LeEco (LeTV) Service Centers in India with Phone Number

LeEco (LeTV) Service Centers in India with Phone Number

2016 has already a strong start in introducing budget smartphones and Chinese manufacturer LeEco has launched in Indian market with some good finish gadgets under low budget. They have targeted price range of rs. 10000 in the Indian market and has introduced two mobile phones which excels in functionality and good looks. And if you are looking for smartphones that can perform better, LeEco is going to be the best option in 2016.
I think its better to give you an overall idea about the new smartphone launched by LeEco in the Indian market. The phone has got excellent screen, superb built, has USB C and fast charging. As a final verdict, the phone is good value for money. Average battery life, slightly slow finger print design is the only problem I can stick up.
Its quite natural to ask questions related to service centers and customer care when we buy some gadgets and this query will be in its peak if the company is new in the market. Don’t worry about these issues, as LeEco have launched 555 service centers all over India and these will be dedicated to provide you the best experience. For the best reviews, the new company required to do that, right?
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LeEco (LeTV) Service Centers in India

After the successful launch of two efficient smartphones, LeMax and Le1s, the Chinese based company introduced 24*7 toll free services on January 25th, 2016. These 555 service centers is spread over 300 hubs of the nation. LeEco is the first smartphone brand to enter in to the Indian market with an effective and extensive after-sales network thereby proving that they are a global pioneering internet and technology company.
All the 555 service centers will be 24*7 toll free(as mentioned above) and they provide service in 10 local languages of India. That’s interesting right?. These language includes English, Hindi, Bangla which is understandable for almost every Indians. Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati is also included in this 10 and this provides a great relief to people from these states to ask their query. Don’t get frustrated dear south Indians, you can talk with customer team as the service is also provided in Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.
Now let me give you the list of states across the country where authorized service centers are distributed. The support is present in 23 states of India and are listed below.
* Andra Pradesh          * Himacha Pradesh                * Manipur                 * Tamil Nadu
* Bihar                              * Jharkand                                * Nagaland               * Telengana
* Chattisgarh                 * Karnataka                               * Orissa                     * Tripura
* Goa                                * Kerala                                     * Pondicherry         * Uttarakhand
* Gujarat                          * Madhya Pradesh                * Punjab                    * West Bengal
* Haryana                         * Maharashtra                         * Rajashthan
They have launched to give you a world class after sale sale experience. This is vivid from their offering of free pick-up and drop for phones you purchase. LeEco has partnered HCL and Flextronicsto provide service for its two new smartphones all over in India and LeEco is also working on pick-up and drop service for their gadgets but its quite difficult to say when that would come into effect.
To ensure that the customers get a better experience, LeEco introduces a warranty method in which the user can get a brand new Le Max if the phone stops working due to manufacturing defect. It saves you from waiting for weeks to get the old phone repaired. Now I am going to provide you the details of every service centers situated all over India. Check the list and find nearest one to you.

LeEco (LeTV) Service Centers in India with contact details

LeEco (LeTV) Service Centers in India with Phone Number
The company has set a new benchmark in the customer service domain and is going to establish its footprint throughout the nation. So just enjoy the efficiency of entire customer service team spread over the nation. Definitely this is going to be a new experience.

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