How to create an Ello Account Without Waiting for invitation code?

How to create an Ello Account Without Waiting for invitation code?

This is a great surprise for tech world. One of the primary social networking tool Orkut recently stopped their service. At the same time new network named ello had earning millions of accounts daily. One of the true fact is that within 6 months of launch, ello is one of the top website that making a killer opponent to Facebook. They had launched the service in March 2014 and got widely popular at the end of September last. Before going deep to our topic, let me say something about this stunning service.

Ello Widely Accepted concept and a killer opponent to Facebook

The main feature of ello social networking website is that it is completely free to use and ad free. Advertisements are important turnover of any website and for this reason all popular websites are looting their customers privacy. For example you will find advertisements related to your search history. Once you search something on Google, Bing, You will find advertisements related to that search in Facebook and Google sponsored websites.
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Not only the privacy but also many other restrictions made by these giants are currently breaking through ello. For example Facebook recently announced some verification on accounts and it is currently proceeding. With this kind of activities, many will loose their fake and multiple accounts.
“You are not a product” That’s what Ello offering. It include all the criticism against all popular networks. By this simple words they makes clear that we are products of Twitter, Facebook Google etc.

Ello account creating in normal way

In normal way you get an account only if they accepted your request. You need to wait for hours or some days to get the request accepted. Here is the way of getting ello account in normal condition.
#1:- Go to
#2:- Enter your Email address
#3:- Agree the Terms and condition
#4:– Then wait till they reply you and confirm your invitation request.
This is time consuming and need to wait for hours. But you can go through the below steps t get an ello account very fast.

How to get free Ello invitation code fast?

Ello is the fast growing social networking website. It is ad free and provides you huge privacy. Like other websites, no one can create account with in 1 or 2 minutes. There is no register page for giving your details and creating an account. They introduced a new idea. In the home page of ello website, you are asked to give the email address and wait until you receive invitation code. As a result ello servers are getting more than 100k invitation per hour.
Who want to wait till they reply you? Is there any alternative way for getting invitation code at the very next moment? Here is a glad news for all those are looking for instant ello account without waiting for an invitation code from registered users or from the ello team.
#1: Go to Ello invite page.
screenshot-by-nimbus (2)
#2: Then Click on “I want a Key” button.
#3: Now you will navigate to ello official page with an invitation code.
#4:- Then register your account.
Now you had finished registering ello account. the above is the screenshot after you finished creating account. You can start using ello without waiting for official invitation request waiting time.
Hope everybody understand the above method of getting ello account without waiting for invitation code. If the above trick worked for you please like and share this page. Also don’t forget to follow us.

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