LeEco Le 1s Review – Third sale on Flipkart on February 16

LeEco Le 1s Review – Third sale on Flipkart on February 16

It has been a great time of middle class gadget users as super performing devices are rolling in the market at a cheap rate. Its been a wonderful start to 2016 as Chinese based company LeEco have born in the Indian market with LeEco 1s and LeMax. As you all know the Indian market is no stranger to the disruptive mobile phones, but the new launch Le 1s disrupts the already disrupted.
Here in this article I have tried to give a detailed review of the Le 1s and personally I feel if your are searching for best performing smartphones under 12k, LeEco Le 1s is is going to be the right option for you. Remember the after sales support is excluded from the review piont because only time will tell us about its effectiveness.
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LeEco Le 1s Complete Review

Le 1s brings a full metal unibody design in its structuring and its not cheap as tin, but is a well made body with metal frame and metal on its covering. I know you will be then questioning its weight but get astonished as the phone only weighs 170grams and is easy to handle. The screen size is 5.5 inches and the phone has very good overall dimensions including yhe 9mm thickness which gives the phone a premium look. I cant give any complaint about its design part, because even Zenfone 2 falls below the build structure of Le 1s which is more costlier than this device.
LeEco Le 1s Review
As all Chinese manufacturers, there is some issues with the 5.5 inch full HD display. Its not an ideal choice to use the phone under direct as the display is quite dim. The phone runs under eUI 5.5 which is LeEco’s own OS and the display ,makes the UI look pretty. The colors and sharpness looks well balanced. eUi uses the multi tasking button to get you to settings, recent apps and brightness slider. Its important to note that, the company’s eUI is not as much efficient and needs some better optimization. Apple music is not compatible with the phones eUI and further more examples can also be stated.
The fingerprint scanner of LeEco can also be used as camera shutter of the device. I would frankly say it isn’t the best in recognizing your finger print. The mirror fingerprint is very similar to le 1s and is fast when it works but lacks efficiency. The sensor is slower than Cool Pad Note3 and carelessly placing your finger on the back might result in failure to unlock.
The phone in its regular usage never stutters and performs much better than any other phone at this price range. Even Asus Zenfone 2, lenovo Vibe K4 dont offer its users a smooth experience as Le 1s gives. As the phone uses Octa-core MediaTek Helio X10 Turbo processor, one can see a stark difference for Netflix and Hotstar to  boot up in the device and this proves the powerfulness of the device when compared with opponents in the ,market. One cant get an awesome gaming experience on this phone as Zenfone 2 provides.
The  13 MP back camera the phone offers is decent but never expect more from it. Under normal conditions, the images taken are satisfactory but under low light Le 1s don’t provide you quality images same as of its competitors. Bit its quite interesting to note that the camera on the phone is crazy haste and has zero time period for processing and capturing images. The 5MP front camera also gives you a decent output.
Even though Helio X 10 is not famous for its battery power, Le 1s smartphone have made right tweaks to bring out the most from 3000mAh. The phone could last for a day, not more than that for a decent usage which includes gaming and browsing. I must say that battery is good for a regular daily usage but cant be tagged as great. Le 1s lasts for over 7 hours on full battery under the Geekbench 3 battery test.

Final Verdict

Although the Le TV’s ecosystem elements haven’t rolled in the Indian market, LeEco Le 1s smartphone is going to be the best under this price range. Le 1s performance will definitely get upgraded as time passes because the company have offered multiple times that it will bring the ecosystem to India.As a final verdict I must say taht you can go or this phone because the money is well spent for what you get. Only time can tell the after sale customer support.

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