Update Asus Zenfone 5 to Lollipop – Full Guide with Screenshots


Hay guyz, we are continuing our articles based on Asus zenfone devices. Our last articles on the topic How to enable USB Debugging on zenfone 5 is still receiving thousands of page views per day.
Today we are going to share you how to update your Zenfone 5 to Android Lollipop Version. The OTA update for Lollipop is still not available on Zenfone 5 but you can update it manually by downloading the Lollipop files to your mobile. Before going to proceed, please keep reading the below instructions. Proceeding the android upgrade without reading the instructions will result in some sort of errors. This is personally faced by me. I don’t wish anybody to go for Lollipop update without reading the instructions mention below. Read them and avoid issues while upgrade.
Upgrade Zenfone 4 to lollipop

Instructions before upgrading Asus Zenfone 5 to Lollipop

Check your SKU before manually downloading the files:- There are mainly 3 kinds of SKU for zenfone 5. the TW, WW and CN. You can find out your SKU by going to the build number page. If the build umber is WW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx, then your SKU is WW and if it is TW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx, then your SKU is TW and for CN it will something start with CN. Don’t download the update with SKU WW for your TW based Zenfone 5 and vice versa.
You need the latest Firmware:- To get update to the Lollipop version of Zenfone 5, you must install the latest version of firmware on your device. You can check the firmware version by going to
Settings-> About-> System update -> Build Number
If the build number is like WW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx or TW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx you can proceed to upgrade to lollipop. If the build number is like WW_user_2.22.40.44_xxxxxx, or TW_user_2.22.40.44_xxxxxx you need to first upgrade to WW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx  or TW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx .Then only you can proceed to lollipop update. This was one of my main issue while lollipop upgrade. I tried upgrading to Lollipop version from my WW_user_2.22.40.44_xxxxxx directly and get failed.
[xyz-ihs snippet=”middle”]
Rooted Device can’t be upgraded to Lollipop:- This was the Second issue I met while upgrading to Lollipop. For making some apps work on Zenfone, I rooted it before one week. After that, I received one OTA update of 97 MB [WW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx ]which didn’t get installed after downloading. Then I un-root my device and again download the OTA update [WW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx ].
Never Extract the Downloaded file:- The Lollipop file will be a .zip file. Many are asking whether they need to extract it or not. Plese don’t extract it. The .zip file is enough for upgrading.
NB:- If anything happens to your mobile, we are not responsible. It is all up to you to choose whether Lollipop update is necessary or not. Anyway What I am going to show you 100% correct information and personally tested by me. The screenshots are the proof.

Steps to upgrade Zenfone 5 to Lollipop

#Step1:- Upgrade your device to firmware XX_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx. You can upgrade this by tapping the System update button.

#Step1 a:- If this never worked for you, then you should upgrade to XX_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx by manually download the version. This will be nearly 700 MB in size. If this happen through OTA, it will be less than 100 MB.

Download WW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx firmware [760 MB]

Download TW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx firmware [761 MB]

As I mention above, if your build number is starting with WW, you need to download the WW_user version and if your build number is starting with TW, you should download the TW_user version.

#Step1 b:- Like the OTA update, the manual download won’t get installed automatically. For installing the downloaded file, Copy the file to the Root directory of your Internal memory. Then you get a push notification as “System Update file has been Download, tap to update your system“. If not get the push notification, please restart your device. If again issue, please copy the file again to the SD card and restart. You will definitely get the push notification.

Update Asus Zenfone 5 to Lollipop - Full Guide with Screenshots

Tap it. Then a popup will ask you to install the update. Press the Install button.


Now your device goes Power off and you can see the System is upgrading to  XX_user_2.22.40.53_xx version. It take nearly 15 minutes to complete. please be patient. Now you can proceed to step 2.

#Step2:- Steps to upgrade to lollipop is same as the Step1 b. Only difference is that step2 and Step 1b contains different files. In this step, you are downloading the lollipop firmware of Zenfone 5.
Download Lollipop Firmware WW- [700 MB]
Download Lollipop Firmware TW_3_23_40_52 [693 MB]
Now Copy the file to the root directory of your Internal Storage. Then you will get a push notification saying that  “System Update file has been Download, tap to update your system“.
Tap on the notification.
Then Click on install button.
Zenfone upgrade to lollipop
Your Phone get turned off and you can see the android getting upgraded to Lollipop version. This may require nearly 15 minutes to complete. After that one more restart will happen. Now you are with the Lollipop version of your Zenfone 5.

Zenfone 5 Screenshots with lollipop Version

Zenfone 5 to lollipop Asus Zenfone 5 to lollipop upgrade
Here are some of the screenshots of Asus Zenfone with Lollipop update. Here is my experience after updating to Lollipop.
It will be very difficult to accept the changes that are made in the Lollipop version for the first time we use. There is no changes happened in the app drawer and no new lollipop wallpapers are there. There happened some changes for the Notification area and settings page. Theme of Contact page and Message page has be changed to new look.
To some extent I am happy with the Lollipop update. I haven’t found any bugs with the new release. Camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, Tethering, Hotspot, USB Debugging etc were working fine. But As I told earlier, it need some time to adjust with the new look. There are lot of apps to be tested with the Lollipop version.

What to do if zenfone 5 stuck during installation?

All these stuffs are made up of some hardware components and software. There are chance to get stuck during the installation procedure. The official asus website provides the solution for this. You can check the website if you face any issues. The link is below.
If you have any doubts regarding the Asus Zenfone update to Lollipop, please use the comment box below. We can reply within 12 hours of your comment. If this articles helped you, please share this and encourage us.

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387 thoughts on “Update Asus Zenfone 5 to Lollipop – Full Guide with Screenshots”

  1. I have update my zenone 5 today after i installmy phone automatically switch off but still 5 hours mobile does not turn on ,what can i do.Battery is around above 80 % ,anybody pls reply me.What is the solution???

      1. Jundi Alfaruqi

        Your screenshots show there is a “developer options” why there isn’t any on my device? And why i can’t use any widget on my lockscreen like previous android version

          1. i am unable to update my phone after downloading the update i tried to paste it in both internal and external but still didnot worked my firm ware is ww2.22.40.54 what should i do

          2. I have get the notifications and i agreed it. After restart my zenfone, it occure to not reicive orders.. how to fix it?

      2. i facing same problem with rajaram..after i push power button + volume..i select recovery, but it says no command..pliss helpme..what should i do

      3. o bro i dod all d steps which u have mention but i ddnt get any notification abot build no for my asus zenfone5 TOOJ n my nuild no is wat shud i do plz rply me in my email if u can plz…waiting for d answer

      4. Hi jinsonkv,
        Thanks for detailing out the steps. Actually i downloaded a wrong SKU and was trying to trouble shoot the problem.
        Later i found out my build as ww and doing it in a right way.
        Also as you have highlighted it should not be unzipped.

      5. hey buddy,my current asus version is ww_user_2.22.40.54 .which file do i need to download for lollypop in ur uploads,plz anwer me

    1. I have asus ZenFone 5. I have also downloaded the zip file of lollipop and copy on internal storage and in as card but the notification of update did not came in the notification bar . The after restart the mobile but still its not coming. What should I do now

    1. The file can be placed on the internal storage. I mean just inside the internal storage. not in other folders like “Downloads” inside the internal storage.

    1. Root directory is Just inside the Internal Storage. It simply means, never put your update file inside any other folders like “DCIM”, “Downloads” or any other created folders.

      1. I m still not getting the system update notification…after pasting the update in my internal storage

          1. i downloaded the Download Lollipop Firmware WW- [700 MB] and copied it in internal storage Im still not getting the system update notification… then i copied it in my SD card also… but also i didn’t get any update notification.. wat can i do..??

        1. You have to paste update zip file in the internal storage(do not unzip or dont make any change in this) after pasting sucessfully immediately close and discoonect your phone from pc.
          Then wait for 3 seconds and i am sure that you will find notification.

          1. i tried it many times(reply to :
            You have to paste update zip file in the internal storage(do not unzip or dont make any change in this) after pasting sucessfully immediately close and discoonect your phone from pc.
            Then wait for 3 seconds and i am sure that you will find notification.)
            but didnt work

          2. Hi i have already downloaded 759 mb file and put in the internal storage but i cant get any notification update. What should i do?

          3. still not shown system update when i cut and paste on sd card .. many’ve time i try but it still not working? what should i do .. my phone not root.. pls hlp me

        2. I have an excellent solution for not getting the system update nortification….
          make sure your download file name is UL-ASUS_T00F-WW-
          not UL-ASUS_T00F-WW- or UL-ASUS_T00F-WW-
          if your download file name is different than u r not able to get the system update nortification………
          try it this is 100% work

  2. Yesterday when i checked up for updates in system update menu, i found an update and installed it .Then my phone got restarted and newly gameloft ,trip advisor apps are added..but still my android version was shown as 4.4.2..kitkat. Why so?

    1. It was the latest OTA update. You won’t get lollipop in that update. Now follow my steps of downloading the 700 MB lollipop files. Read the tutorials completely.

  3. Dear sir i have already have Version.i dwnld d frm softwere update.totall file size 90mb.
    I am totally confused about L update. Can u tell why we download Download WW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx firmware version.sir already have same softwere version.but file size 90 mb….so you told 759 mb what is different between? Now can i upgrade l without install 759 mb file?? Plz email me

      1. I have downloaded the proper version and placed in the proper storagea. I have tried for both internal and external storage. Still not getting the update notification.

    1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Sir i want to update my phone from kitkat to lollipop,my builder no. Is ASUS T 00J WW 20150527 44 can i directly update to lollipop via menu,setting,system update and check update this is necessary to download ZIP file OR i.e. 769 mb file,when now i can check update nothing to do anything happen what can i do please tell me detail,please sir this is request from me to u sir

  4. My build number is ASUS_T00J_WW_user_2.99.40.6, there is any problem while I upgrade it. what should i do?

      1. I have the same problem. I bought last November a Zenfone 5 from chinese supplier and I have same problem to upgrade. Firmware version i ww_user_2.99.40.6. What can I do? Thanks all.

    1. I have the same problem problem with upgrade. I have BN T00F_WW_user_2.99.40.6_20140927… on my Zenfone 5. Whwn I save update on SD it showes me information about update, it reswtarts my phone, it stats with update and it does error.

    2. [99 was future] you need to downgrade first to 2.22.**.*
      theres lot work to do, estimate 1 hours till upgrading –
      in xda-forum someone solved that issue, do googling, and follow the step

      1. How can i do for v2.22.40.54 ,, to lolipop. ?, i was try with this methot..but fail .. plz reply me step by step sending by mail. Tkz dude

      2. My buil number :- WW_user_2.22.40.54_xxxxx
        I applied the lollipop firmware update, directly as you said but I was encountering errors in boot menu. HELP !
        I dont think I’ll have to aplly OTA update as my phone is updated to higher level as compared to your provided OTA update.
        And also can you please explain the difference between WW and TW updates.

      3. I just downloaded the 759 mb file and cut and pasted from download file to sdcard..and rebooted the fone but not shown any notification what will i do????

      4. What will you if your phone was in that ww Do i need to download your first link for firmware which is .53?

      5. Hi jinson, I’m using ASUS ZenFone 5. 4.4.2 version and it’s firmware is this ,
        ASUS _T00J _WW_USER_2.22.40.54_20150527_44 RELEASE_KEYS 04400307_201407220024
        Can I still download it again ?
        Next I tried to download lollipop link many times but it’s showing an error occurred. What can I do for upgrade

        1. Its me again. I did the check update and i dont have sd card but i have free storage that is 8gb so i dont worry but? I cant receive notifs. I already restarted my phone.

      6. If my phone ww this my build number sir.and i download asus toof tw but i trying update but i can’t please tell me

      7. Same here updated ….54 .. do ineed to install the ww…..53? Or should i pursue to ulollipop upgrade only?

    1. Hello are you done upgrading your phone? We have the same build number BUT still Didn’t receive notification to update.

  5. Subbi reddy Manne

    How to Update from WW_user_2.22.40.54_xxxxxx to lollipop .
    please send procedure how to update
    Thanks in Advance

      1. hi jinsonkv will you help me to upgrade my zenfone 5.to lolipop .the wifi and blutooth are not working.pls help me.

  6. I have download the WW lollipop update cause my current version is WW_user_2.22.40.54_xxxxx..
    After i copied the file to root of internal storage, i don’t get any push notification even if i go to the storage on setting.
    How to trigger the push notification?

      1. I just downloaded the 759 mb file and cut and pasted from download file to sdcard..and rebooted the fone but not shown any notification what will i do????

  7. You miss 1 step, which is to restart your zenfone 5 after copying the update file to root directory of the internal storage.
    Thank you

    1. I missed it. But in most case, you never need to restart your device. It will happen automatically. Once not get the push notification, please restart your device.

  8. hi im smp, i just download da file about 700mb and my phone is zenfone 5 asus_t00j ..then i rename it to xxx 22.40.53xxx.then put it to sd card… i rename it beco i just read a commet from other sites… asus community.. when i tap update.. no thing happen.s…i tried pressing power + volume up and got to recovery mode… i did not proceed bcoz im afraid dat my pon will be bootloop.. plz help wat shoul i do?? tnx…note.. i already update to da latest firmware about 97mb.

    1. No need to worry about the bootloop. We had tested the same with five different zenfone 5 in our college. No issues found. If you are so afraid, please backup your files before proceed.. If anything happen, the customer care people will resolve it. Because it is an official update.

  9. First do the OTA update.
    Settings > About > System Update > Check update.
    Once it get completed, you can proceed with the manual lollipop update.

  10. hi im having a zenfone 5 and my build in number is ASUS_TOOF_WW_user_1.18.40.9_2014827_0215
    i havnt get any update till now. i am still in 4.3 jellybean.
    can i get lolipop udate.
    i have downloded the Lollipop Firmware WW- and tries to install but was failed due to some errors.
    help me to upgrade to lolipop….plz…

  11. Dr Balasubrahmanya K Acharya

    Can’t copy to root directory .. it’s telling ‘ access denied ‘ wat to do sir..

  12. im having a asus zenfone 5 i wanted to update to lollipop so i did it manually.
    i copied the zip file in the internal storage and i restarted .
    then the update was processing suddenly it shows error and asked me 2 options
    1 boot …..
    2 apply the update adr
    i selected the second option
    now my phone is stucked and showing the data cable symbol..
    help me

    1. If it is showing the data cable symbol, you had done something wrong.
      To overcome that, please long press the power button and press, Power + Volume up button.
      Now you will be in the recovery mode and from there choose restart option.

  13. I already have 2.22.40version and I tried copying the lollipop update in both memory card and root folder. Still I didn’t get push notification to install the update

  14. Dr Balasubrahmanya K Acharya

    Hi sir.. in PC I couldn’t find out root directory(after marking ‘show hidden file’s also) n after coping it into sd card n restart also I couldn’t find any use.. I think it’s not working for me..

  15. Hi
    I am using zenfone 5 a501cg I had updated to firmware ww…… 20.40.54
    Since the time the update was announced I am regularly checking update via setting=system update=check for updates but it is showing no update
    Please tell what to do.

      1. chakradhar pachpute

        plz send me link to download zip file my updated vergine is .54 but i couldnt update to lollipop so plz help me

  16. My build number is instead of as mentioned above…
    Will it work
    Why cant we download this update by
    System Update App> Check For Update > Download System update File
    When i checked it is not showing any update…
    The last update i downloaded was about 90 mb.

    1. It is very difficult to roll out the OTA update. But it will come soon. If you want to upgrade fast, you can try this method. will support this.

      1. I too have 54 instead 53, will the downloaded file block ram space or Rom space….when I will get OTA update

    1. show black screen after updating to lollipop latest version manually only notification bar iz working and display n programs works bagroundly what to do now?

  17. Hi I have zenfone 5 and it’s in it.I downloaded lollipop form Asus site.but it’s T00F and in my fone is T00J. When I am not rename the file it’s show notification for update but when rename file to T00J and restart the phone their is no notification in my phone.if I am using without rename file it show error in updating. Pls help me.

    1. You can proceed with the update. Actually my device were also TOOJ and I proceed with T00F from Asus site. If any issue happen in between upgrading, your device will roll back to its original condition.

  18. sir jinson pls help! i just upgraded my zenfone 5 to lollipop and after that update i notice that it does’nt connect to mobile data. H+ or H or even 3G does’nt appear. i check my mobile data setting it is set in 2G/3G option. i decided to do cache wipe and do factory reset, but still thesame problem actually i already reset my z5 for about 4 to 5 times. and another thing when i do factory reset my z5 i notice this
    E: Can’t open /dev/block/by-name/misc
    (Permission denied)
    Sir what does this error means. Thanks you very much for the help

    1. If it is an error from their side, they will release further patches in the coming days. So wait. Here I have no issues with the mobile data….

      1. Sir i have same issue, i cant use my mobile data after update, even though i turn it on and there’s a logo pop at the top H+, still i cant connect to fb or messenge which i enjoy when im still in kitkat..what should i do pls help.tnx

  19. I am on v2.21.40.44. Yesterday I downloaded the v2.22.40.54 via OTA update. But I get an error message when i install the update. So tell me how can i install the update. I want to update to lollipop.

    1. If it downnot work in OTA, plz download the v2.22.40.53 version that I had given in this tutorial… Then continue your upgrade to Lollipop

      1. Hello plz help me…
        I downloaded ww 759mb file to upgrade nd even i copy paste to sd and restart but also m not able to get the notification to upgrade..So is there any other options?

  20. Man i searched many websites to do this…….. but thanks to your forum
    I managed to update it thank you very much….
    after updating to lollipop can i root my phone again right……

  21. hi,
    i have installed that 97 mb update and now my phone version is WW, could you please assist me which version I should download now…
    the version that you have provided is for…

  22. Beautifully explained details to upgrade Lollipop with screenshots & how to identify model number. I have upgraded mine.
    Would be great if you can mention folders name to paste zip files in Root Directory (as so many people are confused with the term Root Directory)
    Really appreciate your time and help …..cheers !!

  23. sourav chakraborty

    I am using d asus zenfone 5 and d sftware vrsn of mine is now i earlier rooted my phone and deleted some apps that came inbuilt lke d asus browser,party link and then unrooted my phone after that i rcvd an update of 97mb which i did dwnld but while installing at a certain point its crashing and the phone is not working i did after that did a factory reset and i thought maybe bcse of removing d factory apps that came installed with the phone my phone m8 be hvng d problem and crashing….is dat true…or is it some odr problem…and will this files that u have provided work for me now after the things that i have donw with the phone?

    1. On rooted device, it will be difficult. The same issue just like me. I unrooted and it worked for me. Just try it with the two files that I provided here. It is an official update.

  24. sir I have a another query
    sir u already seen the comment of sourav chakraborty June 2, 2015 what to do at that condition

    1. You know, Asus is powered by Inter Processor. the processor is sensitive compared to other processors available in the market. If you had made changes in system files using root access, you may face difficulty in updating.

  25. Sir will i loose any of my data after updating to 5.Lollipop i can’t backup because I don’t have pc and laptop data like music videos games etc will i loose?

  26. how to unroot the ww_user_2.22.40.54 and i tried everything but the update notification couldn’t come what should i do plz response fast

    1. First tell how do u root that means your rooting procedure.and also if u have su app then there is a unroot option in setting check that some day ago i have also done wrong things with my phone but now i have the official lollipop installed u also do that search all the net u will definitely get a soln.

  27. Karl Ibarrientos

    i downloaded the TOOJ file , extracted the zip file in my sd card, i then copy the extracted folder to the rooth directory of my phone. but I did not get any notifications even after restarting my phone? I also tried transferring it back to sd card and restarted again. My Build Number is and my model is ASUS_T00J? What did I miss.
    Please Help

  28. Hello sir just wanna ask ’bout after updating to L, you said i need to copy in directory,,,do i need to rename the file? Thank you.

  29. Goodam, can i ask, i already upgraded my zenfone 5 to lollipop version, but my display settings wont have a font design, but font size only, i want font design for my phone, how can i get it without rooting my phone, thanks so much.. please reply.

    1. There is font option on your Zenfone. Please long press on your home page and you get the option for changing the font as per your wish. No root required..

  30. Shrey Kshatriya

    I updated my Asus Zenfone 5 to lollipop according to your method and it worked out very well and is pretty impressive. But now i am having massive battery drains but my storage gets used bit up everytime i restart my phone. Please help.

    1. The same battery issue is also here. We need to wait some more days for further OTA update from Asus. Once Nexus also had the same issue and Google solved it in next updates.

  31. hey
    is it a official update or not??
    and how much internal memory will it occupy after installation…..

  32. I updated zenfone 5 to lolipop.. battery draining fast.. and when restart always showin android updating

  33. Hi sir Jin, when i update to L. My keypad is not responding quickly..it.take 2 to 4 second to type..dn sometimes it lag about 4 times a day..i already do da reset? Sir. Is there update about Lollipop 5.1.1?

  34. Hi , I upgraded by zenfone 5 by your given steps . Thanks for guideline.
    But my what’s app had been uninstalled .

    1. Thanks for the feedback…
      You won’t loss the data of your whatsapp. It will be there in the phone memory. Re installing whatsapp makes it work..

  35. Is there any kind of change to battery performance in Lollipop ?
    Also an off-topic question …. Is it possible to enable the Manual Mode to camera as like Zenfone 2 ?

  36. i am very happy with my new lollipop ZenFone 5.its very easy and simple. nd u describe this process very clearly. no needs root, no data loss. really very happy… thank you so much..

  37. I followed all your steps for upgrading but i got “no command” when my phone started to upgrade. Then i tried to turn off and on my phone i got a USB symbol. After struggling a lot i got a menu and i chose REBOOT from there. Now when i paste the file in the internal storage i see no notification. I restarted my phone 2-3 times still no use. I pasted a copy of the file in SD card still i see no notification. Please help!!

  38. Hello,
    I have tried to download the firmware of lollipop for my ZenFone 5. But every time I do it, only 65% download gets completed n it stops automatically after that.
    My build no. Is V3.22.40.54
    Please help.

  39. Hi Jinsonkv,
    I upgraded mine to Lollipop. Works fine now. I wanted to ask – After upgrading the OS do I need to keep the ZIP File in the Internal Memory or can I delete it from the Phone Memory now?
    Thanks in Advance!

      1. i can download lollipop but not working and i copy to paste internal nd external but rest also it cannot notification coming what can i do pls tell me frdsss plssss….

      2. How to update my phone ZenFone 5 to lollipop plz tell step by step my build number is xxxxxxxx what
        To do the update is only 53 my is 54 what to do plz helpl

      3. Hi.. How do I delete the zip installation file after the update..?
        I searched all over.. connecting the phone to my PC.. but couldn’t find the zip file.. please help!

      4. Please help me upgrade my zenfone5 version ww_user_2.23.40.49… since it is showing error at the middle of installation

  40. I download the file in my sd card, i then copy the file to the rooth directory of my phone. but I did not get any notifications even after restarting my phone? I also tried transferring it back to sd card and restarted again. My Build Number is and my model is ASUS_T00w What did I miss.
    I already restarting my fone for more than 5 times but can’t get any notifications.what should i do

  41. Bagus Tri Destyanto

    hey bro can i ask you a question , is that normally when the process updating begin only shown up words said “no command”

  42. Heyy im pratheek..
    Y model is asus T00j…. but the filware which im downloading is T00f … will it be a problem while installing ….

  43. Hi, jinsonkv!
    I just downloaded and tried to update my phone to the lollipop for WW user, my build number is, but in the middle of updating process, the phone says error message. So, I aborted the update and reboot the device.
    I already follow your steps and this issue still happened, what should I do?

  44. My Build Number is and my model is ASUS_T00J?
    The update process get failed with message,”unable to verify whole file signature” update failed with error status2
    Pls help

  45. sharjeel hussain

    I am using zenfone 5 a501cg I had updated to firmware ww……
    Since the time the update was announced I am regularly checking update via setting=system update=check for updates but it is showing no update
    Please tell what to do. But i try to upgrade manually bit it show error update file does not exist. plzz help how to solve this.

  46. Sir where is root directory , where i can find the root directory ? and is pc or laptop needed for lollipop update of asus zenfone 5 t00j?

  47. I have zenfone 5 A501CG with jelly bean…can i update it directly into lollipop …if i not so give me link to update jelly bean to kitkat …please

  48. My build no is ASUS_TOOJ_user_2.21.40.40.xxxxx so my phone can be upgraded to lollipop or not? Bcoz u hav not mentioned any build no similiar to mine…. so just mail me plz… last night i tried upgrading it through system upgrade but i failed… plz help me…

  49. Hi.is any way to improve battery performance on zenfone 5 / any improvements on the lollipop updates ….and is there any change in internal memory after lollipop

  50. Jinson, i want a help
    i am not able to download lolipop firmware version which is 700 mb
    when i start downld it always stops after dowloadng 2mb
    please help me….thanx

  51. pls frnds hlp karo..
    mai july me asus zenfone 5 liya flipkrt se. ph ka to sob kichu thikthak hi hai.. but, jaav v net on karke set ko lock karke rakhta hu to barbr screen ON horahahai… kya karu?? 🙁

  52. hiii
    i upgraded to kitkat latest firmware and i asus team sent me the link to lollipop update according to my zen model. i did exactly like they said.. downloaded lollipop update zip file, unzipped it in pc. copied it to internal storage. restarted my ph. but it still didn’t showed system update notification. then i read your article and deleted all files. zipped it again and copied it to my ph again.. restarted. still nothing. i thought it’s bcoz its still in its own “U-ASUS” something folder so i cut the contents and pasted thm in internal storage.. still nothing. i pasted them to their original place again. thn i saw thi another zip file that’s named “ifwi. zip”…I’m i supposed to unzip it? or what do u think what’s the problem? what’s the solution?

  53. sir i downloaded it in sd and copied it internal storage too..restarted several times..didn’t get the notification….unfortunately i extracted it….wt to do next pls reply

  54. Hey!!! I just downloaded the update, it is stored in root folder=>sd card,but i didnt got any notification regarding any update found……plzzzz help…..

  55. After downloading WW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx file,I restart my phone but I doesn’t detect this file whether I put in internal or sd card.What will i do upate my phone.My built no.ASUS_T00J_WW_user_2.22.40.54_20150527_44.

  56. hi…
    I m download from lollipop update version for ul asus t00f tw 3 23 40 52 zip file size for file is 693 MB.
    can I upgraded it ? plz help me.

  57. Sir i want to update my phone from kitkat to lollipop,my builder no. Is ASUS T 00J WW 20150527 44 can i directly update to lollipop via menu,setting,system update and check update this is necessary to download ZIP file OR i.e. 769 mb file,when now i can check update nothing to do anything happen what can i do please tell me detail,please sir this is request from me to u sir

  58. Hello sir i am having a zenfone 5 which has kitkat pre loaded it has a firmware version of asus t00j ww xxxx before checking this site i went to zentalk then i found there people tellling to convert the firmware version to i am now downloading it and it that site it has been said that after doing this u can upgrade to lollipop ,so my point is there any risk of updating phone unofficially and is there any risk when i will directly update my phone when my firmware version is plzz answer me as soon as possible plzz

  59. I updated my zenfone 5 to latest version as shown by you in 1st step but i am unable to download zip file for step 2 i.e. for lollipop update. Wen i press on link given by u it is showing an error has occurred. What shud be done? Plz rply

  60. I updated my zenfone 5 to lollipop every thing is OK but every 15-20min my zenfone stuck and automatically restart can you help me dude

  61. My phone is TOOJ & its build no. Is ww faced some problem to update my phones lolipop it alaways failed .last weeks i tried to root my phone ,bt unfortunately it cant succesfull…plz tell me the solution

  62. Hey.. i just updated it to lollipop version nd now its working fine nd pretty cool.. but as the file is 700mb.. so its a large file nd though i have installed the lollipop version so now its unnecessary to keep it to ma device. So can i delete the zip file of 700mb. Plz reply soon. Thanx

  63. sir i have a problem, please help me. My current build number is WW_2.22.54 firmware, i already downloaded the WW. version of lollipop. Is this version of lollipop the same as the Firmware Lollipop? Because it will have an Error in the upgrading process. I also found this in the forum :
    “Warning: For users with firmware, most of the user unable to install Lollipop (I think is because firmware is released after Lollipop firmware released, so Lollipop firmware can’t accept the firmware installed.) Advised to use img file (Which is extracted from the firmware file) to fastboot and then install Lollipop.” – from https://www.asus.com/zentalk/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=11115
    Please help me and email me if you can sir to upgrade my phone to lollipop.Thank you.

  64. I have asus zenfone 5 TJ Rooted By mistake i deleted my system file my phone go down power its only half open and going loadinggggg
    Plz tell me

  65. sir… i am not able to download lolipop update file…from this link… nither from asus site… its only done 2mb and finished please reply fast.

  66. Hi..
    I was Upgrading my Asus Zenfone 5 from kitkat to lollipop, I downloaded the Lollipop firmware from website, but It was not completely downloaded.
    Without noticing it, I gave OK for upgradation.
    After few seconds,It got stucked, and screen with Usb Symbol is appearing…
    How to overcome this Issues..????

  67. Download Lollipop Firmware WW- [700 MB]- cannot download this file: It says
    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #132.26cf58db.1443745294.36357a9c

  68. My phone is zenfone5 ASUS_T00J_WW_user_2.22.40.54_xxxxxx
    Can i update to lollipop or should i download ??????

  69. hii i downloaded the TOOF file , but I did not get any notifications even after restarting my phone? I also tried transferring it back to sd card and restarted again. My Build Number is and my model is ASUS_T00J? What did I miss.
    Please Help

  70. Hi, I have just updated to lollipop yesterday. However, my apps stored in my sd card don’t work anymore (like viber and games). Were those deleted? What shall I do? Thanks!

  71. I just downloaded 759mb file as per ur instructions…..and copied into internal…not notifying…then I copied it to the sd card also….now i cant accessit….that is no notification….pls help sir…,,

  72. Hi,
    my device version is TOOJ_WW_2.22.40.54, i have downloaded lollipop zip file.. followed above procedure…while upgrading its failed & get rolled back..
    what should i do to get lollipop update?

  73. i have installed update for lollipop from kitkat, i want to know that can i delete the file which i have copied in root directory(internal storage) ?
    because it occupies aprox 1 Gb place. can i remove that file after installation ?

  74. After installing lollipop from kitkat, it shows google play service have to update for running, but when i click for update, phone is restarted ….. help me

  75. i have done all u have showed copied the zip file to sd card while restarting it doesnt shows me the notification of having a new update message..what do i do now

  76. diponkor rozario

    Hi, I want to upgrade my Asus Zenfone-6 (4.4.2) to Lolipop. Is there any option to get this update? Existing Build Number is ASUS_T00G_TW_user_2.22.40.44.
    Pls help me upgrade to Lolipop.

  77. Bro… While I am copying the firmware zip file to the root directory of internal memory, it is saying that permission denied. Even if I am copying to SD card it’s showing the same message permission denied. Please help

  78. my built no. is asus_T00K_WW_user_2.22.40.61_xxxxx..
    but in tutorial you showed that update is for
    so this will work on mine or not

  79. Hi!
    My phn is asus zenfone 5 TOOJ and build num is ASUS_T00J_WW_USER_2.22.40.54_XXXXXXXX
    sO I SHULD GO FOR INSTALLING LOLLIPOP DIRECTLY? (i.e step 2)? and with this link??:
    Download Lollipop Firmware WW- [700 MB]
    pls help

    1. even after dowloading the zip file for L update.. and copying it first in inernal storage then restarting.. thn in mcro sd card and after restarting. still received no notification

  80. Hi, I want to upgrade my Zenfone 5 to Lolipop, however please help me with below queries.
    1) How much free space is required on Internal storage for upgrade.
    2) Do I need to decrypt the phone before upgrade. If so how to do that. In one of the post I have read that for decrypting I need to do a factory reset. So will factory reset erase my app data or any other data.
    Thanks & Reagrds,

  81. I am having firmware version ASUS_T00J_WW_user_2.22.40.54. Should I downgrade it to ASUS_T00J_WW_user_2.22.40.54 in order to install the giver lollipop firmware?

  82. hello
    sir, i have a problem while upgrading my asus ZenFone 5 to lollipop
    i want your help plz ….
    can text me on whats app to solve this problem plz……
    i need your help

  83. Within installation of my device an error should be detected and when the recovery option displays then I select the rebooting option and after rebooting the zip file will be gone from my phone what can I do..plz tell me..?

  84. Hi sir, I successfully updated my zenfone 5 from kitkat to lollipop. i updated google play services as well. the only thing im concern about is when restarting my phone. when it starts, it goes back to the same process as if it is not yet updated. it stil say its updating eventhough i already did. i tried to check my internal storage to delete the 700 mb installer but its not there anymore. pls help. tia

    1. Hi sir, I successfully updated my zenfone 5 from kitkat to lollipop. i updated google play services as well. the only thing im concern about is when restarting my phone. when it *restarts*, it goes back to the same process as if it is not yet updated. it stil say its updating eventhough i already did. i tried to check my internal storage to delete the 700 mb installer but its not there anymore. pls help. tia

  85. Sir i download the zip file then copy it to internal memory restart my phone 4 5 time but didn’t get any notification what shuld i do ?

  86. Hu i have rooted my zenfone 5,and to install lollipop i have unrooted it. Will the new update work if i copy n paste it in internl memory?

    1. I tried to install it, but aftr rebooting and showing installation.. After sometime it shows broken Android pic and asks to rebbot or install from abd, factory reset etc
      I rebooted. And have same old KK.. what to do??

  87. Hi. I downloaded the Anroid L update, I didn’t extract it, I put it in the internal storage, then restarted my phone. I didn’t see any push notifications, so I copied it to my SD Card as well, then restarted my device again. But there’s still no push notifications. My build number is, and my model is ASUS_T00J. What should I do?

  88. Dude..its nt working…when i am pasting the file in the root directory then its showing that “permission is not granted”

  89. hi sir…. just a few question.
    1. if i go to customer service asus. there can update to version lollipop or not ?..
    2. it better i do it self to upgrade or better go to centre of asus ?
    tq. ☺

  90. Sir, i downloaded the T00F WW version on my T00J WW ,didn’t get any pop-up notification to trigger the update.i’ve already tries all the methods u explained above like restarting, copying file , restarting again, still nothing. Plz help.

  91. Hi Jinson.. Do u have any idea on this Error…?
    E: Can’t open /dev/block/by-name/misc
    (Permission denied)
    I just updated by manual from ASUS_T00F_WW_user_2.22.40.54_20150527_44 directly to ASUS_T00F_WW_user_3.23.40.60 and after that to ASUS_T00F_WW_user_3.23.40.60 .Then everthing being OK.. but when i try go to back reboot (Reset/Wiping) then Error shown as above….
    How to solve this?

  92. Hey nice man pliz help, my Asus is t00f WW- I already place the firmware to internal not in folder like u say and update not shown, and put at sdcard, and the update not show too, pliz I’m frustating, I already restart turn off connection, not connect to pc, why the firmware keep not detected??? I download at Asus website

  93. Sir, I’ve a problem after upgrade to lolipop. I direct update to the Lollipop version of Zenfone 5, without install the latest version of firmware on my device. And now my phone is lag, cannot play video on facebook and cannot update apk with play store. Can you help me? Sorry for broken english.

  94. Sorry, after the upgrade my phone won’t detect any simcard inserted. Isn’t a malfunction due to the update? I have tried to ‘factory reset’ the phone but it doesn’t work. Kindly give me solution? Thanks in advance

  95. While clicking on the 70md lollipop link foe ww version sometimes an error occur with log id and sometimes download occurs but its just a 4 mb zip file. Please check this case or please send other link for ww version lolipop firmware

  96. Sorry i wanna ask what will happen if i don’t update to lollipop version? And how to remove the notification (that shown to update the system) from quick setting screen or system notification screen? Because i’m still unsure to update. Thank you.

  97. Shaon Bhattacharya

    My zenfone 5(t00j) built number is ww2.22.40.54xxxxxx so which file i need to download.if any issue make my phone not support it so how can i understand..i mean will here show any error ..

  98. Shaon Bhattacharya

    By the way today 15November bt here i post my comment it showing 2 june..i think you should must work on it…

  99. Plz do not download any file from here ..it is corrupted file.Bcuz my phn gonna recovery mode after installing this file #Download Lollipop Firmware WW-

  100. n v rajesh kumar m

    Hi, I am using Asus Zenfone 5 (T00J) mobile. Since few days, notification bar is missing/not working. As of now am on Kitkat OS. So I tried to install lollipop so that this problem of notification bar may be solved. But to install lollipop, I need to tap on “System Update file has been Download, tap to update your system“ which will be displayed on notification bar in healthy mobiles. But how can i get that notification, if my notification bar is missing. Kindly help me out to install lollipop/solving the issue of missing notification bar.

  101. Hi there! Can you help me. I have a zen phone 5 tooj
    Cant flash it in sideload. Recovery screen is not available .. so im using the side load but it always says 8e:error or status 8? How can i fix it.?

  102. Just upgraded my to WW_3.24.40.78.
    My device was rooted, but I didn’t encounter any issues during the update. And a surprise was that after upgrade to L 5.0 my phone is still rooted 🙂
    It took me about 40 min for the whole upgrade to finish… but all is working great.
    So far…everything works like a charm.

  103. Hi there.. I’ve been using my asus zenfone 5 for about a year now but i never update the os because my phone cannot detect.. it displays “your system is upto date” my os is still jellybean. Please help. Thankyou

  104. Hello. Right now my phone is on kit Kat and my build no. Is WW_User_2.22.40.54_20150527_44. As u can see it is 54 ,can I still download the same lollipop update!? Because you have mentioned 53
    Plz leave a reply.

  105. My Asus zenfone 5 T00j…. Is getting more heated… After I updated my phone to andriod Lollipop… And while downloading apps frm playstore… Downloading process suddenly gets strucked and the percentage of download will not increase…. Please help me for fixing this issue

  106. Hello. Right now my phone is running on kit Kat and my build no. Is WW_User_2.22.40.54_20150527_44. As u can see it says 54 ,can I still download the same lollipop update which says for 53 ?
    if I download it can I directly install it?
    Plz leave a reply.
    Thank you

  107. hai jisonkv!!
    i want 2 updat lollipop maually for my asus 5 (A501CG) TOOJ_WW_us_2.22.40.54
    I need the olipop update link..pls help me…

  108. I want to update my zenfone 5.
    build number series
    can update process reset my phone?
    as many sites suggest to take backup before update to lollipop?
    please suggest

  109. hi !! i manually updated my asus zenfone 5 from ww_v2.22.40.54 to ww_v3.24.40.78 !!! when i downloaded the package from asus.com . once i finished i pasted into my root directory of internal memory and restarted my mobile and i also got that system file is detected option and gave ok and then my mobile shutdown and i got ” no command” ..now what to do sir ??? please give me a solution ASAP !!!

  110. My build number is ww users 2.22.4054………… But i dont know why i can’t download the lollipop update .. Please help me

  111. Ann Geralyn Amistoso

    i already download my zenfone 5 to L and my build number is and my model is ASUS_T00J?
    but still i didnt get push notification i restart my phone then still no notification, then i copy back to sd card then restart again still the same no notification..what should i need to do on my phone?
    thank Ann

  112. Sir, I’m using Asus Zenfone 5 TOOJ and my build number is ASUS_TOOJ_WW_user_2.22.40.54.
    Can i update lollipop?
    Thank u in advance.

  113. Sir, I’m using Asus Zenfone 5 TOOJ and build number is ASUS_TOOJ_WW_user_2.22.40.54.
    Can i update lollipop?
    Thank u in advance.

  114. I cant get the notification update,i wanted to paste it on my sd card but i have insufficient storage on my sd?should i clear some from sd and do it again?

  115. Hi, How are you doing?
    I have Zenfone 5 T00F_CHT_2.22.40.54. As i know i can proceed directly to do upgrade to lollipop. Which i tried many times (both putting file in internal storage & SD card). I restarted device but never got the upgraded.
    I found out that my system SKU version is different than my recovery version (WW_2.21.40.44). I am guessing this is causing upgrade issue. Supposedly both should be same.
    What do you think?
    Thank you

  116. How to update my asus zenfone 5 T00J lollipop baseband version 1515_1.4.68.1_0812 to a latest update? I manually update my kitkat to lollipop. Now how to update latest lollipop version? Thanks

  117. I’m using zenfone 5.i have updated my version to WW_2.22.40.54.i downloaded the lollipop update file and i have copied to internal storage but it’s not detecting my update file.even though i copied the file to sd card storage but it’s not working.i have restarted my phone many times but no use can you help?

  118. Hi! Build Number is WW_user_2.22.40.54
    During the initializing, i’m getting an error message saying that I should use the right SKU. It says that the image SKU is TW, whereas it should be WW since my SKU is WW.
    Can you help me on this? Thanks!

    1. the message was shown after I chose to clear cache partitions. Then it says that i’m using a wrong SKU. Let me know if you need screenshots.

  119. I downloaded the zip file and restart the phone many times but don’t get the notification. I am also copy this files in sd card and restart again but i can’t get the notification.plzzzz help me…

  120. After updated to lollipop my asus zenfone 5 a501cg tooj phone network has gone it’s been two days my phone network has gone my sim management settings has shown invisible I can’t touch or click any option please help me I can’t do anything without network..

  121. i have update my zen 5 T00J to latest firmware.. but it can’t upgrade to lollipop.. then i found that my model can upgrade by install update firmware 53.. download it and copy to root internal but there’s no push up notification.. i try copy to external and still same.. both directory i try with restart but nothing change.. can help me???

  122. After i have updated my ZenFone 5
    Kk to L ..all videos are stucking and also first voice is coming thn video is going forwrad.

  123. i did all the steps above to update my zenfone 5 to lollipop, but after rebooting and showing installing updates screen and the system updated notification, it is still kitkat. it did not get updated… ?? how did that happen?? can anyone please help me with it… my phone is and the loolipop version i downloaded is for…. is that the problem??? if so please suggest what to do….

  124. Dharmesh
    January 23
    I have zenfone 5 version. And i want to upgrade it to L version. Do i have to downgrade my version to or not?

  125. Hi There i have asus zenfone 5 t00j with TW_user_2.22.40.54 did Download TW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx firmware work for me

  126. my asus is zenfone 5 T00K is there a chance that it will be upgraded to lollipop, because as i read the queries of others, their using T00J or T00f. please answer because i keep downloading the file both and nothing happened to my phone. thank you so much and God bless.

  127. hi sr jin i woulf just want to as i have a veraion of i download the it did not push on my notification i did the pasting thing. what will i do? also i direct download on the lollipop version when i install it is said no command what will i do?

  128. I have downloaded zip file but it is showing failed to open. I have restarted for four times with disabling data please send me the solution as early as possible

  129. There is an error while downloading WW files the error is like this”An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #132.363819b8.1455357967.195351d0″

  130. M using asus zenfone 5 but i have lost my bill box etc …only phone i have .so how i can confirm that which model im using like 500cg or 501 cg or kl i dont know ….how to check which model ..?kindly help

  131. M using asus zenfone 5 but i have lost my bill box etc …only phone i have .so how i can confirm that which model im using like 500cg or 501 cg or kl i dont know ….how to check which model ..?kindly help me

  132. asus zenfone5 took WW_user_2.22.40.54_xxxxx.,I’ve downloaded lollipop version ww, but it doesn’t work, plz help, I tried both options, that is copying in internal & external storage

  133. i dwnlded the zip fil of 2.40.53 nd than extracted that file.. nd not getting d push msg so i deleted that file nd re dwnlded it… nd move it to root in intrnl storage now also i m not getting d push notification nd afte move to sb card i m not getting push msg … what i hv to do..
    my build vrsion is 22.40.54

  134. badly need your help!!!
    I have an error in upgrading my asus zenfone 5 TOOK, instead of rebooting the system I press the Adb download and my phone was stock and can never be rebooted again. What will I do?

  135. Hi Jinson,
    recently I tried to update my zenfone 5 to lollipop,after going for update,my updation is aborted with a signature error.n it falls back to previous kitkat is.I tried loading it with adb side load also.same error happens. do you have a solution for this. thank you

  136. Helo mys name is summet & I have zenfone 5 T00J & tried to update lollipop version my build version is and I move that lollipop file in internal Memory out of folder & followed your given steps too, but when i toich on system update option it get closed and showed me error and some optins this are the options:- Recovery botted up & 3 others then I touched on recovery, but then my phone get power on and showed me system update failed… please reply me

  137. I Tried to update to lollipop version my build version is and I put the file in internal memory of phone out of folder, nad I got the notification of system update I touched on that option then my phone following your steps but suddenly it showed me error with some four options Recovery mood booted up and 3 others then I touched on recovery mod option but my phone get power on and showed me system update failed..? please help me

  138. I can not download Lollipop Firmware WW- [700 MB] it shows error by clicking on given link like “An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #132.c6c1bbcb.1457595275.271d4e0 “

  139. Whenever I am trying to download the lollipop software from your given link it is showing some error possed please try to solve this issue.

  140. Whenever I am trying to download the lollipop software from your given link it is showing some error possed please try to resolve this issue.

  141. Download Lollipop Firmware TW_3_23_40_52 the link clicked but result this msg.
    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #132.468def75.1457756615.1c20f1cc

  142. Sir, i have download the first step. Why i cant download 2nd step? It shown like this
    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #132.8669887b.1458152711.15ff120
    Btw i am using ww_2.22.40.54

  143. Hi i really want to upgrade my zenfone 5 from jelly bean to lollipop. But my build number is ASUS_T00F_CN_user_1.19.40.51_20190601_562815 so what procedure do i have to take? Pls respond

  144. Hello, i hope you can still answer my question eventhough it is almost a year after you posted this.
    I have tried everything to update my phone which is Zenfone 5 t00j, also the link you provided that contains the update file to lollipop is no longer available.
    When I tried to update, it would always show ‘error’ or no command. Please help, it is 2016 but I haven’t habe lollipop yet. Thanks in advance.

  145. I have downloaded the zip file and copied it in the internal storage but I am not getting any notification for lollipop update even after restarting the phone.plzz help me

  146. My mobile data connection isn’t working any more after Lolipop update. What am I supposed to do in order to solve this issue?
    Other than that battery life is way worse than before.

  147. The link you have given for lollipop update is not working… When i click on this link, it gives me error

  148. Surapathi Kiran

    I had updated my Zenfone 5 to L but not in the way you said to do, what I did was almost the same but the problem was that I wasn’t receiving any signal, I kept my sim on my brother’s phone, it worked fine but there was a huge error in my phone, that was the sim applications were disappeared in my settings and I had an only solution, that was to downgrade to KK. All the data was lost and it was very painful for me.Please give me any guarantee that your process would perfectly work for me. I’ll await for your reply.

  149. Koushik debnath

    Hey my user read asus_T00J_ww_user_2.22.40.54. Can i update my phone to lollipop version. If yes then please give notes. Thank you.

  150. sir,
    I moved the downloaded file to internal storage and tried updating the phone.but it failed. I restarted the phone.but now the downloaded zip file is missing. I can’t find the help. any suggestions.
    thanks in advance

  151. Sir I need a lollipop update while I select above link it won’t work it shows an error occurred while processing your request kindly solve this thank you

  152. Hai Jin
    Ur suggestions are Excellent. I need one suggestion. That is I’m updated and now I want to update my kit Kat version to lollipop. All you people are upgraded to WW- version, but I’ve WW- I got I from ASUS website. Now my doubt is can I install directly WW- or is there any restriction like 1st need to install WW- and after that only install WW-… so suggest me can I install directly WW-…..? Hope you give me quick reply…..

  153. shahrukh makrani

    My asus zenfone’s build number is ww-user-………. and
    When I am try to download
    ” Lollipop Firmware WW- ”
    Then there Is error occur like
    “An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #132.8436741b.1463929108.db745bc”.
    So please give me solutions

  154. Hey Jinsonkv.. my phone is running on tw
    i tried to download firmware 53 and it didnt show in as a system update file and also i tried it to copy in sd card,but the result was same…
    and another thing is i cant update or install any apps from store,when i try to install or update it shows that the download or update has started but after a few moments it suddenly dissapear and it doesnt start again..what should i do now?
    Thanks in advance

  155. biswajoy chaudhuri

    when the updation begin it showed an error and the process failed plz tell what’s the problem

  156. I am using the software version of Asus 5 tooj WW …
    I want to Download Lollipop Firmware WW- but it can’t be download… n I try by this ww3.24.40.78 then it starts to install n fail shows an error… what shall I do sir?

  157. Hey i hv saved the sku filein phone storage, it has shown everthing till update but then after the phone started there z no change ..it is still 4.4.2 and showing message that ur system has successfully upgraded…what shud i do???

  158. i am download UL-ASUS_T00F-WW- this zip file but my zenfone 5 android doesnt change what csn i do plzzz help mee……..

  159. Sir i already do all your instructions but it didnt work 5 time i restarted and copy its no use or because im WW_user_2.22.40.54

  160. I’m using Asus ZenFone 5 T00J ww_2.22.40.54 and I try different zip files. All files not working. Plz help me and send the correct file link

  161. I m download firmware 2 time. Copy and paste internal and sd card andRestart my phone. But push notifications is never see in my phone zenfone 5 tooj. Please help.

  162. hi jinsonkv,
    i am downloaded lollipop update ,but ,while installing it shows error on updating so ,what to do

  163. Hi, ma zenfone5 asus_T00K. Can u tell me how m can update 4 new version. It’s really very confused.

  164. I downward Download Lollipop Firmware WW- I paste in my internal storage I did nt get any nodifications and restart my phone then also I didn’t get any nodifications wat to dooo my mobile in ZenFone 5

  165. Hello my asus zenfone version is kitkat 4.4.2 ww ,and i need to update it to lollipop ,i downloaded the firmware UL-ASUS_T00F-WW- but when o try to update by putting it on internal folder after rebooting when it tries to upgrade it shows “no command “error and remain as it is.tell me how to solve this problem friend

  166. Hello my asus zenfone version is kitkat 4.4.2 ww ,and i need to update it to lollipop ,i downloaded the firmware UL-ASUS_T00F-WW- but when o try to update by putting it on internal folder after rebooting when it tries to upgrade it shows “no command “error and remain as it is when o again reatart ot shows the usb symbol .tell me how to solve this problem friend

  167. I downloaded the android L file n even the system update notification appeared but during installation my mobile got struck it showed an error what do I do me ?

  168. I am trying to update from kitkat to lollipop.. Asus Zenfone 5 WW user currently its [WW_user_2.22.40.54 I have dwnloaded [WW_user_2.22.40.53 but it is not auto detecting the file on my phone restarted my device multiple times.. Please help

  169. hi jinsonkv,
    i just want know are there any bugs after updating to lollipop, like battery efficiency issues or any. i need pros and cons of your usage till date with lollipop.
    thanks in advance.

  170. shadrach joel aimiyekagbon

    hello, thanks for all your insights … i have really read through all complains n solutions thank. i think i will try that someday

  171. Now i am in ww2.22.40.54 versioGopin if i upgrade to L.. what do?? Shell degradeto ww2.22.40.53??? Or directly download firmware ww

  172. Out of the 2 links given above which file should i download to update to lollipop?? Or should i download both the links???

  173. only higher than 4.4.2 20150409 image version can upgrade to android 5.0 this error shows during installation
    my build number is ASUS_TOOJ_WW_user_2.22.40.54_20151120_16
    how do i solve this ???

  174. I had dowloaded your Download WW_user_2.22.40.53_xxxxxx firmware in my ASUS_T00J_WW_2. and the downloaded file name is UL_ASUS_T00F_WW_2.22.40.53-user but no notification popped and when i renamed nd again copied it notification popped but while upgrading an error occured….failed

  175. I am using asus zenfone 5. T00J_WW_user_2.22.40.54 release key. If I upgrade my phone to lolipop version from internal memory , will my phone data like contacts, msgs, app datas, remain same & safe? Or they will be deleted after upgrade. Or will it make any problem during supporting with any hardware?
    Waiting for your valuable reply. Thanks.

  176. When i click on lollipop download link
    Lollipop Firmware WW-
    It says error why i cant download it, on asus officials site there also when i click on download link it says oops page mot found
    Please provide me the download link

  177. When i click on lollipop download link
    Lollipop Firmware WW-
    It says error why i cant download it, on asus officials site there also when i click on download link it says oops page mot found
    Please provide me the download link

  178. I have. 54 version will i have to download……. 53. Install it and then download lollipop and install it or i can simply download lollipop

  179. I want to root my zenfone 5 4.4.2_ww_t00j i have tried several methods and apps like kingo root but not work, could you please suggest me how to root my device?

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