Put Clash of Clans game 24 x 7 Online – Trick Unveil

Put Clash of Clans game 24 x 7 Online – Trick Unveil

This article is completely dedicated for game lovers especially those who are building endless base for the game Clash of clans. This game is a war related strategy game where those who have better idea and strong troops can take over the opponents. The game is developed and distributed by Supercell.
There is no need of describing Super cell company. If you are game Psycho, then you may have heard about games like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay day etc. All are a kind of strategy game. Among these I think Clash of Clan is biggest game with millions of villages and thousands of people online at any moment.
All games from Supercell are targeted to Tablet users. While the usage of tablets increases, supporting games narrows and Supercell introduced solution to it. All games are getting hundreds of installs per minute and its popularity crossing countries. As per the latest report, Clash of clans have players from 122 different countries. Unbelievable achievement from the two years of launching the game. Another kind of specialty is that there is no loop hole in the game so that normal users can’t generate “GEMS”, which is the heart of the game.
Clash of clans account banned!
As this game is full time Online, no one can do any kind of alternation in its programs or designs so there is no chance of getting sack of gems for free. The company not giving any chance gems looting. Also the team follows strict punishments to those who tries to mane severe modification to the game without the company’s knowledge.

clash of clans online trick

Making Clash of Clans online for a day – What most farming players think about

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As I told above, Gems is the heart of the game and without gems nothing can be done easily. Filling Gold and Elixir, Fast training of troops, Finishing Builders work, Unlocking 3rd, 4th and 5th builder etc. So if somebody doesn’t want to spend real money on the game, they are forced to wait until they finishes the desired time, or until their storage fills with desired amount of loot to start something best. So protection of Loot is something important.
As the game progresses, you are requested to upgrade your Town Hall, Troop, Defenses etc. Without proper defensive strategy, you will loose a portion of loot if there is an attack against your village. Another way to prevent attack is by being Online the whole time or purchasing shields with gems. Purchasing Shield is not good option. Then people think about putting the game online.

How can we make the game Online without account suspend?

24 x 7 clash of clans online
In normal condition, the game will last online for 6 hours if you are really playing the game. After that it will ask for a rest. But if you are not making any move with your fingers, then the game became offline and you need to restart it again. It is very difficult to put your fingers over the screen the whole time.
What about putting something that is similar to your fingers? Something which have touch property? I mean any kind of fruits like Apple, orange, banana etc? I made an experiment with a banana and I got a positive result. Last day I try to make Clash of clans online with a banana and found that the game lasts for hours without going offline. I worked it on my BSNL Penta Tablet with Android OS running. I have no way to test this experiments on other devices like iOS, and other Smartphones.
So if you like the suggestion, please put a small piece of fruit or similar thing above your screen and reply me your findings. I hope that everybody tell me a positive story. Also tell me about your device. This can help a lot of fellow readers.
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Will Clash of Clan Fruit experiment ban the account?

There is no way of banning the account by making village online with a piece of substance. But making changes with other kind of tools and software are strictly against Terms and Conditions and if they found that, you may start the game with TH 1. I also found some other ways to make the game online with Bluestacks and some other screen hitting apps. But I won’t show here because I don’t like to put your account disabled. If you are so interested in such kind of adventures, check on Google and YouTube for a solution.

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