Onda V820w vs Cube iwork8 – Best 8 inch tablet under $100

Onda V820w vs Cube iwork8 – Best 8 inch tablet under $100

Some won’t be satisfied with gadgets which might be having greater display size. These people will be favoring small size gadgets under low price. Don’t worry, here I provide you the best tablet under $100 offered by Everbuying.net. They are the best retailer which offers gadgets and new fashion at a cheap rate with extreme quality. Here we go for the best.

Best 8 inch tablet under $100 – Onda V820w and Cube iwork8

#1:- Cube iwork8 Ultimate

As mentioned by the title, the tablet has got a screen size of 8 inch with a resolution of 1280*800. The WXGA IPS screen helps the buyer to use the tablet for watching videos and browsing on the web. These tablet display images and videos as intended by the user. The thickness is just .39 inches which enables you to use the gadget smoothly. The tablet is so easy to carry and handle as it just weights .346kg.
Now let me talk about the operating system of the tablet. It comes with dual OS, Windows 10 and Android 5.1. This offers both business and entertaining jobs to work fine at equal footing. The new technology with more excellent interface and compatibility makes the tablet to run apps and software hastily. It has 64 bit windows 10 as its operating system.
Tablet comes with a burst frequency of 1.84GHz and 14nm process technology. It works with Intel cherry trail Z8300 14 nm quad core CPU for the better performance of the device. Mentioning about the storage capacity for the tablet, the RAM is of 2GB and ROM is of 32GB capacity. The tablet is equipped with DDR3L memory which can provide higher performance than DDR3.
Gen8 HD graphics GPU offered by the tablet enables you to enjoy good gaming experience than its previous generations. Bluetooth 4.0 provides low latency connections and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi standard deliver haste network connections. You can also use HDMI port to connect to the external outputs. Both the cameras are of 2MP size and give a very good quality images and videos. The 3V 3300mAh battery meets the requirement of the user to a great extent.
Check Out Cube iWork8

#2:- ONDA V820w

Onda V820w is going to be the very next option if you are in search of tablets under $100. Onda V820w comes with a display of 8 inches and 1280*800 screen resolution. The IPS screen technology of the tablet is quite interesting for its users. 5mm narrow side design of the tablet can make it easy to carry and can be operated just by one single hand. Moreover the weight of the gadget is just .344kg which makes it quite comfortable in rough use.
The dual operating system of the tablet helps the users to experience a different world. The tablet has Windows 10 system and Android 4.4 for multipurpose. The windows can easily meet more efficient business office demands and the android OS enables you to experience an outstanding gaming and entertainment programs. The unique BIOS technology offered by the tablet helps you in easy switching between OS. Just a tap on the screen shifts you between the operating system.
Now it’s time to deal with the storage capacity and clock speed of the device. It is powered by Intel Z3735F and is run by a processor of 1.3GHz quad core. Tablet has a storage capacity of 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. One can have an external memory up to 128GB. Everyone can enjoy better experience for games since GPU is Intel 7th HD graphic with 646MHZ. The tablet also has bionic fingerprint type back design.
Additionally, the tablet supports HDMI video output so that you can create a home theatre of your own. One can connect Onda V820w tablet PC with mouse, U disk, mobile disk and much more. Tablet provides a fast data transmission with Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi of 802.11b/g/n. It comes with a dual camera of 2MP back camera and 0.3MP front camera with video recording. You must note that the tablet doesn’t have recording software available and you have to access the same from a third party.
Checkout Onda v820w from everbuying (Out of Stock)
I believe I have made healthy evaluation about the tablets under this price range. Now its your turn to get these from ‘Everbuying’ which meets your taste. The former costs $79.99 and the latter costs $79.37 in ‘Everbuying’ shopping site.

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