[Solved] DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION Blue Screen Window

DPC watchdog violation window is a common error message window in a blue screen occurring during the windows start up. Mostly occur if you do not turn off your PC/Laptop in a proper way. The window ask you to restart your computer to resolve this issue. Sometimes, it need some proper handling like reset, refresh to solve. This error is not much visible in windows OS except Windows 8 and windows 8.1.
From my personal experience and doing an online research, this window is triggered during problems happen to your hardware components. Hardware parts like Hard Disk, SSD, graphics card etc are the main reason for this error window. Anyway please continue reading and find the solution yourself.

DPC Watchdog Violation’s situation and How I Solved it?

In the beginning itself, I had mentioned that, there may many reason for this “DPC Watchdog Violation” error window. So Here I am sharing my own personal experience and the way through which I solved it. Last week, I had bought a new laptop. Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 Series with 2GB Nvidia Graphics card. When I received the laptop, it was loaded with Ubuntu OS. Actually I was not able to use the Ubuntu OS because, I personally had a collection of Computer games which works only on Windows Operating System. Without wasting enough time, I had changed the OS to Windows 8.1.
DPC Watchdog Violation
There occurred a new problem. After migrating to windows 8.1, my computer stopped detecting my 2 GB Nvidia Graphics card. So I searched for the matching drivers and found a driver collection. I didn’t checked whether it was the latest version or not. Just install it.
Situation started to change after I made a restart. My computer starts to freeze. I was not able to do anything. Some times I got nearly 2 minutes of time to do any thing. After that, the laptop go to freeze mode. I thought that, it was the issue with my installation procedure. I re formatted my system and again continue the above steps. Actually I had do 4 times of re formatting and only after that, I was able to found that, it was the issue with my graphics drivers.
The funny fact is that, every time, my laptop went to freeze mode, I do a long press on the power button. Then during the restart, the laptop goes through a blue screen with content “Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle and now it needs to restart. In the final statement it shows DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION.
Now check out how I solved my issue. After a long research, I understood that, I need to install the latest version of Graphics drivers for my Nvidia Graphics card. It was my techy friend, suggest me to use Nvidia GetForce experience software to update my graphics card drivers. So as per his suggestion, I download GetForce experience tool from the official website and update the drivers of my Nvidia Graphics card. Unbelievable…! Laptop overcome all problems including that freezing issue and DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION error message.
This is only a possibility for this issue. If you are getting this issue with your Graphics drivers, then the above suggestion gonna work for you. Also there will be many other reasons for the same error window.


The Hard disk era is going to end soon. With in some years, almost all top companies stop releasing Laptop with hard disk and in that place they introduce SSD [Solid State Drive]. Big advantage of using SSD over HDD is the speed. As information inside SSD is stored inside of microchips instead of magnetic tape, read and write operation can be done easily and fast.
Today Laptop with SSD are available and many people have this. Hope you know that your SSD requires some drivers to work smoothly. But what happens if the drivers are out of date? If your OS is installed on the SSD, then during system boot, there may occur some problems for fetching the files. This will lead to WATCHDOG VIOLATION error. So our second recommendation is to update your SSD drivers.

Bad Hard Disk and Sound cards also trigger DPC Watchdog Violation

Yet another stuff you need to take care about this issue is that, some of your hardware component need an extra care or repair. Probable chance is for your Hard disk. Suppose if your Hard disk stop working or some error occur during its working time, your system get crashed and your PC turns off unexpectedly. So after restart, it shows the same error message. So if your are getting this issue in the middle of anything, you should take a look on your hard disk. may some sort of replacement required.

How to solve computer DPC watchdog violation problem?

Watchdog basically a soft wear monitor or a tool that can handle all the application on the computer. Basically DPC means “deferred procedure calls”. DPC watchdog violation error is a very annoying problem for those who use Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. It is called bluescreen death error. The indication of this, that your window is corrupted or there are some internal issues in hardware or that your computer ran into a problem etc. In this error While using the computer notification screen moves or your computer will restart within 5 minutes. This problem keeps happening until we restart the computer. There are many reasons why this problem arises in windows 8, 8.1 and 10.
1: Outdated device driver system:
When we use our pc along without update it then we can face DPC watchdog violation problem blue screen of dead error. The computer starts automatically the indicator is our pc has outdated device driver.
2:  SSD is too old or not compatible with windows:
Nowadays SSD manufactured in old designs and firmware with old methods so another reason can be SSD card is too old or not compatible with our Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and can be caused to bring DPC watchdog violation error.
3:  Some error affected applications:
There are many applications are available on internet related to pc and windows matters.  Nobody knows whether they are affected or error-free. DPC watchdog violation bluescreen error in our computer windows can happen through the affected application that we install. That affected application can corrupt our windows and set a negative impact on our computer.
4: Device driver installed wrongly:
Another reason for DPC watchdog violation bluescreen dead error can be device driver installed wrongly. When we installed a window we need to follow instructions carefully. If we installed device driver wrongly we can face this issues again and again until we reinstall it.
5: damaged hard disks and sound cards also cause this error:
Damaged and poor hard disks and sound cards can be bringing this issues into your pc. When we work on pc and our computer starts blinks or restart automatically or some error occurred in working time unexpectedly then we need to check hardware or sound card properly.
6: multiple codes can cause of DPC watchdog violation error:
While the windows start or shut down automatically, multiple stop codes show on the screen so they can bring the DPC watchdog violation error in our computer system.
7: Other:
There are so many other reasons like affected application, malware, viruses in an online application, affected mobile devices which connect to pc, taping multiple stop codes, corrupted sound cards, hardware problems can bring the DPC watchdog violation bluescreen dead error in our computers.
Some techniques to solve this DPC watchdog violation error:
No matter whether you do have found the reason for these DPC watchdog violation errors issues correctly, there are several ways to resolve such bluescreen dead errors.
1: update computer driver system:
For the fixing of DPC watchdog violation errors, we need to check our drive whether it is up-to-date or not. If the computer system is running on old windows and not up-to-date then do not hesitate to upgrade it. You can install or download in on your pc.
2: check computer application and remove problems:
We need to check computer applications properly. We should install some virus detective applications in our system to protect it from that issues which bring DPC watchdog violation bluescreen dead errors.
3: antivirus scan to remove and delete affected applications:
We need to install some virus detector application on our pc or laptop to clean our system. That antivirus scans our drive and application and protects our computer from DPC watchdog violation bluescreen dead error. We have to scan our computer drive system properly and time by time to avoid other bugs and cheap advertisements which shows be-sides of renown application.
4: Change damage and poor quality SSD card:
If we use an SSD card for a long time or damage and poor quality SSD cards and suddenly it shows bluescreen dead error, then we should change it immitigably. When we change SSD card make sure it is virus free or buy it from professional and authorized computer shops.
5: Reinstall computer drives system:
When we install a new computer drive and it starts to show DPC watchdog violation bluescreen dead error then we need to check whether we install it properly or not. We should reinstall it according to given method.
6: Driver, software and application updates from official sites:
Always remember one thing that if want to safe and virus free our pc, laptops drivers, we should download an original and authentic application and software from official sites. Authorized and official sites are the safer way to protect our computer drivers because they provide virus detector too.
7: reboot/restart computer immediately:
If our computer shows DPC watchdog violation bluescreen dead error, then we should immediately shut down our pc. The temporary problem will solve in this way easily. drive System of our computer will resolve the dead bluescreen issue while restarting of the window.
8: never connect our pc system to an affected device:
We should always care about connected devices to our computers and laptops. We should avoid all affected devices damaged SSD cards, poor quality sound cards and cables can bring DPC watchdog volition bluescreen dead errors.
9: shut down properly:
Never shut down the computer in hurry. While working on computer avoid multiple codes and never shut down the computer at once. It can damage our pc drive system and can cause of DPC watchdog violation bluescreen dead error in our system. We should follow the proper method to shut down our pc system.
10: consult some computer experts:
If all these methods above all cannot help to fix the DPC watchdog violation bluescreen dead errors, we should better to take our computers to some experts or professional and authentic pc repairing centers. There are many authorized computer centers provides best deals and ways to solve DPC watchdog violation bluescreen dead errors. They install and insert authentic software, SSD cards.
Anyway all the above are suggestions only. No one can predict what is the real reason for the watchdog window. So if you are in the middle of this error, kindly check the above suggestions. Also if you found any other suggestions or solutions, kindly comment below. It will help hundreds of guys reading this article daily.

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22 thoughts on “[Solved] DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION Blue Screen Window”

  1. Great post m8 but what if my geforce experience stays at the loading screen and crashes? So does any internet browser

  2. Thanks…i have that blue screen but it doesnt restart and i cant even turn it off…asus transformer 100…am helpless in it – would appreciate any advice!

  3. Jean Claude Van Damme

    thanks for sharing. it happened to me a few minutes ago, probably due to graphic card driver too. what is stupid is that when upgrading to freaking stupid win10 (wish i never have done it) it should also update all drivers in the running OS but in fact it did not.
    lame ass win 10 only changes its shape, copies all your data to the spies servers and replaces your OS but still keeps all the drivers outdated.
    anyway, to me it freezed during a bsplay render when i was watching a movie, so my best hunch is actually either codecs not rendering or buffering correctly or the outdated graphic or sound drivers.
    hope it helps people in the near future.
    ps: to everyone that are thinking about upgrading to win 10…. DONT

    1. Anthony Robertson

      WIndows 8 and Windows 10 basic only see 3.9 gb of available memory. It does not account for paging or your computer sharing memory with video.
      I had the same issues on two of my lab computers and was ripping my hair out until I realized what the issue was.
      Either upgrade to Professional for a bundle or go back to Win 7 prof. Your computer will continue to freeze and give random errors unless you do, or you like staring at the startup screen and nothing else because that is about the only thing you can do with 3.9gb of memory and Win 10.

    2. Thanks guys. These sure are tonnes of helpful info because i have been experiencing it since i upgraded my Hp lappy to win 8.1. I can’t even do system recovery as the recovery is empty but displays some volumes of files at a glance. I replaced previous Hard Disk but same issue.
      Let me try the other options above.
      Best regards

  4. Mine just got the bsod watchdog violation when i used utorrent and had my ehd plugged in…waiting now to see which is the culprit…passport ultra 1terrabyte or utorrent

  5. I upgraded to nvidia 2GB graphics card. Since then my win 10 desktop video freezes occassionally, requiring me to hard crash restart. Just recently got Watchdog message. Hope Nvidia figures this out soon. I have recently installed new graphics drivers as they become available. Problem still reoccurs.

  6. I have the same problem I cannot even access my win 8.1 due to the same error . how do I go about it without formatting my laptop

  7. I am having the same issue but whenever I start up my conputer its era to the desktop and then about 10 seconds later it will freeze before I can even get GeForce experience open. Please Help!

  8. “This error is not much visible in windows OS except Windows 8 and windows 8.1.” do you even English bro?

  9. I have been using windows 10 since it was first released and been very happy with it. I tried to install Kaspersky couple days ago but after downloading it found it would not install. I tried a couple of times but no luck and I had to reset my windows each time .
    I then downloaded it with a different download manager Kaspersky started to install but half way through I got lock up and DPC watchdog message again a windows reset was required so I gave up I had wasted too many hours.

  10. Hey, thanks for this post! I was freaking out here, but after reinstalling the video drivers, the problem is gone! 😀

  11. my computer keeps crashing with the message whenever I launch a full screen game. doesn’t anyone know how I can fix this problem

  12. Hey jinson glad that i landed over your page Im using dell inspiron 15r which use ST750LM022 HN-M750MBB harddisk. I had this problem and i already updates my window. This problem happen when im try to connect to the lan connection.

  13. I am using GTX 460 and it was running well for some time on windows 10 until recently when it got auto updated by windows 10 pro. It started showing DPC Watchdog Voilation blue screen of death. I tried running it on safe mode then uninstalling device driver and run using windows recommended settings it runs without getting crash, but very poor display (screen not fit properly). Then I installed latest driver from nvidia and it again started showing same DPC Watchdog Voilation blue screen of death, I tried couple of old drivers but nothing works. It seems like issue is not with Windows 10 Pro. Its with Nvidia lack of support of this card on newer Windows version. I suggest upgrading your card is probably only option left here or simply move to older windows version like Windows 7. Anyway, for me I bought RX 480 card to replace this one.

    1. I too have the error and I have a gtx 460. I had to downgrade to windows 7. Sucks but at least the computer is still usable until I get money to build a new one.

  14. Bought a PCI-E to 4 Ports SATA 3.0 ESATA PCIE SATA3 6Gbps PCI-E Adapter Expansion Card.
    Driver disk was damaged during shipping. Downloaded drivers from somewhere and installed them.
    On restart, computer had a hard time booting. Once it finally booted, my mouse started jumping around the screen until the bsod came up saying something like DPC Watchdog Violation, then 5 seconds later the computer went to restart mode. Wouldn’t boot. couldn’t even go into BIOS.
    Took the card out and all is well.

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