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Jokes are something said or done to create a laughing atmosphere or to cause some sort of excitement among the people of different kind. Its actually done or told with a humorous purpose or intention. Jokes can take different ways of expressing it. It can be conveyed in some words, it can be some question and its answer or sometimes might be a small story of about 5-10 sentences. The main part of the joke is its climax line, which makes it a humor so that everyone hearing will laugh at it. The major feature is that a joke make you laugh by its words rather than amusing you by its physical component. The latter one is called a practical joke.
So why are jokes said? The answer is simple. It is to entertain, or to create some humorous situation or sometimes it might be sarcastic on the modern society or at current issues. Actually jokes have been a part of human life from atleast 1800 BC. A document called Philogelos talks about ancient humor and it contain about 250 jokes. As like evolution happened in human race and culture, it also took its part in the field of jokes too. From the ancient way it evolved into its modern standard and made people to forget all their sorrows atleast for a minute. Its not human psychology rather its the ability of joke to make people laugh. And who doesn’t love to laugh. Its been proved laughing can also increase your health status. It is not easy to say joke instantly which can make people laugh. It requires some sort of creativity and timing to say effective jokes. Likewise saying jokes not only create humor, it can also increment your creative thinking, timing etc..
Sometimes jokes might help you to avoid your hard times. Listening jokes when you are at a sad mind can sometimes give you relief and provides you motivation to get rid of the tragic situation. Here I add up the last sentence of the above paragraph by arguing that jokes can sometimes make you free from your sorrows and difficulties.
One can easily classify jokes to many fields. The most dominant on this field is jokes based on political subjects. Its usually a satire that talks about the current political status. It might tease political heads of the country or state or it might talk about the general condition of the political situation of the country. These jokes are usually made effective and popularized in the form of cartoons. There are many other fields for jokes to act which includes professional jokes in which jokes are said based on the professions like police, doctor, lawyers etc..
There are some type of jokes which are considered to be offensive. These include jokes which ex it ethnic, sexual stereotypes of people. Eventhough these are offensive, these kind of jokes exist among a large number of people. In addition to these religious jokes about priests, nun exist in the society but are least used to show of respect.As mentioned above jokes can be a word, group of words, a small story, but telling jokes in the form of story can’t attract the audience because sometimes audience cant realize it as joke if you continue jokes as a short story. So to be effective in catching audience,jokes must be of small dimensions.

Why Tintumon Jokes among Kerala people?

As jokes evolved most of the regions around the world created their own characters who can deliver you laughter. Mulla Nasurudin, Tintumon are the leading joke creators of India, out of which this article gives a special mentioning about the Little Jhony of Keralites.
Tintumon character was created by B.M Gafoor to make the people of Kerala laugh at humors and to make them to say humors. The character Tintumon always says funny, creative or nonsense answers and make the people laugh. As the name indicates he is a small boy of 5 years old but he has been portrayed as grown-up according to the needs of the author.
Stories are created displaying Tintumon as enginnering student, thief, priest, movie star and many more to amuse people of Kerala.Years back, there was a time at which SMS through mobiles in its peak values. At those times Tintumon jokes filled up the inbox of Keralites with his immense sense of humor. There isn’t any mobile phones in kerala which hadn’t received or send tintumon jokes.
As technology flourished from SMS to FB, Keralites didn’t forget their funny boy. Messages waved around FB and made people laugh.The humor arises when Tintumon show of his intelligence, rational comments and when showing his down to earth attitude.When many more jokes created it became necessary to collect these individual ones into a form of joke book. These books also got a very good response from the community of kerala because these jokes can make both children and adults laugh at equal footing.
Now its the time of whatsapp. So where would tintumon go without using the technology and making people laugh. Right now he is making his presence in the whatsapp by creating humor and entertaining the people. It wont be wrong if I say the Little Johny is rolling through whatsapp. Here are some list of tintumon jokes which will surely entertain you at a high rate.
Download Tintumon Jokes in Text Format
Download Tintumon Jokes in PDF Format
Read these jokes,send these to your friends and make them laugh……….There isn’t anything special in the universe than making one laugh or smile with your words…..is there anything..noooo………….

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