[Solved] I forgot my wifi password – How to get it back via reset?

Today we are going through another problem and its solution that are facing my thousands of WiFi Router users. Before that I would like to tell what is the reason behind firstandgeek to post this solution here. Last day in our article to create password for Digisol WiFi Router, we told that we will come with new WiFi articles that will be very helpful for our fellow readers. By reading that, one of our reader from New Delhi[India] had mailed us that, he forget his WiFi password at home. He want a solution to reset the password other than the hard reset method.
Here is the mail from Rahul Bhatia that I received yesterday.

Hai jinson,
My name is Rahul Bhatia and I am a 10th grade student from New Delhi. Actually I am writing this mail for my cousin. Today i am at his house and we are facing a WiFi problem. My cousin forget the password for the DLink Router in his home. We know the way of resetting the router but it is not what we want. While resetting, we lost all the configurations made by BSNL providers. I told him that you will find a solution for this problem because, I accidentally read your article about creating password for Digisol Router. Please help me to remove the WiFi password.

I really laughed by seeing this mail and I was so excited that why he mailed me [average tech blogger] to resolve this issue. Seeing this mail I understood that there are thousands of people in the world those never know about simple internet tips. So I am dedicating this article to Rahul Bhatia who mailed me under the subject “I forget my WiFi password“.
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Solution 1: Hard Reset your Router

This is one of the easiest way for resetting you forgotten WiFi Password. Each and every router modems have a hard reset button behind them. By pressing the reset button for a few seconds will reset and restart your WiFi modem and thus breaks the previous password and make it an open WiFi.
In the case of Rahul Bhatia, he know how to hard reset an WiFi Router. But the problem is that, his router is configured by some BSNL [ISP in India] officers and he doesn’t know how to configure manually. This is a serious problem. While you hard reset, you will lose all the information about the connectivity, usernames, passwords etc about Internet connection. In India after reset, they should go to nearby office to configure it back. As BSNL is a government property, its really 1 day work. But if you know all your Internet settings, you can hard reset it your self. Here is the screenshot for resetting a router.
i forget my wifi password

♦ Check the back side of your router and you will find word “reset” just below a small hole. Insert a Pin like substance and press it for a while. That’s all for hard resetting.

Solution 2: WiFi Password retrieval without resetting the device.

You can change the password of your router instead of resetting the router when you forget the password. Changing the password is too easy. We already posted how to change the Digisol password. If you don’t know, here is the steps to change the forgotten password of a WiFi Router.
Step1: Go to the admin page of your router. Try or It will navigate you to the login page of your router. By default most modem have username and password as admin.
forgot my wifi password
Step2: Now navigate to the Network and then to WLAN page inside the admin panel. Below is a screenshot of Digisol Router where you can change the WiFi password.
wifi password forgot
NB: The above is the only case of Digisol Routers. I have only digisol router with me. In case of other routers, the concept of changing the WiFi passwords is same. But there will be some minute changes in the admin page. i hope all of you can follow the instructions to change the wifi password once you logged into your Router admin page.
There are 2 simple ways to unlock the WiFi if you forget the password. In this, the first solution by resetting the Router is risky as there may be a chance for losing the information for getting the Internet. So you can go for the second option by changing the WiFi password by entering to the admin page of Router. You need to check the default admin username and password before going for this option. Another important thing is that, if your default admin username and password doesn’t work, you must go for the primary solution.
If anyone have any doubt regarding the above steps, kindly comment here or mail us. you can also ask via the Facebook fans page. We will try to reply you within 6 hours.

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42 thoughts on “[Solved] I forgot my wifi password – How to get it back via reset?”

    1. Currently there are no such apps available for android. On google play, you could see some app which are completely useless and spam. Thanks for your question.

  1. hi jinson i have recently set up a WiFi network in my home& i have tried to connect to my computer and phone. its says it needs a network key and no one in my home knows the password. i have temporarily connect it through cable to my pc but i have no WiFi service . could you please help about it?

  2. I don’t get one thing that,if u forget your password and not connected then how do u access the router webpage…if u r not connected to any router what does that does? …I mean to say suppose there are 2 routers and u go to that ip ,then which router’s webpage will open…kindly clear this

    1. I hope that You find the !st solution. Its the best way to reset the Password which you had forgot. Now the answer to your question.
      “The second solution works only if you forgot the device password and you have one device connected to the router” For eg: You are using Wifi in your mobile or tablet at your home and didn’t know the password. If you bought a new laptop and want to get connected. At that point of time the second solution will be enough.
      If you look at the introduction part, I had clearly mentioned that Rahul Bhatia a boy from New Delhi contacted me and he said that his cousin had forgot the WiFi password. Rahul wants to connect his device to his cousin router where it is protected by password. [Once a connection is established between a router and Android device, every time it will automatically connected without asking password] So using his cousin’s device, he can connect the router page with IP Hence he can change the password.
      Hope You understand. If any doubt remains, please feel to reply me. Thanks…

  3. One more thing…when we reboot router does the ssid gets changed e.g to digisol(if a digisol router)…and also date is being shown as 1970…how to configure these things,or it does not matter whether we keep proper configuration e.g date,time etc

    1. OK the password will ruturns to NULL. that means the Wifi will be open. in most cases, there you no need to bother about the date and time. Even though I had resetted my DIGISOL router at my home and there was no problem for date and time.

  4. Ive reset my bsnl modem and changed the wifi password also but the internet light is still red…..can u tell me what to do now…..

    1. If you reset, you should know your Internet settings.
      For example how to configure your BSNL username and password etc. Normally the password will be “password” itself and contact your BSNL office for other setting instructions. Its too easy, if you had received your full settings.

      1. I have no WiFi connection. But my device is connected because my frnd is entered in my mobile then how I know this WiFi password?

  5. i have changed the defult pw admin while logging in to now can i know the pw again except resetting the router

  6. Hi first of all sorry for my bad English then………I also have digisol WiFi.I tried to change paasword of my router……i changed the password but when i restart the router it shows red light only (In my router red comes when intializing failed) and while I reset via that paperclip method (inserting paperclip in that small hole) It now also showing that red light………Is there any method to hard reset via PC??

    1. The red light is because, you didn’t give your ISP user name and password correctly. Contact your ISP for your configuration settings…

      1. I hv baton router and i forgot the password… and i m unable to recover it..as ur advice to reset it..but the reset button is not working ..i sent my modem to bsnl office bcoz i hd a connection with bsnl broadband. They told me ur modem was alltime on thats the reason reset button not working..kindly help me..

  7. It’s hard to discover professional individuals within this matter,
    but youu seem like you know what you aree speaking about!
    Thhanks a bunch

  8. Hi I want to change my wifi password but I don’t have the pc to change.so can I reset my wifi password through smart phone.

  9. Hello Mr. Jinson. I’m having a slightky similar problem. I tried to change the password of our wifi and hide the SSID because some of our neighbors (they’re transient students) have a wifi password hacking tool. When I saved the new settings, I cant seem to connect to the wifi. It always says no network available. I tried to connect manually, btw. What I did next was reset the router, hard reset. Usually, the default password of the wifi is located on the bottom part of the router (sticker) but it doesnt work on mine… What should I do? I live in the Philippines and our network provider is PLDT.

  10. Hello,
    we have wifi in our college. till last week it worked fine. now they changed the password. but we got it. but the real problem is that wifi connected. but there is no internet connection. an exclamation mark is there on my wifi signal in my Xperia z2 running 5.1.1.. I think they blocked mobiles. Please help me

  11. actually i am a minor 13 yrs old .I was in my native place . there one day the internet wasnt working so i tried to reset the router using my guesswork and i somehow changed the password in the last step i pressed a button named restore to factory default.then i was not able to go back to the reset website. also it was a wireless connection which cannot be connected to computers .I need instant pro advice

  12. Hi Sir,
    I am using BSNL Broadband connection through “Teracom’ Modem. The
    Internet service remain out of order for few days due to fault in service providers underground cables. After repair of cable the Internet is working but I am not able to get wifi connection in Mobile though entering the password. The CMD in PC showing default address as but when I copy it in browser the login box do not open, instead either ‘Website not available” is appearing or Google search page opens. Kindly instruct what to do.

  13. hi jinson, i have beetel wifi router, connected to motorolla cardless phone, i forgot my wifi password, how can i get it plz help me

  14. Guys I forgot my admin password of my Tenda Router ,Now is their any option to retrieve/reset that password without Resetting my router?

  15. I live in joint family with single bsnl phone line in which my cousin who has router in his room always change the password, is their a way i can connect.

  16. Dear jinsonkv
    In my case the Digisol router admin page is not opening. It is showing everytime wrong password. I am not getting the way to enter the Digisol window. Please help me.

  17. I have used one of my neighbours network (dlink).. But now i gave forgot password by mistake.. How to recover it? Pls give me a useful reply. Ill be thankful to you

  18. Nikhil Kanfade

    subject: BSNL BROADBAND
    I recharged bsnl topup when speed is slow.There i changed default password . and then i come to , there is also i changed password and reboot router.After that my internet is not working.and getting yello sign.
    Please tell me if you have any solution

  19. hii I also tried to open and after i’m using the username and password as admin admin.
    bt its says wrong also. I hv digispl wifi router and I want to change the password plz help me fast as possible…..

  20. hi jinson
    i have changed my dlink password using my fone..and im using some local network connection named Foxtel..
    now my wifi is not working..
    please help me

  21. this was pretty helpful..but i forgot my username n password only..how do i login now 🙁 i want to change my wifi password ASAP..its urgent

  22. hi.my friends always change the wifi password every month.with help of router default I got every detail of his router like wps,company etc… yet He changed the password . IS it possible to know router password with the help of detail mention above???its D-link router.

  23. What is not clear is that if it is so easy then anyone who has hacked my router can take control and change the password. Is that so? Please also clarify if the process can be executed even if i am not using the internet connection provided by the router whose password i want to change? That is if I have logged into internet using Router 1 , can I change the wifi password /router password of Router 2?

  24. Hi, Iam trying to use but its not working for me. Is there any other option to change my password. It shows the error ” Th connection was timed out” . Always it shows the same. i am trying it for more than 2 months.
    Please some one help me to clear this.

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