Reliance Free 3G Trick 2016 March – Unlimited Downloading

Reliance Free 3G Trick 2016 March – Unlimited Downloading

Comparing to other countries, it is tough job to get Internet for free in India. Public WiFi are less compared to other western countries. Even-though many WiFi services are available across Indian cities, it may be locked with Passwords or may be opened only for subscribers. Public places like Airports and Railway stations are not having enough free Internet Facility. Another way of getting free internet is colleges. But there is also some sort of problems. Many College and university campus have free WiFi but may be locked for torrent and other social networking websites. You can head to our article showing how to bypass web filtering.
So the only one choice for common people to access internet is through mobile operators. Since there are only few mobile operators in India, all of them are planning together and asking for a huge rate for Internet. We can’t believe that some of Internet operators are asking 250Rs [$4] / 1 GB of internet which is available free of cost in some other places.  We are stepping to a new field of blog content area. In this new year 2016, we are planning to add some articles and tricks for getting free Internet throughout India. On our another blog related to Network tricks, we are getting continues email regarding the way to get free internet.
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Requirements before trying this Reliance 3G Trick

First of all we are putting forward some requirements for getting free Reliance 3G in your mobile phone. So before proceeding to the trick, please check out the below requirements.

  • 3G SIM Card – We recommend you to have a 3G Sim card for testing this trick. Our friends from Rajastan had already mentioned that, it is working for 2G Sim also. But if you want some speed boost, try this with a 3G Sim.
  • Keep Zero Balance – The trick we are going to show here will not work on all states in India. So if you are going to test this, keep the balance as zero otherwise, you may loose your balance. These tricks are not working in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh etc. So don’t try this from these states. We will update the state list soon after we receive some update from our friends. Anyway this is working fine in all southern states of India.
  • A small 3G Pack – This is for getting a startup for the connection. After getting connected, you may loose the 3G balance but before getting disconnected, you can download unlimited. For some states, you may not need the base 3G pack.

How we getting these tricks?

Many guyz all over India asking us how we are getting these tricks. For the first time, we are telling the basic idea on how these loop holes are figured out. The first thing you need to keep in mind that, there is nothing in the world which is 100% perfect. In technical field, there will be always loopholes. Every time the operators explore new offers and free services, there we get some loopholes. We are always looking for such updates and after that we explore these tricks. Don’t ask more about the way we which figures this out.

Download Reliance 3G Trick for January 2016

You can download the trick for free. After that you get free Reliance 3G in your Mobile and PC. Pleases don’t share this trick to public because if so, Reliance team will catch this loopholes and they will block this trick. This download pack is protected with a small survey. In most case, you need only to verify your mobile number or email address. This is to save the file from unwanted downloads.
Download Reliance 3G Trick for January 2016
As this is our first article in this Network trick area, we are eagerly waiting for your response. What ever the result, please let us know with your state. This will help our fellow readers.

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