Card”. Is this the card that worked for you. there are lot of other options also so please provide full details of the type of card. thank you.

    1. I had clearly mentioned about the card in this article. By default you won’t get a card which is suitable for Play Store account. Ask them a card which is EMV which cost you some extra bucks. They will deliver it by courier.

      1. Can I withdraw the complete amount after creating account in ICICI Bank EMV debit card for 10000? I just want to create the account in developers console.
        Afterwards I don’t have any use of this card I will just close the account

        Eligible Cards
        ICICI Bank Diamant Credit Card
        ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Cards
        ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Cards
        ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card
        ICICI Bank Carbon
        Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Cards
        Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Cards
        Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Credit Cards

  4. shashi kant prasad

    This is shashi kant Prasad. I am using emv card of icici bank but after inter the details of card while clicking on save and continue button “credit card invalid” message is coming. please suggest the additional information required for payment.

  5. my credit card is of bank of baroda and when i pay google play resistration fee from it,it shows your card no. is invalid. so please tell me what i can do.

      1. sir i want to upload my app on play store in India..which credit card or debit card is acceptable for Google play store?

  6. Hi
    I am also facing same problem
    Since Google has its offices in India why can’t help
    people from India can pay in equivalent rupees
    to solve our difficulties
    n S srinivas

    1. Hi
      I would request to accept the equivalent Indian currency
      for registration instead of $25

  7. can i use my friends credit card ? and later shall i change it . is these any option ti change the card no. or its fixed?

  8. can i use my friends credit card ? and later shall i change it . is these any option ti change the card no. or its fixed? help me

    1. yuvaraj rajamanickam


  9. I tried to make the payment via:
    SBI Visa Card
    And after clicking the PAY button it gives an error “please check the Card info”
    Can you help.

  10. Hii, i am trying to make payment using HDFC Debit card and properly filled all info. but it always says “please correct the card info or try different card” can you please help me.

    1. Hello Aarti… I have also try to use Canara Bank Debit Card but it not allowed by google but as same Rs. 68/- deducted from my account as Foreign Currency Exchange charge….

  11. Does indusind bank debit card work? I tried axis bank chip based debit card. But it only worked in PayPal, not in google play. Icici Ppl asked 30k for opening an account so thinking of going for indusind

  12. I brought icici platinum emv debit card,but it’s not working?IS there any process to make it work?

    1. Jinson plz reply to his comment. I am also facing same problem. And plz clearly mention the name of the emv debit card that you have used while registering.

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