Reliance Jio Chat app review – Is it a threat to Whatsapp?

Reliance Jio Chat app review – Is it a threat to Whatsapp?

Here is one more competitor to Whatsapp. This time it is from one of the leading company and top millionaire from India. Mukesh Ambani’s telecom community firm Jin Infocomm had recently introduced their brand new messaging application called Jio Chat. Since they had launched 4G service in India, the communication will be much more easier than anytime along with the usage of Jio Chat app. It was for a long time foreign messaging apps are playing a huge role in Indian market. But the initial reports that the brand new application will cause small threats to popular messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat and Hike messenger.
A large portion of Indian people likes to use the local products rather than popular brands and if the same happens here beyond our vision, then the foreign apps need to rethink about their existence in India. Also the fight for Net Neutrality is currently going in India and if TRAI puts a decision that helps the Service Provides, people forced to pay extra charges for VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).  If such situation arises, normally the usage of Whatsapp, WeChat etc get decreases and people may start using the Local product. As Reliance is one of the Biggest Service provider in India, they can also provide data usage of this app for free. This situation also leads to the weakening of foreign apps in Indian market.
Jio Chat app

Jio Chat app Features in a Quick look

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Jio Chat contains all the features that current popular app Whatsapp provides. Along with that Jio Chat contains its own additional features. Not only a just chat but also other features like autio and video calling is available using Jio Chat. For whatspp the audio calling feature had just arrived but not even available for Windows phone. But at the time of introduction itself, Jio chat provides the audio as well as video chatting feature. So in future, we can expect much more functionality.
If you are really close to group chat, there you have much more to check items like emoticons, media share, doodles, location share, stickers etc. All such features are just like an extension of what whatsapp have. Chat channel feature were also available in this for getting the latest news and offers on what you like.
Free to use:- Jio Chat is completely free to use if you have an active Mobile Data connection or an WiFi Connection. Like Whatsapp, there is no fee after one year usage. Many people in India are upto expiry date of their free whatsapp service. Most of them using Whatsapp don’t know how to renew or don’t know how to make online purchases. So once they reach the time limit, they may probable delete the whatsapp application. This situation is also benefit for Jio Chat.
Rich Messaging platform:- Similar to that of Whatsapp, Jio Chat provides rich messaging platform, which allows instant messaging with a broadcast like feature. You can send message upto 100 contacts at a time. As I mentioned above the rich contents like emoticons, media share, doodles, location share, stickers are available in this app.
Voice and video chat:- Whatsapp had introduced the calling feature after a long time. Stille they were unable to provide this feature for all smartphones. Also there is no feature of video calling. Jio Chat contains both this feature for free of cost.
Channels to follow:- You can follow the channels of popular brands and company similar to that of YouTube. Whenever they made an update, you will receive that. So by this feature, you could get the details of latest promotional news, latest news and so on. This feature is not yet available on Whatsapp.
Offline chat:- This doesn’t mean that you can chat without Internet. But the difference is that if you are on a chat and if something happens [lost connectivity, friend goes offline] the message will get stored there and when the status is updated, the messages will get sent.

Stats and User Reviews of Jio Chat

Jio Chat is receiving a positive review from all part of India. But there are some issues also. Here are some of the issues that are reported by the user in Google playStore.

  • SMS verification is not receiving in time.
  • International Friends can’t be invited to Jio Chat [Whatsapp have international calling feature]
  • Phones are getting slow for some persons while doing the audio and video call.
  • Not compatible with Tablets with large size.

Eventhough there are some bugs and issues, many people claimed that this is best that Whatsapp. More than 100,000 installation had completed within one week of release and getting an average Google play Store rating of 4.3. This is very good for such a new app.
Download Jio Chat for Android

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