How to activate Whatsapp Calling feature on iPhone and iPad?

How to activate Whatsapp Calling feature on iPhone and iPad?

Last month, we show you how to get the Whatsapp calling feature on android device. It was in the early stage, we received the invitation directly from Whatsapp and we shared it to hundreds of our readers. Now a new update from the officials that, they are now rolling out Whatsapp with call feature to the iOS store. I can’t write here how expressive was our readers when they got Whatsapp calling feature on android device. But they stopped the invitation feature after 2 days. After that I got hundreds of direct messages asking the details of calling feature of Whatsapp. Now it’s the time for iOS users to have the Whatsapp with calling feature.
Customer Response over Whatsapp calling feature on Android

I was using Whatsapp for more than 1 year. I was very happy to receive the whatsapp calling feature before my friends get. For the first few calling, I felt some echo problem and after the next slight update, the voice turns very clear. From that day itself, most of our friends stops using direct calls and started using VoIP calls. There are many apps for making free calls but Whatsapp is unique. Thanks for the team for introducing such an awesome feature.

Hope they can bring the same experience on iOS also.
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News about Whatsapp calling feature on iPhone and other iOS devices

It was in last year, Whatsapp team unveil that they are planning to introduce calling feature in future. They had introduced the feature in Android within 6 month of the declaration. But there were no update for iOS users and Windows users. Many people count 6 more months to get this feature on their iPhone as well as iPad. But here is the happy news. They had updated iOS store with the new whatsapp with calling feature.
This all news can be adapted from the Whatsapp page in Apple Store. Now the version in which they are introducing the feature is Whatsapp Version 2.12.1. Under the What’s new section, you can see that, Whatsapp version 2.12.1 have Whatsapp calling feature. You can call any people any where without any cost. You just need the data connection. There is a note that, whatsapp calling feature will roll out in the next week.
whatsapp calling feature on iOS iPhone

The above is the page screenshot from Apple store which shows Whatsapp is going to enable call feature soon.

How to enable Voice calling Feature in Whatsapp for iPhone?

There is no official announcement about how to activate voice calling feature on your iPhone. But there will be some necessary steps you should follow to activate voice calling feature. The first step to do is, download and install the latest version of Whatsapp from Apple Store.
Download Whatsapp with call feature
Then you should wait for the official announcement telling when this feature got activated. if the situation is like similar that of Android users, then you should need to get an activation call from one who have the feature. That means you will never receive this feature until somebody with Calling feature calls you. Both the caller and receiver should have the latest version of Whatsapp which supports calling feature.
Once they start roll out the first activation of call feature, we will update this page with more details showing how to activate whatsapp calling feature on your iOS.

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