How to Spy Viber, Whatsapp Calls and Chats with XNSPY Monitoring App?

How to Spy Viber, Whatsapp Calls and Chats with XNSPY Monitoring App?

Viber has been kid’s voice call service app of choice for a while now. Unfortunately for parents, there aren’t many parental controls that provide a Viber monitoring option. Unless you have the right tools at hand that is. Because given it’s frequency of use among the kids, leaving it unmediated would be irresponsible, especially if you’ve got young children with smartphones. But with the right tools, which in this case is the XNSPY monitoring app, you can get your parenting in order. Here’s how to spy Viber calls and messages in just under five minutes.
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Installing XNSPY Viber Monitoring

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To start off your monitoring experience, you will first have to download XNSPY on your child’s smartphone. This has to be done manually—there is no way to wirelessly install the app on another device. However, if your child is an iPhone user, there is one thing you can do. After you make an online account with XNSPY, you can enter your kid’s Apple credentials and get access to Viber through that. In any case, installation only takes about a minute, and you get confirmation emails and instructions so the entire process is easy on you.

Toggling on Viber Spy Feature

Once the app is installed, you’ll be given access to the Control Panel. This is the place where all the recorded data from your child’s phone will be uploaded. But first, you’re going to have to make sure the recording takes place. To do this, go to the toggle features button and make sure Viber is ON. Now, you can acquire all the Viber data you wish to monitor. If in the future, you wish to stop or pause Viber monitoring, you can simply toggle it off. Since XNSPY has lots of other features, this function exists so that your Control Panel isn’t crowded with useless data.

Monitoring Captured Viber Data

From here on, you will be able to see every call or message sent or received from your child’s phone through Viber. Here’s a list of elements you can monitor:

  • Call logs including incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Call duration
  • Names and numbers of Viber contacts
  • All contacts in the Phonebook
  • Every message sent and received in the chats
  • Timestamp of each message

Setting Watchlist for Viber

XNSPY monitoring app has something called the Watchlist, which allows you to mark suspicious activity. This includes

  • Suspicious contacts. You can put certain contacts on the Watchlist and be alerted anytime they contact (or are contacted by) your kid on message or call through Viber.
  • Suspicious words. Enter inappropriate or unusual words on the Watchlist and receive alerts anytime they are used by your child or their contacts on Viber.

Other Features

It’s not just a Viber spying app, it can do the same for WhatsApp, Line, Skype, iMessage and Facebook. XNSPY users can view sent/received photos, videos and audio on these instant messaging apps. Have a look at some other features of XNSPY:

  • Phone logs monitoring of calls, SMS, emails, phonebook, calendar entries and internet browsing history. Just imagine how useful information regarding your kid’s online and offline activities can be obtained, just by tracking their emails, calls and SMS conversations.
  • Real-time location tracking using the built-in GPS of the target user’s device. Parents can use it to get address details of their kids whenever they feel like, without the need to call them. Also, kids who have a habit of lying about their location will think twice before doing that with XNSPY on their smartphones and tablets.
  • Remote control of XNSPY lets its users to control the target device that is monitored. If your kid has a habit of staying on their phones all night, locking their smartphones will be a good choice of parental decisions. If your kid loses their smartphone or tablet and you worry that their personal information shouldn’t be disseminated into the hands of wrong people, simply wipe blank the lost phone. Retrieve the lost data with XNSPY data back-up on its cloud server.

Learning how to spy Viber chats and texts really is a simple, 4 step process. However, if you still have trouble along the way, XNSPY has a Customer Support that is live 24/7 and is always ready to troubleshoot problems.

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