Get free Google play Store credit via Gift Card [How To]

Get free Google play Store credit via Gift Card [How To]


Android Smart Phones and Tablets are the leading smart phones that are selling around the world. Even though Apple’s iPhone have better quality than Android devices, its high price make it so hard to reach in the hands of common people. Anyway People from developed nations and those are doing business like to buy iOS devices but its user experience is little bit lower than that of Android and Windows Smart Phones.
Google Play Store is one of the main attraction of devices that are working on Android Operating System. After 2010, we could see a huge increase in the no. of application, eBooks, movies and even games in android market officially called as Google Play Store. Google’s latest products are also selling through Play Store in many countries.
One important good feature about android OS is that most of the applications and Games are free to download from the play store itself. But if the application is free, the developers would include a little bit of advertisements to make the work profitable. Most of such applications won’r show ads if the Internet connection turned off. Some app won’t get open without Internet connection. May be you get annoyed with the inserted advertisements. Don’t you feel buying the pro version is better than the free version?
Similar to the above case don’t you think to buy any pro apps or games from play store or don’t you think about buying some Gold Coins for your favorite games and your financial background that don’t let you to do it? Here is a way to get some free Google play store credit without spending real money. Don’t think that you could buy the whole Play store in a single day by following method. It need some patience to get started getting free Google play store credit.
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How to get free Google Play Store Credit balance?

#1: Google Opinion Rewards for free play store credit
Google Consumer Surveys had developed an app called Google Opinion reward which will pay you small credits while you complete some surveys through it. Like some computer surveys, it won’t took too much time for finishing. For installing this application, you need android version greater than 2.3. You should wait for one week after installation to get start getting surveys. Once you start getting surveys, there may be frequent surveys. You may get up to 1$ per surveys and depends on the nature of survey. This application is not supported in Asian countries and African countries. Only some countries like US, UK etc are allowed to install and get paid. Hope Countries like India get this feature.
xfree google play store credit

#2: FreeMyApps for getting gift cards as well as play store credit
FreeMyApps is also an application that gives plat store credit for doing what they tells. Not only Google play store credit but also Amazon Gift cards, XBOX, Hulu, Skype credits were also provided by FreeMyApps. To earn free credit balance, you must download the app and login with your Facebook Account. From there, you could see lot of apps and games that are awaiting for download. Whenever you download some, you will get some points. After you earn desired points, you could redeem it against Google play credit, Amazon credit, Skype credit etc. They also added an option to add your balance to donate to your favorite play store credit

Risk of Downloading and using these play store gift card Apps

As these are verified application and approved by Google team, there will be no security issues by installing these applications. in case of Google Opinion rewards, there is no way of installing other apps, It simply deals with taking surveys. But in the case of freemyapps, there you are forced to install many other applications and games to get the reward. This will go wired is you are asked to download outside of play store. So before installing any application using freemyapps, please check the details of those apps. Don’t forget the readers review before installing. If most of people talks about security and or similar threats, it is better to avoid such installations. No problem if you are not dealing with secret transactions, high secured account logins or any kind of purchasing etc.
I hope you like the way of getting free Google play store credit balance. My knowledge is over here. if you have something to say about getting free play store balance, kindly shout below. We will add you findings about free balance in play store. Also don’t forget to share this.

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