Clash of Clans installing issues after update Device isn’t compatible

After making a massive changes for the game Clash of Clans, people those who are trying to play, facing serious issues and errors. Clash of clans team were behind a huge update before a couple of months and they promised some serious changes and game balancing techniques from the next update. As on today 10 December 2015 while the game show maintenance break, people those who are addicted to the game feel blessed and they wait until the maintenance break gets over. But millions of people those who had eagerly waited for this update didn’t get what they expected. As there are millions of players for this game, the game is not yet balanced after giving an update. Let us check what all issues the game bought to the addictive players after this update.
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Clash of clans issues after update

#1:- Your Device isn’t compatible with this version
This is the main issue for gamers after coc introduced the latest update. Thousands of people started posting reviews on play store such that, they were not possible for updating the game. While going to update, it is showing that Your Device isn’t compatible with this version of clash of clans. People running coc on Lollipop with 5.0 Inch screen and 2 GB RAM is also getting the same issue. Here is what Henry posted on Facebook after the update.
Hay I was waiting for this update for a couple of weeks. I am using Motorola Moto X for playing clash of clans. There were no issues before the update, but after you guyz made the update, I was not able to install it. Every time, I open the installed coc, it prompt me to update and whenever I goes to update, it shows Your Device isn’t compatible with this version of clash of clans. kindly do anything ASAP coz, I can’t live with coc.
Your Device isn't compatible with this version
#2. Game getting crashing while playing
Some people were able to install the update but facing serious crashing issue after doing the update. Checking the play store reviews, it is clear that, people face crashing issues while clicking coc elements like Town Hall, Army troops, Clan Castle etc.
#3. Only Black screen
After the update, many complaints that, only a black screen is showing. This is what Ravi messaged on play store.

After a long Maintenance break, clash of clans is not loading. I stuck at the loading screen [I mean splash screen ] and the screen goes dark. Noting happening after I uninstall the current version and install the new from play store.

Check out what Sergio commented on play store

Replay showing too laggy. I am using Galaxy s5 and my phone hangs forever. Error popup is showing that coc is not responding and ask me to exit the game. Plz fix it soon.

In all sense the new update is totally a failure. Nobody can play the game and many loose the war due to the update. All are very sad about the War because, there were no official news about the latest update. All of them were un prepared and loose the war.
Hope the developers would solve the issue quickly.
UPDATE on 11/12/2015
Those who are getting device isn’t compatible issue with coc, just get the apk from another android device where new version is compatible. For ma, I had received the latest apk from my friends mobile and everything works fine.

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29 thoughts on “Clash of Clans installing issues after update Device isn’t compatible”

  1. For those whos devices say it’s not compatible: update clash of clans through aptoide.
    It worked for Me just fine, and I had the same error as well.

  2. I am Using SONY XPERIA SP(5302) with Android 4.3… Till now I was playing coc without any problems…but after new update its showing… ” YOUR DEVICE ISN’T COMPATIBLE TO THIS VERSION”…
    Common I can’t buy a new phone to play coc….
    Please resolve it

      1. does it really work, I have a new phablet, I want to transfer my old COC from my phone to my phablet, but I can’t download the COC on my phablet, it says the my device isn’t compatible with this version.

  3. shubham kshirsagar

    whenever I click on the update button it directly takes me to play store… but there what I see is no option like update… there are only two options 1. uninstall and 2. open.
    when I click open , I get back to my coc app… and again the update option comes…
    what to do man…..
    I did got an apk file from my friend and by another sites, but those files are also not working…like it says _App not installed!
    please suggest me something asap….

    1. First of all uninstall the clash of clans app. Then delete files in memory card or internal storage related to coc. Then get a new apk from your friends mobile. Install it. Now it will get succeed sure..

      1. Shubham kshirsagar

        Thats the problem brother… I haven’t signed u with google play store… I cant uninstall my game bcoz I done wanna lost it…. thats the biggest issue

      2. How they can send apk? Sorry but i have no idea..
        Where and how can i receive it?
        Can it be sent through Bluetooth? Or messenger. Etc.

  4. I’ve tried from 3 different phones old n new I even went and brought a new phone and its still not ccompatible I hope this gets fixed soon

  5. To fix loading/buggy update, install it on internal storage.. uninstall it from your SD then reinstall it using via Google Play. Login to your google account and reinstall it. If you cant do it via google play using your PC, download the latest apk online, save the installer to your device and do the the same, uninstall CoC first from your device then re-install it on your phone internal storage… . So far the app startup issues has been resolved including in-game performance.

  6. I had the same problem and managed to fix it!
    Step 1: Uninstall Clash of Clans
    Step 2: Sign out of Facebook and Google
    Step 3: Restart phone
    Step 4: Download the APK file (wi-fi)
    Step 5: Install Clash of Clans but DON’T RUN YET
    Step 6: Sign in to Facebook and Google
    Step 7: Turn off wi-fi and turn on mobile data
    Step 8: Run game
    This is what worked for me on my Android phone when nothing else worked.
    If the other solutions don’t help, give this a try

  7. i m using samsung galaxy grand prime 4G….and the game doesnt loads… stops after about 15-20% of load……and than stucks….plz help me

  8. Hi i installed coc in my android 4.4.2 its intalled and running welk but no shortcut has been created in the phone i have to go in th play store and have to search Coc and here i git open option ?? any one know how to cteate shortcut of an andriod app in tha phone

  9. My clash of clans is not allowing me to play due to the newest update….it says “this version is not compatible with your device” which makes no sense because before the newest update i was playing coc perfectly fine. I even put quite a bit of money into coc yet now im randomly not able to play it. Please help!

  10. I don’t know why I click on update button but it’s just going on blue line like processing not updating after that I delete coc and tried to install but same happened why?

  11. I have installed the APK as ur suggest and successfully installed… But then when i open my coc Christmas song came out and said that there is a good news, i have to update my coc and it goes straight to google play store… And the bad news is i can’t update because my device is not compatible… is not working

  12. After updating my coc and clearing all my cache and data my game is not working.It is ahowing unfortunately your game has stoped.

  13. my phone storage is free. But when I install clash of clan then it show me not available phone storage. wht I can do

  14. I install the game a month ago work fine but when I login toin my Google play game app, it will not log in how I secure my game

  15. bro its easy tell your any friend to download Coc latest version for you and transfer it to your set….. make sure to uninstall the old one first

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