Call recording is one the most-wanted spy features on smartphone and XNSPY is the famous call recording app.
Unfortunately, many apps fail to provide it. It may show up on their features list, but it never comes in handy when you need it. But I have found out one app that will let you record phone calls with ease, comfort, and affordability. So let’s quickly get to the much-awaited part of this reading that will not only cover the tutorial about recording phone calls but will also analyze (briefly) the benefits and downsides of using XNSPY.
Step1: Download XNSPY on the target smartphone
You won’t be able to record calls unless you install this app on the device which calls you want to intercept. It’s a little unfortunate, but not just for XNSPY, but any other app that you would come across, this is the best that you will get. So get the app on the smartphone, and you are good to go. Good part: you will need physical access to the target device for only a couple of minutes.
Step 2: Install the downloaded app
This step is quite obvious, but you do need to install the app on the smartphone, as it wouldn’t automatically do it. In this case, you were wondering! By the end of the installation, you will be asked if you want to keep the app’s shortcut on the smartphone. That’s all up to you how you want to monitor i.e. discreetly, or openly.
Step 3: Toggle on call recording
If you have used a spy app before, you would know how to use one. Whatever you are monitoring off a smartphone, it’s transferred to an online control panel, from where you can access it. It’s called by different names for different apps, but for XNSPY, it’s called Dashboard. So using this, you can toggle on features that you want to use. Apart from call recording, the app can be used to:

  • Monitor SMS, emails, contacts.
  • Internet browsing history.
  • Social media activity from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, iMessage, and Instagram.
  • GPS tracking, like real-time location tracking and geofencing.
  • Remote phone access that allows data wipe and remote lock.
  • View multimedia like photos, videos and audio from Gallery and IM apps.

3 Benefits of Using XNSPY

Recording phone calls are just as easy as it sounds here. So if you are using XNSPY to record phone calls, there are a few benefits:

  • You get to spy on others’ cell phone in the most affordable way.
  • It’s fast, reliable and works on any Android and iOS device.
  • It will never disappoint you with its call recording.

With great features, comes with the great price, XNSPY starts at just $8.33/month. This is one of the reasons why so many people are moving to this app.
Check the tutorial below:

5 thoughts on “How To Use Call Recording App – XNSPY”

  1. Raymond Larson

    Hi, I’m a software analyst. Read about this app and it seems worth trying. Thanks for the info about its recording feature.

  2. Ursula Marshall

    Surely, the recording feature is handy for employers and good parenting. I have been using this app although there are some limitations when it comes to using it on an iOS platform.

  3. Hi, Mike! Thanks for sharing this article. It is very informative. I never knew it was possible to monitor a smartphone remotely. Will try the app. Thanks

  4. I agree that Xnspy offers benefits. But I think a little heads-up is necessary. While it is affordable, fast, reliable, and works on Android and iOS devices, using it responsibly is necessary. Do not abuse someone’s privacy without telling him or her you are watching.

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