EZTalks – Best and Free HD video conferencing software

EZTalks – Best and Free HD video conferencing software

Videoconferencing is the way of communicating with two or more people sitting at different location using some telecommunication technologies and those who can send live audio and video. Many small and large business organisation had already implemented these kind of modern technologies. Most of them make using these technologies for business development.
Sometimes  it is very difficult to decide whether an investment on a video conferencing software is necessary or not. But there are many situation in which this will be beneficial for your business. We all know that, a single picture is worth a thousand words and videos would be even better than pictures. In many situations, conducting a video conference would be even effective than making a simple audio call. Suppose that, your company is asked for illustrating a demo of your product or service, then without going there directly, you can end up in deals. This would be so useful, if you are gonna to make international deals.
Last day, one of our reader requested to help him for choosing the best video conferencing software, with which his company could make video conferencing in HD format. After making some study over all available video conferencing software, we had reached in conclusion. You can check out our finding below.
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EZTalks – Today’s Bests HD video conferencing software available in the market

So if you are planning to host a video conference or going to conduct a meeting virtually, let me show you one of the best and cheap video conferencing tool available called EZTalks.
EZTalks is today’s leading video conferencing software which is best for conduction online education, displaying business demos, online training and meetings, remote support etc. This simple tool allows you to host video conferencing with anyone in High Definition format. You can make anyone as your partner without considering their location and work together for achieving the same goal.

Outstanding Features of EZTalks over its competitors

#1 HD Video and Audio Capability
This is one of the main feature of EZTalks. They offer crystal clear Video and audio transmissions during the conferencing period. While starting the Video conferencing, the tool ask you to setup the the audio and video configuration. While setting up the camera for your video conference, it ask for the suitable resolution for your video chat. The lowest resolution is 320*240 which can be used when the bandwidth of network connection is too low. You can choose 1920*1080 HD resolution if you are using high bandwidth connections. In between these two resolutions, there are many other options too.
#2 Invite Attendees yourself
This is a big advantage of EZTalks. If you are hosting a video conference, then you could easily invite and add new attendees. For adding new participants, there is an option named “Invite Attendees“. By pressing that tab, you can invite attendees by giving their email address. This software automatically send invites to those attendees by email and help them to easily join the conference. There will be a meeting number which uniquely identifies your meeting. Also people can send invites members in their contact list.
#3 You can schedule a meeting
Scheduling a meeting is also possible with EZTalks. For that you can make use the “Schedule Meeting” tab in the applications home page. It popup a windows which asks you to provide the basic details of the meeting to be scheduled. It includes the field to add attendees those who are to be participate in the meeting, A subject field to describe meeting, The option for creating date and time of the meeting and a custom field to add more information about the meeting. This will send email to all participants regardless the number of attendees.
#4 Share your Screen and Files
Not only Video conferencing but also file sharing also can be done with EZTalks. During a conversation, attendees may requested to share the files they have. Normally demo videos, charts, data files etc. There is no need of using a third party tool if you are using EZTalks. The inbuilt feature of EZTalks allows you to share your screenshots, content files inside your computer or in your content Library.
#5 Whiteboard with Several Drawing tools
This is an extension of file sharing feature of EZTalks. During an online conference, you can’t make use of your physical equipment for a quick display to other members. Here is the importance of a whiteboard. Whiteboard option of this software provide an interface for drawing contents and text by your own. There are a number of drawing tools inside whiteboard for better illustration of your point.

It is free up to Conference between 3 people

EZTalks is a unique product which does-not contain any trial period or a demo version. The product is completely free to use for conference upto 3 attendees. There is no other feature limitation between the free and paid version of this tool.
Consider you are running a huge organisation and you have more than 3 attendees, then you are required to purchase the paid version. There are 4 different paid version for this tool, that’s Premium 10/30/50/100 monthly/annual plan. You can choose the best one suitable for you. There is also discount for Annual payment option of EZTalks.
Now you have chance to get as huge as 50 discount for Premium 10/30/50/100 Annual plan (10/30/50/100 users annual package) with coupon code EZTalks-FG-50 during the rest days of May (from 28th to 31th) with up to 100 host selectable, please click here to get detailed guide as to how to get the coupon code work. If you still have any problem, please feel free to contact eztalks at support@eztalks.com
Now What are you waiting for? Go to EZTalks website and order your package today.
Go to EZTalks Official Webpage

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