Download Dekh bhai images – Best Pics for Whatsapp in Hindi

Download Dekh bhai images – Best Pics for Whatsapp in Hindi

After Facebook and Whatsapp had acquired the social networking area, the usage of Internet meme had increased gradually. Internet meme is some form of activity or a concept to spread ideas in a funny manner. People began to use memes instead of direct text chats and now these meme images have great scope over internet. Check out the What wikiepedia tells about meme.

A meme can be described as a behavior, a style or an idea which spreads and varies from people to people in a cultural boundary. Most common form of Internet meme are photos, videos, webpages and hash-tags. However most common form of meme is the picture itself. These pictures contains some sort of text or phrases for passing a message to the readers. These meme are spread over websites, servers, email, blogs etc.

After whatsapp got more popularity than Facebook, Internet meme are now widely using in Whatsapp than Facebook.
This article is dedicated to people in India because “Dekh bhai” is a Hindi word. Dekh bhai means hey dear. Dekh bhai  are getting high popularity in India’s Internet market. They are getting viral day by day.
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This compilation consists of the most downloaded and shared “Dekh Bhai” series images through which you can troll others and laugh well. So get ready to make others laugh. We also recommend you to check out our another collection of funny whatsapp images.

Download Dekh bhai images troll for whatsapp

dekh bhai funny
This is to warn your friends those are taking photos with others girl friend or with others bike. This image tells that “Hey dear, Don’t take photos with someone’s Girlfriend and someone’s bike. Very useful meme when someone is posted images with others bike. Usually seen in Internet.
dekh bhai
This image is very useful if you have a friend who ask you money every time. If you realize that some of your friend is going to ask you money, you can post this troll. This image means that “Hey dear, If you are going to ask money, then our friendship is over.
You may have friends those are not willing to listen anyone. They thought that, their words are final, No opportunity for others to express their feelings, emotions or ideas. So you are telling them that, “Don’t make yourself a hero”.
Do you have friends always ask for a party or treat? Then this is the best Dhek bhai troll for those guys. You are telling them that, “Don’t ask for a party every time like a beggar”.
Dekh bhai images exam meme
This troll image can be posted on Whatsapp as well as Facebook groups just after having an exam. It’s very common among Indian students asking other’s how was the exam? Even though we don’t write anything on the paper, others describe that we had write a lot. They will also try to publish our results. This image tells that “Please don’t ask me how was the exam”
Dekh bhai images troll
This troll image can be use very frequently on Facebook and Whatsapp. Social media addicts posts each and every moment of their life on their favorite media. For example if they are suffering from fever, they will post a status “Feeling Fever”. This Dhek bhai troll image tells such guyz that, “If you are feeling sick, then please have medicine instead of changing the status.
Dekh bhai meme
You may have friends those who haven’t any skill for singing a song. Anyway they force you to hear your song. We have no other option other than listening them. Also we can’t directly tell tham that your song is too boring. So indirectly we let them know that it is too boring. ” I had hear your song. But please don’t post it on Facebook”. This troll is also sending to people those have good singing skill and just for making the situation funny.
This dhek bhai image will be very useful in day to day life. In India, it is very common that, people sharing messages, text and sms by a meaning that, if you send this message to 20 people, you will get free recharge. Actually this kind of messages will contain some products or website links to promote. These message are well planned by those who are creating this. The truth is that, you will not get any benefit for sharing the message to another person. So the above image tells that ” You will not get free recharge if you send messages to 20 people.”
This troll is not personalized one. If you are television watcher, you have seen the advertisement of Maggi Noodles. In the advertisement, they tells that you can cook maggi within 2 minutes. But it is completely irrelevant. I haven’t eaten maggi without cooking for more than 5 minutes. This troll image tells that “Maggi Noodles can be cooked within 2 minutes.”
Another funny dhek bhai image. If you go to a shop and buy any chips, you will get more air than the chips. The chips packet should be expanded with air. This troll shows that, Inside a chips packet, we need chips. For air we are keeping a fan.”
All of these images are taken from the Internet. We are not the responsible authors or creators of these images. If you want this image to be removed, kindly contact us with the original links. Also check out our whatsapp group names. If you have other Dhek Bhai images, kindly let us know about it. We will add it here.

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