Card Data Recovery – Best data recovery tool for mac

Card Data Recovery – Best data recovery tool for mac

In this tech world, people loves to store data in storage device rather than in files, albums etc. But handling these storage devices in careless manner would lead to damage of storage device including its contents. You may loss the contents inside a memory card or USB pendrive due to accident deletion, virus attack, hardware failure, system crashes etc. If any such situation occurs, it will be very frustrating. The best way to recover from data loss is to avoid such situations and if you had loss any, please take a look on this article. If you are using Mac OS and had lost any files, here is the best data recovery tool available today. Just make a try to recover your lost files.

What all features Card Data Recovery provides?

If we compare of Card data recovery Tenorshare with any other available recovery tools, we could see some extra features on it.

  1. Recover Data and files from Memory Cards

There are a wide variety of removable USB disks available today. Among them, popular are SD cards and External disks. It is little bit difficult to recover items from external storage devices but card Data Recovery provides a one click recovery from Mass storage devices like Micro SD, Pendrives, Mini SD, SDHC,  Zip drive and even from external hard disks.
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  1. Supports almost all formats

Many recovery tools stuck if the files to be recovered are less popular extensions. For example some tools can only recover video files with popular extensions like mp4, avi, flv. But using card data recovery you can restore almost all video formats including unpopular .mpg, .mts, .m4v etc. You can recover files having more than 300 different extensions. Popular document formats like .pdf, .txt, .htm, .rtf, audio formats like mp3, .aac, .m4a, .aiff can be easily recovered. Another advantage is that you can recover system files like HFSP, EXT3, MTFS, FAT12/16/32 etc. So no problem what kind of file you had lost, you can recover it with this tool.

  1. Recovery from any kind of file damage

Files can be damaged due to many reasons. Some common reason for losing files are due to unintended format, accidental data deletion, damage for storage due to water, data loss due to power failure, affection of virus or any kind of system crash etc. In any of the above case, Tenorshare’s Card Data Recovery is the best choice available.

  1. Different modes of Recovery

Card data recovery supports 2 different modes of file recovery.

  • Quick Recovery:- This will be very helpful if you had to restore the recently lost files. Very useful for recovering mistakenly deleted files and formatted files. This method is very fast.
  • Deep Recovery:- This mode of recovery can be used if you can’t find the file using the Quick mode. Mostly you never need to this way because the quick mode will give you what you want. This is little bit time consuming that the quick mode. Anyway there will be a positive output.
  1. Recovery support all popular devices

Whatever your device be, you can trust card data recovery for a successful data recovery. It supports almost all cameras like Casio, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Kodak, Canon etc. Android as well as windows phones are supported to recover lost data. Files lost in Nokia, Sony, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung etc can be recovered easily.
Click here to get Tenorshare card Data recovery from Mac App Store.

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