[Solved] Unknown error code during application install 24 in android

[Solved] Unknown error code during application install 24 in android

I had to face this situation 2 days before when I tried to install the latest version of Clash of Clans Halloween week update. One of the most addictive game Clash of Clans goes offline due to its maintenance work related to Halloween and they introduced a new update. It was worth of 50 MB in size and after the maintenance finished, I started downloading it. In India, it requires nearly 10-20 minutes for downloading 50 Size file. Waited for half an hour at at the final moment it shows “Unknown error code during application install 24” error message. I thought that it may be some server side problem and tried one more time to download the game. Again it showed unknown error code.
Now I understand that, it was not the problem of the game. I realize that there were something wrong at my end. So I used Bluestacks on my PC and started playing Clash of clans on my PC. Here is my findings to resolve “Unknown error code during application install 24” error message.

Reason Behind “Unknown error code during application install 24

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I want you guys to know what is the reason behind unknown error code message rather than simple solving it. We don’t provide any tips without giving you the actual reason behind it.  Simply this error code is occurring due to overwriting of files with same file name inside the storage directory. For example, if you have an application installed. Same time, there will be new folder created in the data/data directory.
When you uninstall the application, the folder is not getting removed. Hence it get remains in the same directory. After a long time, you try to install the same app. At that time, the app finds the previous folder and results in the unknown error code message. Same problem also happen when you try to update a game or application. In my case, my device already contains the folder of Clash of clans and when I update it without uninstall the game, the message appear.

How to resolve Unknown error code during application install 24

Here we are going to share 3 different ways to fix this issue. You can try which of this is better to you.
#1: Direct Downloading the application
This is the first method of solving this issue. For every application, there you will get the .apk file from Internet rather than Google Play Store. For eg: If you want MX player, just search for Mxplayer .apk to get the file. Now install the .apk file in your android device. I am sure that this method works fine as you are getting the error on only one application. If you don’t get any relevant .apk application file, you can use the downloader apk online tool to download the file directly from Google Play store.
#2: Using some Root File Handling applications
This is another easy and recommended way of solving this error. With your default file manager application, you can’t handle or access the root files of your device. One of the recommended app is Root browser with which you can handle the root files easily.
Step1:- Download and Install Root Browser.
Step2:- Give the app necessary privilege.
Step3:- There you could able to locate a folder named “data”.
Unknown error code during application install 24
Step4:- Inside “data” folder, there will be again a folder named data. Open it.
Step5:- Now you could see several folders which have name similar to those apps you have installed. For eg: For clash of clans it will be com.supercell.clashofclans. You should look, for what app you are getting the problem.
Step6:- Now delete that entire folder. In my case, I should delete folder named com.supercell.clashofclans
Step7:- Then try to install the app again from Google Play Store.
If the 1 & 2 method didn’t worked, go for 3rd method.
#3: Factory resetting your device
This is the method which works 100%. If you are not capable of fixing this error by the first or second method, then do a hard reset. I hope You know how to reset your device.

  • Just Go to settings
  • Phone and Storage
  • Factory Reset

We won’t recommend this method before trying the first two methods. because doing a factory reset will delete all wanted and unwanted files from your mobile. All contacts without backup will get vanished. You will lose all apps, games and whatever you stored in your device storage area. So if you find resetting is the only way, please do a backup before proceed.
We hope you get the result by following any of these methods. Our success is completely in your valuable comments. Do you get success in installing the application after following the above procedures? Yes or No whatever happened, please let us know. Also don’t forget to share this to help your friends with the same problem.

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