Shrug emoticon – Copy shrugging emoticon For Whatsapp Facebook

Shrug emoticon – Copy shrugging emoticon For Whatsapp Facebook


At early times we people used to express our emotions and feelings in the form of written words and these procedure became a challenge for us to express the feelings accurately and effectively. These waves of words introduced typing challenges as well as created a dilemma on its ability in producing an effect in conveying one’s feelings. It isn’t easy for a common man to deliver his feeling in words while at chatting procedure.
When we advance in technology, many problems or issues like this are solved completely. And how this problem of expressing emotions are solved? The answer goes by the introduction of emoji or emoticons which enabled people a new way of conveying their current feelings. For example, a smiley face can express emotions effectively rather than typing HA HA HA in words , isn’t it! In the same way a Shrug emoticon can also express a lot of thing. So in simple words the main use of emoticons is to “express the inexpressible”. At early times emoticons were the pictorials representation in brackets and full stops to create your expressive face. Later it developed in to an art form. You can search it in internet as “ASCII art” for further additional information. Now different forms of emoticons are available on the internet which can easily show your all kinds of emotions [mile emoticon, sad emoticon, Shrug emoticon etc are popular among them. Sometimes emoticons make use of cartoon characters, film characters to deliver the instant feeling of yours in an effective manner.
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In this 21st century were we live in, everything must require accuracy,precision,effectiveness for it to be accepted by the community. Likewise emoticons give the power to its users to accurately express their emotions and feelings. Mainly the usage of this kind of stuffs arises on the process of chatting. Because of this reason emoticons turned to be the ‘digestive system’ of these social media. It had made chatting procedure very easier. In addition to this you can also send these emoticons as comments to make the social media active, lively and interesting.
Initially emoticons are used in sending SMS to your contacts and its success helps in its evolution. It became easy for people to have a lively inbox on their devices. When we pass on to FB where emoticons are not just facial expressions. Here we make use of different types of images like vegetables, bikes etc to have an interesting chatting as well as for commenting for status or pictures uploaded.
Additionally emoticons has got a very good application in other social media like whatsapp,twitter,e-mail etc.In whatsapp,while we are online, there might be several friends parallel to chat with.So there will surely arises the problem of delay in sending messages if we make use of conventional words in typing.This brings a problem which can make the chatting to be bored. Here emoticons will do you the favor. Rather expressing your feeling through sands of words,emoticons help you to deliver the emotions in a hasty and in an effective manner.In addition to this,whatsapp also contains emoji of different faces,images of cars, boys, girls, flags which makes the chatting effective.
There are also a lot emoticons available in twitter and and also in e-mail. Expressing status or sending mails via words can do good,but for a better accurate display one must make use of emoticons. Traditionally it is said by people, an image can do better than kilograms of words. It is true in case of emoticons, where images do the job of typing.
shrug emoticon

Copy Shrug emoticon for Whatsapp and Facebook

Here is the characters for shrug emoticon. Different types of shrug emoticons are displaced here. You can choose your favorite one.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ -Shrug emoticon 1
¯\(°_°)/¯  – Shrug emoticon 2
¯\(°_o)/¯  – Shrug emoticon 3
It is my duty to talk about iDivericons in which your feelings aren’t represented but your emotions are simply converted into images. As I mentioned in the beginning emoticons are an art form and iDivericons are latest form of this art form which lift your feeling to the sky level. These can add clarifications to your text messages. Some features of iDivericons are listed in the following paragraphs.
The main feature of idivericons is to convey your feeling in an entertaining manner. It can express you truly and can express the way in which you are feeling and many more. Moreover it helps to say about what are you engaged in,and also can easily convey who you are. It is interesting to note that there isn’t any difficulty in understanding the image that you send to express you. You don’t require any tedious job to express your feeling as these are easy to send at a single click of the button.
These emoticons helps you to be fully expressive. By typing enormous quantity of words and doesn’t get satisfied in conveying the expressions might make you irritated. Emoticons makes your irritation vanished from your thoughts,as it helps you to be fully expressive with a couple of push of the button. So actually these emoticons also make your time precious time saved in an interesting way.
iDivericons which help you in conveying job related feelings are also available. To say about your new job,to say about your promotion in job these emojis help you a lot. Why should you waste your energy in typing when the images can do it in an effective manner. When you are sad about a recent breakup and when you don’t get words to express it, these emojis can help you effectively. So I request everyone to make use of these emoticons, not only to express but also to save your precious time and energy. Try to “express the inexpressible” effectively with a couple of taps on the device.
Hope all of you likes the above shrug emoticons. If so kindly share this article and encourage us.

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