Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is one of the most comprehensive tools for recovering data on a Mac device. It is a one-stop solution for all of one’s Mac data recovery needs. It lets a user preview a particular file before recovering it so that the process is efficient and provides only the desired results.
Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac employs a very capable Search function that can find the data present on the Mac device’s hard drive or other memory devices that is connected to it.
WonderShare Data Recovery
A major issue with data recovery is that it seems too complicated for some users. This is something that Wondershare Data Recovery has tried to resolve by being a user-friendly software with a simple yet highly functional User Interface. With the regular and deep scanning mode, it is less likely for a file to hide from Wondershare Data Recovery.

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac Analysis


  • A very clean and functional User Interface
  • Compatible with hard drives and other external storage devices
  • Files can be previewed before recovery
  • Works with all file types and extensions
  • Deep scan mode can find deleted/formatted files
  • Files are recovered with their original parameters


  • Deep scan mode takes a lot of time

Bottom Line
Wondershare Data Recovery is an easy to use and versatile tool to recover data from drive or memory device that is connected to the Mac device. It can search and recover many types of data, regardless of whether it was deleted, formatted or damaged.

Review of Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is a capable software that can meet a user’s data recovery needs. One of the first things that a user will notice about this tool is its user-interface. It is designed to offer essential functions with neat and organized. This makes it easy to use for beginners as well as advanced users. Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 and above and does not have special system requirements apart from 200 MB of free space and 256 MB of ram.
Users have the option to preview a particular file before recovering it, which makes this tool highly efficient. One of the biggest problems in data recovery is that it is a time-consuming process. This is where Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac gains a significant advantage over other tools. With Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac, users can pause the scanning process and resume it later from the same point as per their convenience. In addition to that, it also lets a user save the scan results for further use and to recover files from it later. The recovery wizard makes the entire process easy. When you start the Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac tool, it will request you to choose the requisite recovery mode.
Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac comes with 3 recovery modes:

  • Lost File Recovery
  • Partition Recovery
  • Raw Recovery

The Lost File Recovery mode is for users who know the location where the particular file was lost. It recovers deleted as well as formatted files with equal accuracy and retains their paths and file names.
WonderShare Data Recovery
Hard drive partitions are susceptible to errors, faults, and other issues. This is where Partition Recovery comes in. It can restore the data from the lost, deleted, damaged, formatted or resized partition. Partition recovery works in many file systems, including NTFS/FAT, 16/FAT, and 32/exFAT.
The another option is the Raw Recovery feature. It lets users scan the raw partition of the hard drive. In this mode, users are given the preview of recoverable files in real-time, which can then be recovered by just one click.
The Resume Recovery mode is helpful if you do not want to recover all of your files in one go. The results are scanned, and you can even import the scan results from a previous installation to Resume a Recovery Session. This can be selected on the startup screen.
The type of files that Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac can accept is huge, covering over 550 different types of formats. Right from Documents (including Doc, Docx, EPS, PDF, CWK and others) to Image files (JPG, PNG, CR2, etc) and Video, Audio, Archive, and Email files are all supported. A range of data loss situations can arise, right from accidental deletion to the formatted device, damages caused by a virus, unexpected power outage, crashed hard disk and more. Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac can recover files from all such situations with high efficiency.
WonderShare Data Recovery
The quick scan is run automatically after starting the Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac, which tells users about the lost/deleted files that can be recovered. It does not take more than a minute for these results. If a particular file is not found, then you can use the ‘Deep Scan’ mode that will find all other lost/deleted/damaged files from the specific memory device.


Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is an all-in-one solution for all the data recovery needs of a Mac user. Not only does it recover files from Mac’s internal hard drive, but it also works with other connected storage media, including pen drives, external hard disks, and even digital cameras.
It supports recovery for more than 550 different file formats and extensions, which is more than what other recovery solution can offer. With different recovery formats to suit particular scenarios, Deep Scan feature to recover files that are abnormal. Besides, there is a choice to recover specific files.
Thus, Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is definitely a recovery solution that worth trying. It will help Mac users in recovering their data efficiently.
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