Soma messenger vs Whatsapp – What Soma offers more?

At this initial years of 21st century ,there are a lot of messaging app created in order to make life faster and funnier.But most of the times, these created apps can’t deliver you the utmost comfort of hasty chatting.In addition to this ,some of these apps demand you to pay price for your use of that.So what if you get an app with a high speed of action and it’s usage at free cost?Here I introduce a useful app named SOMA which delivers you the power of hasty chatting.
This lightning app was created by developer Instanza and is now available at the home of apps – the google Play Store. As I said in the introductory part this app is constructed to have unlimited chatting at free cost with an ‘imaginary’ speed. This app is similar to FB messenger, whatsapp in a very wide angle, but the interesting stuff that differentiates SOMA from others is it’s high speed of output in chatting and video calling. While other similar apps interrupt you with some delay, SOMA developers guarantee a speedy experience. Remember this is strictly based on your internet connection.
Many people using whatsapp as their default chat app, search for Soma messenger vs Whatsapp features. But no almost all features of whatsapp were also in Soma messenger. Here are some features of SOMA messenger app.

SOMA messenger have same features as that of Whatsapp

You can thoroughly enjoy the speed that SOMA offers without any buffering. This is achieved in such a way that your communication is maintained and handled by a server in your nearest place. In such a way one can enjoy more in less time by using this app.
All people around the globe need some sort of security or privacy in their communication, and SOMA app delivers you the maximum security to your talks with others. The app gives 2048-bit RSA and 256 bit AES encoded data to make your chatting more private. This feature,makes this app most secured one among other similar apps in the market. Actually these encryption are mostly used by central agencies(governments).
Soma messenger vs Whatsapp
As other similar apps, SOMA also enables you to make free voice calls, start a group chat etc. In addition to this ,the app gives you the power to talk with your friends abroad without any kind of international charges. While other apps demand you to pay price for it’s use after a regular interval of time,SOMA is completely free on it’s use and is ad-free. Additionally it doesn’t take your money for abroad calls or messages.
Users can ask their friends and relatives to sign up for the SOMA messaging app once they have downloaded and installed the same. You can send messages to your device contacts and can ask them to install this app ,because your messages will be delivered with a link, so that SOMA can be easily downloaded.
SOMA allows people to have and receive free calls of their family friends, relatives from any corner of the world. Interesting thing to be noted is that this service is of absolutely no cost.While other apps also provide these facilities, sometimes there is a connection problem in it and might be very slow. But SOMA provides this facility at a very high speed. SOMA enables you to enjoy eye to eye interaction in a fabulous HD quality that other similar apps fails to provide. If you have got a very good connection, buffering is destroyed permanently.
The available apps in the market can only enable you to have a group chat to a limited number of people ,about around 100. But SOMA can increment it by 500 percent ,ie, you can enjoy the group chat of members up to 500.You won’t be facing any difficulty in delivery conformation of your message because SOMA has the ability to detect it.
SOMA app enables it’s users to select a wide variety of status messages and also gives the users the power to show their current status through the app. Here in this app one can add photos to their profile whenever needed. The app also gives the user an ability to go through their number of messages,video and voice calls,pictures that they have sent and received through the application.
I will be quite interesting for a users if they can express their current emotions without typing a message. SOMA app helps it’s users to do the same.This app has got wide variety of emotions that a living being can express and this will be very useful in the chatting process. SOMA surely can decrease your typing effort with its stickers and emotions, because a photo can easily defeat your mind rather than expressing something by words.
So what makes this app useful?it’s not its chatting functioning nor its video calling but is simply its high speed of action.In this busy 21st century one have to be aware with every emerging technologies.There isn’t any catastrophe that destructs these emerging messaging apps but when something gives the users what they wishes,it must be appreciated.Other messaging apps like whatsapp, viber enables you to enjoy voice and video calling but sometimes their functioning is questioned. SOMA enables it’s users to enjoy HD video calling and other similar functioning at a very high speed and this is the feature that differentiates it from other mobile messaging apps.
When something is there in the Play Store it is reviewed by a number of users. SOMA has been downloaded by more than 1 million people around the globe(users still counting) and has been given a rating of 4.3 by the users.The current version of the app is 1.0.3 and has a size of 14 MB which requires android 2.3 and above.
It is a hard task for the people to select the excellent one from the crowded region in which everything has got equal footing.But when something emerges from this crowded mob,that must be utilised.This is the case for SOMA app.From the competitive world,it has emerged with a wide variety of features.So i kindly advice everyone to install SOMA app on your android device.
It is better if I sum up this entire article in one sentence……SOMA app is differentiated by its hasty action and has all other features of similar apps integrated in it………

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