Use multiple Whatsapp account on Same Mobile using OGWhatsApp

Use multiple Whatsapp account on Same Mobile using OGWhatsApp

Whatsapp is the popular Instant messaging application available on all smartphone market. It is the most downloaded cross-platform mobile messaging application with billions of active users. Two former employees of Yahoo named Brian Acton and Jan Koum founded this app in 2009. The app was initially released on the Apple Store, later copied to Blackberry, from there to symbian and in 2010 to Android. In India Whatsapp have nearly 70 million active users and claimed to be the country with highest users. From the beginning till now whatsapp had faced several security issues but the team solved it wisely.
Last year No.1 Social Networking website Facebook had announced its acquisition of this fast messaging service for $19 billions due to its threat towards Facebook. However Whatsapp operate independently within Facebook based on the agreement between two CEO’s. Though whatsapp is this much popular, every bit of information related to whatsapp make huge expose in the public. Almost all tech blogs and web portals took those news to their shoulder and give maximum publicity as possibble. But today we are going to discuss something which is not unveil to the common people.

Dual Whatsapp account on Single Mobile

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For many reason, you may have to deal with multiple whatsapp numbers. But by default you can install only one Whatsapp account on a device. Whether it is dual sim or Single Sim, only one Whatsapp installation is possible. But today we are going to show you how to use two different whatsapp accounts on a single device without rooting it.

OGWhatsApp For dual Whatsapp Account

OGWhatsApp is the best Whatsapp moded app which allows you to use 2 different whatsapp numbers at a time. All these features are available without rooting your device. Actually OGWhatsApp have no option to concatenate messages from 2 different accounts but you can use OGWhatsApp for one number and the real Whatsapp for another number.
Features of OGWhatsapp

  • Multiple Whatsapp account on same device
  • No Root required.
  • Almost all features of Whatsapp
  • Image preview without downloading
  • Backup and restoring feature.
  • Whatsapp video streaming without downloading using media players like MX player.

How to Install OGWhatsApp for using 2 whatsapp number at a time?

Installation is quite easy as same as Whatsapp, but you need to concern about some precautions before starting install OGWhatsapp.
Backup All messages and datas:- It is better to keep a manual backup of your Whatsapp account before going to install OGWhatsapp. If anything happens wrong, you can easily revert the procedure. For taking a Whatsapp backup,
♦ Open your Whatsapp account.
♦ Settings
♦ Chat Settings
♦ Backup Conversations
Steps for installing OGWhatsapp
Step1: Uninstall your Whatsapp Application from your device.
Step2: Now Download the OGWhatsapp from here.
Step3: After downloading the app, just install it. Pictorial representation is shown below.
Screenshot_2015-01-16-21-27-56 Screenshot_2015-01-16-21-28-20
Step4: Assept the terms and Conditions. Since it is the moded version of Whatsapp, the terms of service is similar as that of Official Whatsapp.
Step5: Now Enter your old mobile number that you had used for your whatsapp.
Screenshot_2015-01-16-21-28-25 Screenshot_2015-01-16-21-28-39

Step6: You will Receive a verification message from the server and OGWhatsapp automatically verify the message.
Step7: Now wait untill the initialization procedure ends. It take less than 30 seconds as in Whatsapp.

Screenshot_2015-01-16-21-28-52 Screenshot_2015-01-16-21-29-10
Step8: Now it’s the time to install original whatsapp on your mobile. Just download Whatsapp from Play Store or install from the .apk file you have.  While you are at the step to verify mobile number, just give the second mobile number through which you want to use Whatsapp.
Step9: If you are using a dual SIM mobile and the sim is inserted on the same device, the mobile number get verified quickly. In case you have your SIM on another mobile, wait for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the automatic verification window get closed and you will ask to type the Verification code.
Step10: Enter the Verification code you received.
Step11: Now Type your name and add a profile picture.
Now you will start receiving updations on both whatsapp account at same time. If you have any doubts regarding installation of 2 whatsapp account on same mobile device, kindly use the below contact box. Don’t forget to share this simple trick to your buddies.

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