Hide My IP review – Best tool for Internet privacy

Hide My IP review – Best tool for Internet privacy

After publishing our article about unblocking torrent websites in blocked networks, we are continuously receiving request to write something about hiding IP address and about bypassing blocked websites. So in order to provide our readers a good suggestion, we had tested more than 10 IP hiding software last week. Among them, we had selected the best tool, which offers IP hiding and better Internet privacy.
In early days of Internet age, connecting to Internet is just like entering a room where there is no people to look on you. You can do anything without being watched. But, After marketing technique had started rolling out through Internet, you have very little privacy every time you connect to internet. Imagine a situation where, some people are behind you, recording all activities that you are doing, tracking the websites are you surfing, noting products you are looking to buy and so on. One of the most widely using and effective ways to ensure your Internet privacy is to use some online privacy software. The need of such tools had grown dramatically from the beginning of 21st century.
Based on our research, we had found Hide My IP [official page hide-my-ip.com]as the best tool which ensure customers Internet privacy.
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Some Important Features of Hide My IP Software

#1 Web Surfing by Hiding your Identity
Like the name means, Hide my IP software hide your real IP address and connects you to a different IP which is located outside your country. So there will be no trace of your identity. You can choose the country through which you wish to connect to the Internet. The company offers 77 Virtual IP Locations with which you can connect to the Internet. This includes locations from America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
#2 Unblock websites and bypass filters
If your Government, office, school, University had blocked any websites, you can simply unlock it by using Hide My IP.  This tool can bypass Internet filters that are made by institutions. Suppose if Facebook is not available in your office, you can unblock it by using Hide My IP. Similarly all other blocked websites can be bypassed.
#3 More security
This tool is capable of encrypting the data that you are transferring while using Internet. The SSL feature of Hide My IP will make this possible. Your sensitive information like Bank details, Credit card information, other confidential Emails etc will be safe from hackers by using Hide My IP.
#4 Fastest Surfing experience with unlimited bandwidth
You can surf and download contents with extremely high speed using the premium IP. If you look at similar products, there you could see some bandwidth limitations. But Hide My IP offers the maximum bandwidth without putting any limitations on the same.

Quick Guide to set up Hide My IP on your PC

Setting up Hide My IP on your computer is very easy compared to its competitors. Here are the steps to install the software on your PC.
Step1:- The first step to set up Hide My IP is to download the software from the official website Hide-My-IP.com . You can download the trial version for free and it can be used for 7 days.
Step2:- Install the software on your PC and open it.
Hide My IP review - Best tool for Internet privacy
When you are at the main page of Hide My IP tool, there you can see many options and features. Under the Quick settings title, there are options to

IP rotation:- This option is to simply rotate your IP address. An IP will always a series of numbers which uniquely identifies your location. In today’s world, keeping a single IP address is not safe. So the IP address will be changed after a short time if you tick IP rotation.

Clear Cookie on IP Change:- Every time you browse something, the websites will store some cookies on your device. These cookies helps them to track you when you are online. You may have seen Google advertisements related to the product that you had recently visited. This is because of storing cookies on your PC by websites. You can choose feature to clear cookies every time your IP changes. This keeps you away from tracking.

Launch on Startup:- If you like Hide My IP to run on system start, you can do that. So you won’t need to start the software manually every time you turn on your PC.

Require US based IP:- Hide my IP provides virtual IP from 77 different countries. This includes IP address of almost all popular cities in United States. Just tick the option to make surfing possible from United States.

Advanced Options for more features:- There is also option for advanced settings. This mainly include settings of user agent. If you are browsing through Google Chrome, You can virtually change it to Mozilla or Opera. There is also option to hide the user agent. Here you can Encrypt the connection with SSL.

Step3:- After finishing the settings, press the HIDE MY IP button on the main page to make the tool start working.
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If you are planning to keep your Online privacy safe, then Hide My IP will be the right choice. The company offers limited time trial version, which helps you to completely study about the tool. The paid version cost only $7/MONTH which is too low for the features they provide. Through premium subscription, you can avail faster surfing and downloading. Also there are offers discounted billing cycles.
Also another important advantage with Hide My IP is the customer support. I haven’t made deal with any online solutions, which offers pretty awesome customer support in free version. They offer maximum support in trial version too.
Then why are you waiting for? Just go to Hide My IP and order the best Internet privacy software with great features.
Go to Hide My IP official webpage

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